Affordable 4K HDR IPS Monitor | Samsung UR55 4K IPS HDR10 Monitor Review

Affordable 4K HDR IPS Monitor | Samsung UR55 4K IPS HDR10 Monitor Review

Affordable 4K HDR IPS Monitor | Samsung UR55 4K IPS HDR10 Monitor Review
Affordable 4K HDR IPS Monitor | Samsung UR55 4K IPS HDR10 Monitor Review
hey there guys welcome back to another video. Today i will be showing you guys my 4k monitor from samsung. I previously had a samsung 28-inch, 4k uh 750 quantum dot, monitor that has a tn panel and provided some good color accuracy and was really good for the 349 dollar price tag.

After a year and a half, i’m upgrading to the samsung 28-inch ur-55 4k ips monitor that has hdr 10 support and it surprisingly also retails for 349 dollars, making it a very competitive and well-balanced budget 4k monitor for content creators and gamers by Favouring content creators a little bit more this time.

This monitor will be similar to my previous monitor with a couple of upgrades. The monitor is mainly made from plastic and weighs 11 pounds without the stand and 12.8 pounds with the stand. The monitor’s base is simple to install you just slide the neck in and align the leg to the bottom of the neck and secure it with a single screw that you can hand thread or use a phillips screwdriver with just like, on my Quantum dom monitor, i will not be using the stand.

I will be using it with my monitor arm, since it gives me a greater flexibility than what the stand will offer. If you will be using the stand, the stand only provides a tilt of about negative 2 degrees to 15 degrees.

I would highly recommend a monitor arm, since it only has tilt. This monitor supports the 75 millimeter by 75 millimeter vesa mount. I encountered a small interference when putting my monitor arm plate on the back of the monitor since it’s, designed for either a 75 by 75, millimeter or 100 by 100 millimeter mounting holes.

The monitor arm plate doesn’t fully sit flush with the back of the monitor. As you can see here, i suggest you get a vessel mount that only has the 75 by 75 millimeter holes on the arm plate autumn tech sent me over the gas power monitor arm that actually creates spacing behind the bracket and the monitor, which came in handy With the design of this monitor, i’ll leave the link to the monitor um in the description in case.

You want to check that out. My vivo monitor arm also couldn’t position. My monitor high enough because the vesa mount holes are placed very high on the back of the monitor. So keep that in mind when you’re searching for monitor arms for this monitor.

On the back of the monitor, you will find the connection ports. You get the aux port two hdmi ports that both support 4k at 60 hertz and a display port that also supports 4k at 60 hertz. It also has a usb 8 port that does not provide power or data transfer.

It is only to perform software upgrades using a usb flash drive. Then there’s, the power port, so this monitor also has the two-tone design with the bottom strip having the aluminum look to it and the sides having a black bar and the base.

Having a darker gray color, the stamp provides some cable management, so you can route your cables through the back of the stand for a cleaner look, taking a look at the display. This monitor has a 28 inch ultra high definition display.

That has a matte finish, which will reduce reflection and give you the most optimal viewing experience, especially if you will be placing it near a window where sunlight will be hitting the screen. The samsung uh 750 monitor looks great with this quantum dot display, but this monitor looks twice as good.

The ips display and the hdr makes watching movies and editing videos on it. Fantastic, the ips display and its 95 rgb color gamut makes it perfect for content creators. Whether it be photo editing or video editing, i mostly have been using it to edit my videos and i have been enjoying every second of it.

It also has a 10-bit interface, which allows for one billion colors, and this is a great monitor to pair up with a camera that can record in a 10-bit format. My panasonic gh5 can record in the 10-bit format, so i can make use of this with this monitor.

The high dynamic range on this monitor makes consuming content way better and since the monitor is using an ips panel, it provides an excellent viewing angle. This screen has a maximum of 250 nits of brightness, so it gets quite bright.

I normally keep mine around 45 during the day and 35 at night. The monitor also comes with a nice saver mode that reduces blue light to help reduce eye strain during long hours of work perfect for when you stay up riding reports at 2 am in the morning or when you’re, trying to finish a video.

Now that you have some peace and quiet, this monitor does not offer the fastest refresh rate, so it isn’t the best for gaming, and since it has an ips panel, it has a 4 millisecond response time compared to the 1 millisecond response time.

That you can get on a tn panel for about the same price. If you want a high refresh rate along with a 1 millisecond response time on top of a 4k ips panel, then you will be paying a hefty price for it.

If you are a casual gamer that enjoys playing games in 4k and getting the best quality over the best performance, then this is a great monitor for that. The monitor does have amd freesync technology that essentially matches the refresh rate of your graphics card.

With your monitor, to avoid screen tearing, i moved over to playing apex legends last year from pubg and can’t seem to go back to pubg because it just feels too slow compared to apex. I’ve, been playing apex legends for a couple weeks on this monitor and it looks fantastic.

The colors pop and the details are very clear. It is a little dark, so you can either increase the display, brightness or lower the contrast, or you can set it to gaming mode that has its own custom profile for the best experience.

While gaming, it’s a little difficult to show you the difference through the video. So this is something that you will have to see in person. It sets the brightness to 100 and it increases the sharpness as well as the contrast.

So you can really distinguish the characters and the background you can lower the brightness if it’s too bright for you, and it will save that brightness for the next time. You turn on the gaming mode.

It looks pretty good, but i mostly forget about it, because you have to physically go to the settings to turn it on. It would be cool if it would automatically turn on or if they had a shortcut like for the volume and brightness their samsung tvs have an automatic mode for this, so it’s, a shame they don’t have it on here.

Although it’s, not the ideal monitor for gaming, it’s, a good option for casual gamers. I still managed to get a few wins with this monitor and have been enjoying the graphics it’s. A really good 4k ips monitor to play on with this monitor.

You also get the same features as with the uh 750. You get picture in picture that displays two displays from two different sources: it does reduce the screen size and i honestly don’t use the picture in picture since i don & # 39, t really have use for it.

This is good if you like to play games from your gaming console while working on some project. At the same time, i guess the best use of this is to have a movie playing in the corner while getting some work done.

The 28 inch screen provides enough screen real estate for photo editing and video editing or simply having two windows side by side with most of you having online classes or working from home or both.

This is a good size monitor to have your zoom meetings on one side and your assignments on the other side, you can comfortably fit four windows on here. Navigating through these settings is simple: there’s, a joystick at the bottom of the monitor.

Now, instead of it being at the far right, which makes it easier to reach a nice little improvement from there, you can access the display settings you can select from the pre-configured mode, such as custom, standard cinema and dynamic contrast.

You can also adjust the brightness contrast. Sharpness and color individually and turn on the upscale mode, which enhances the picture quality. You can also turn on the ice, saver and game mode from there.

In the system settings you can access the freesync, the ecosaving plus and the off timer plus. You can quickly increase the screen brightness. When you push forward on the joystick, you need to scroll up to find the brightness.

You can also adjust the volume by pushing left or right on the joystick, and you can mute it by pushing down when you are on that menu. The monitor does not come with built-in speakers, so you will need to be ready to buy a pair of speakers.

If you don’t already have some overall, this monitor looks incredible. I feel that the 28 inch is a perfect size monitor. If you have a desk that is 24 inches in depth, i would highly recommend it if you’re in the market for an affordable, 4k ips monitor with hdr support, i’ll.

Leave the link to the monitor in the description and the monitor arm that i’m using with it. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments and i will try my best to get to all of them alright, so i will leave it at that and i’ll be signing off now.

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