AOC 23.6 inch curved Gaming Monitor | 144Hz Refresh Rate | Detailed Review

If you like to play games in large size Full HD curved screen than AOC C2G1 designed in 1500R curved screen that gives more immersive experience and offers a larger field for view with the frame-less body.

It screens tearing and screen stuttering during Gaming and video playback.

With 1 ms response time and VA panel (TN+IPS) is the perfect combo for gaming purpose for reducing ghosting and blurring.

That’s why this monitor is one of the best monitors with many features in a very affordable price range. So let’s now understand each and every feature of this Gaming Monitor

FreeSync premium Technology

AOC offers AMD FreeSync technology to enjoy best quality visuals even in the fast paced game. This technology is used to balance between the frame rate of GPU and refresh rate of Monitor.

AOC 23.6 inch curved Gaming Monitor | 144Hz Refresh Rate 300x300

If there is any variation between the two, the screen tearing and screen stuttering problems occur while playing games.

So with the help of this technology this gaming monitor provides a fluid and tear free gaming experience at highest performance.

Refresh Rate

For incredible gaming experience refresh rate must be higher and here this monitor at 144Hz higher refresh rate makes every action sharply and smoother, so you can see your shots more accurately and experience the lag free game.

1500r Curvature

AOC Gaming Monitor at this 1500R curvature allows you to take full advantage of your peripheral vision that you can see more of the display at a glance.

It offers deeper immersion without distortion and more comfortable to Gaming.

Response Time

With 1ms response time this monitor gives incredible performance while playing the game. It provides very smooth images without no blurring and ghosting.

It offers sharp and clear visuality in multi scenarios like a movie, sports, action scenes and also gaming.

AOC 23.6 inch curved Gaming Monitor144Hz Refresh Rate back 300x300


  • 23.6 inches Monitor Screen
  • Curved Screen Monitor
  • Gaming purpose Monitor
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz is Good
  • Response Time: 1 ms is Great
  • Flicker Free Technology: Yes

Frameless Design

In this monitor comes with minimum distraction you can expand your view with multiple monitor set-up.

The frameless design offers minimal bezel distraction for the ultimate battle station and superior field of vision.

Flicker Free Technology

It is also important to protect your eyes when you are playing a game for a long time. This Gaming Monitor comes with Flicker free technology that utilizes DC backlight panel and reducing flickering light panel levels.

It protects from eye strain and minimized fatigue. By this technology you feel free to enjoy long intense gaming sessions in comfort.

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