Acer Predator XB273UGS | Gaming Monitor | 165hz | 1440p | IPS Detailed Review

Acer Predator XB273UGS | Gaming Monitor | 165hz | 1440p | IPS Detailed Review
Acer Predator XB273UGS | Gaming Monitor | 165hz | 1440p | IPS Detailed Review
hey guys, thanks for coming to my Article today, we’re gonna unbox. The acer predator gaming monitor status ips panel. So let’s, get unboxing.

I’ll, do a videos of my setup in my room next time. You know if i have the chance to do it and at the moment we’re, just gonna continue on with the unboxing right now now. The reason why i’m buying these monitors right here.

Acer Predator – IPS panel

It is because i’ve, been eyeing on ips panels, monitors for quite some times already. I did look into tn panels and also va panels, but the thing is, i’m, basically just a light, gamer and also most of the time.

I’m, actually using it for photos and video, editing and stuff, so i would strongly suggest to get an ips panel rather than getting a tn or va panel. You can have that kind of tn or va panels for fast response rate.

You know for better gaming, but if you wanted to have a leisure of you know gaming and also have a better color, i would strongly suggest for ips panel. Basically, i just you know have been doing a bit of research and also i’m.

Looking into other brands monitors like lg dell and also asus brands, so yeah [, Music ], let’s, try to get it out and see what we have in here. Whoa it’s kind of heavy, though this will be the first part.

Full Reviews of Acer Predator XB273UGS in India

Let’s, see all right. So the first thing that will be the stand, all right buying these monitors as well. At the same time, i just wanted to say that i actually got influenced by one of the friends asman if you’re watching these videos and dedicated these videos to you.

Thanks for introducing me these monitors, i’ve, been eyeing on this predator series for quite some times already. The most important thing is: i need to get the monitors out user manuals. I’m. Not gonna actually touch that.

Okay, i’ll leave it inside the box, and this is the stand i love. The understand right here looks really cool the monitor. Okay, i have to put the the box aside for now: okay guys, so this is the only monitors that we have right here.

So 60 27 inch with 14440p and g-sync freezing compatible ips panel display hd original t400, which is something that i really like and then 165 hertz and so far i have not reached 165 hertz with my settings.

Yet i only have a ps4 and a macbook pro. So i will show you guys later with my settings and how to adjust the um, the frame rates to reach close to 165 hertz later on. Okay, so also 0.5 milliseconds respawn time, and you know the um, the dc ip3 and then blue lighting shield, that that is actually protecting your eyes and also flickerless, and this model right here.

I was actually supposed to buy the older models, but unfortunately, the older models actually sold out already so the seller kind of like introduced me. This brand new monitors just came out to the market and again, as you guys can see, it is called um, predator xb3.

So if you guys search online – probably you know at your local store or whatever you guys probably will be able to find these models to purchase it all right. I’m just going to flip over and let you guys have a quick look now.

This is the the joysticks right there. This is the power buttons right there and then that steam the menu selections right and then also, as you guys can see, that is the um, the port for your power power in and hdmi ports, dvi, ports, audio jacks, 3.

5 mm. This is the usb upstream and then also the usb 3.9 two ports and at the same time there is another two ports right there, as you guys can see. That is also a 3.0 okay, all right other than that, and there is dm the audio right there.

That steam, the speaker, grille, okay, guys what is given is this is the um, the dvi 2 dvi cables that has been given and also two hdmi cables that has been given. I have already attached to my monitor arms, so i will show you guys: how is my setup right now, alright guys, so i have already attached the on the monitor arms right here on my table, and this is how it looks like now talking about monitors.

Almost okay – and this is a brand that i purchased from lazada – i’ll – share the links down below. If you guys ever wanted to look for it. Don’t buy those 30 plus kind of monitors, um. That will only go up until this high for your monitors.

Don’t don’t, buy that buy something that will rise a little bit higher. Look at how much space i got from here to here. It’s. A lot of space, okay and then the power that i’ve connected hdmi that i’ve, also connected, and then the um, the dvi that i’ve mentioned um.

I wouldn’t say it’s, a special cable, but it’s. Yeah, it’s, one of the cable that i purchased by doing a research and wanted to have my monitors with my macbook pro to be able to connect between each other and then reach 165 hertz, or maybe even 1.

4 hertz. If that possible, all right now, pull on my ps4 okay and we’re. Just gonna wait for the monitors to turn on all right there. It is okay, so you guys can see the rgb light started to turn on and there we go.

Can you guys see that 60 hertz all right so that that i purposely put that numbers right there just to show that you know it is running on 60 hertz i’ll. Do some gameplays later on? Okay, just wanted to show you guys real, quick, how the um the ps4 reacts.

So maybe i’ll go for a racing game. First, i need for speed. The speakers that you guys can hear right now is basically from the um. The monitor i’ll, bring my mic a little bit closer, so you guys can hear how well?

Expect the the speakers to be great because it’s. Only two watts correct me. If i’m, if i’m wrong, but yeah it’s only two watts and they really sucks. Okay, all right!

There you go all right, let’s. Do some street fighters [ Music, ] round one [ Music ]. So i will also try to set up the monitor with the monitor arm. That has been given to put it on the table to have an overall comparison with the one that is on the table and with the monitor arm.

Okay guys, so i’m actually on my macbook pro right now and as you guys can see on the top right here, it is 120 frames per second. So let’s, see what i can bring up the system preferences to show you guys, okay, so what i did is oh hold on alright.

So there we go two five, six zero times, one four four zero p and then this is the highest refresh rate that i can select for this monitor. Um. I think if i have a better macbook pro mine is 2016 model.


So i think, if i have a better models with updated, um mac os, probably it will reach until 144 hertz or maybe a 165. I don’t know about this. If anyone knows anything about this, do leave a comment down below.

I would love to know how do i get 165 hertz? Do i need to purchase any software or do i need to buy another cable leave the um the comment down below. I would love it: okay, slow it down, That’s all for the videos today.

So if you guys, like my video, give me a thumbs up, comment down below just in case, if you guys have any questions for me, subscribe to my channel and help my channel grow and also hit the bell button.

Just in case, i have new videos coming up for you guys to watch, and i will see you guys the next one bye for now cause it’s high time.

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