Best 4k Smart 55-65 inch LED TV under 60000 in India 2021

In this recent time, market demand for Smart Tv is very high. The perfect combination of high-end technology and smart features makes a smart TV a comprehensive device to represent the programs with realistic perspectives.

Besides, a wide array of popular apps makes the gaming and web browsing experience highly compatible. As well as you will always get the benefits of advanced connectivity in the form of entertaining content, office working and gaming.

Here, we are representing the handpicked models of Best 4k Smart 55-65 inch LED TV under 60000 in India 2021 with overall specifications to guide your purchase decisions.

1.LG 139 cm (55 inches) Next-gen 4K UHD Smart LED TV

LG 139 cm (55 inches) Next-gen 4K UHD Smart LED TV

This next-gen 4K Smart model of LG TV features a bunch of incredible technologies. And these features scope you to enjoy the facility of multi-dimensional audio effects. As well as the equipment of built-in speakers creates effective sound from each angle for the best entertainment with family or friends.

The equipment of advanced display powered by 4K-IPS technology makes this LG model more efficient to reflect incredible image quality. And the rich colour of the display enables you to enjoy the VFX movies with full zeal.

A Wide-angle view technology represents the most effective realism in the movies. The full phase of colour accuracy reflects the benefits of a wide-angle view. And this particular technology makes this model highly exclusive to any conventional model of television.

This model comes with a perfect combination of the vivid colour tone and UHD resolution. So, you will enjoy more amazing creativity while playing animated movies.

This premium LG model of next-gen television allows you to access the connected devices from a single screen. So, you can easily create a home dashboard with the necessary devices to fulfil the routine checking using your remote.

Top 6 Best Smart LED TV under 40000 in 2021


  • Ultra HD digital format enables 3840 x 2160 resolution along with a 50-hertz refreshing rate.
  • Powerful sound configuration reflects 20 watt sound output.
  • 55 inches display, 178 view angle and flat-screen make it a next-gen entertainment device.
  • Incredible technology presents convenient app connectivity, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Alt Balaji, Zee5, Hotstar.
  • Features excellent device connectivity with 2 USB ports, 3 HDMI ports, in-built Wi-Fi.

The Good

  • Scope to use an external magic remote.
  • 1-year comprehensive warranty by LG India
  • High brightness of the display
  • Superb device connectivity

The Less Good

  • Magic remote is not part of the package.

2.Samsung (55 inches) Crystal 4K Pro Ultra HD Smart LED TV with Smart remote control

Samsung (55 inches) Crystal 4K Pro Ultra HD Smart LED TV with Smart remote control

This premium Samsung TV comes with a multi-dimensional crystal display, which can reflect billions of vivid colours. Along with ultra high definition 4K technology, it presents an optimized expression of image and videos. It scopes you to experience the fantastic effect of 4x extra pixels beyond conventional FHD.

The optimal performance of display provides you with the natural feel of enthralling scenes of films. A vast list of true colours will never push you to compromise the actual effect of landscapes, the character’s background in the movie.

This TV enhances the vast spectrum of colours using HDR technology along with a condensed detailing of lights and visual effects. So, you can enjoy the optimum effect of the darkest scenes with this Samsung model.

It comes with innovative voice assistance like Bixby and Alexa. This incredible equipment helps you to access your favourite and selected content in the most convenient way. Even the availability of voice assistance technology provides fingertip solutions to change channels and control the sound.


  • Motion Xcelerator enhances the video quality through estimation of content frames.
  • 4K processor with display mapping technology ensures next-gen resolution.
  • The equipment of Q Symphony technology helps you absorb the sound effects completely.
  • Seamless connectivity of multiple devices like laptop, mobile, personal computer enhance the ability of multi-tasking.
  • Exclusive tapping sensors help you to switch on or off the TV using your mobile screen.

The Good

  • Free streaming of channel content with Samsung TV Plus
  • Smart remote control with BlueTooth and voice assistance connectivity.
  • Innovative display with mega contrast brightness.
  • Dolby Digital Plus Sound Configuration.

The Less Good

  • Looks bulky for excessive thickness.

3.Panasonic (58 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android Smart LED TV with Slim Bezels

Panasonic (58 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android Smart LED TV with Slim Bezels

This next-gen model of Panasonic TV packs simplified technology to present crystal clear picture quality, flawless sound and convenient device connectivity. With this Android-powered smart TV, you can discover a wonderful world of entertainment.

The extensive features like Dolby Vision, Vivid Digital Pro, V-audio make this model highly suitable to stream YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix etc., with an amazing balance of colour and light to give you the feeling of realistic creativity of animation and VFX.

Powered by Android OS, the Panasonic TV model scope allows you to be flexible to use the Android series services with an interactive user interface.

The in-built technology of Google Assistance guides you to find out your favourite shows. As well as this particular feature scopes you to control different home appliances and devices using the mic button of your remote.

Panasonic TV scopes you to avail the content from a phone or other devices on the bigger screen to get full enjoyment.

Features :

  • Realistic colour tone and sharp picture quality.
  • Redefined technology to enhance brightness and clear images.
  • Dolby vision presents an exceptional method of noise reduction to deliver original sound and clarity of the image.
  • Adaptive backlight dimming prevents extra power consumption.
  • The 58 inches 4K LED display supports TIFF, GIF, PNG, RAW, JPEG image type.
  • Efficient Quad Core Mali 450 – 490 Graphics Coprocessor complements 4K display technology.

The Good

  • Powerful BlueTooth connectivity supports wireless audio speakers.
  • Slim Bezel reflects elegance with aestheticism to enhance the interior look.
  • Access to a wide range of OTT apps.

The Less Good

  • The responsiveness of remote buttons is so low.

4.Sanyo (65 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV with Quad-Core CPU

Sanyo (65 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV with Quad-Core CPU

You will enjoy the best audio-visual representation of Japanese technology with Sanyo TV. This dominant model of Sanyo ensures the perfect visual output with the latest 4K panel and also a flawless audio sequence with an Audio system.

The perfect coupling between the dedicated button of Google assistant and ergonomic remote scopes you to find out the TV contents as per your choice.

One of the most compatible operating systems, the latest Android Pie 9.0 allows you to enjoy a wide range of authorized apps from the TV screen. Simplified technology and exclusive features make Sanyo TV the best choice for the consumers.

A 4K technology with a UHD display and HDR 10 and HLG based panel ensure the greatest detailing of images and videos.

This latest Smart TV model also represents the multi-tasking technology and instant high speed of web browsing with the powerful Triple-Core GPU, Quad-Core CPU, 16 GB storage with 2GB Ram.

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  • Powered by the latest version of the Android operating system.
  • Triple dedicated ports, powered by HDMI technology.
  • Availability of wireless headphones, game controllers.
  • Seamless connectivity with personal devices like a mobile and laptop.
  • Next-gen ergonomic remote.

The Good

  • Smooth access to Google Play Store to download popular entertainment apps.
  • Seamless connectivity with gadgets.
  • Premium remote control system without tedious scrolling.
  • Seamless connectivity with home theatre through HDMI sound technology.

The Less Good

  • Amazon prime video does not work without Amazon Fire Stick.

5.Kodak (65 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV With Dolby Digital Plus & DTS TruSurround

Kodak (65 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV With Dolby Digital Plus & DTS TruSurround

This Kodak TV model comes with an incredible HDR 10 along with Hybrid Log-Gamma technology. You will enjoy the flawless ultra UHD 4K resolution based visuals while enjoying your favourite programme.

The compatible coupling of Dolby Digital Plus and DTS TruSurround makes this model highly efficient to represent noise-free sounds. An interactive interface powered by Android 10 will help you get uninterrupted access to popular apps like smartphones on the bigger screen of a TV.

This model features high-speed transmission technology based HDMI ARC, USB 2.0 ports in terms of flawless connectivity with gadgets and devices.

Powered by Mali Quad-core GPU, Quad-core CPU, and 1Ghz clock speed, this model presents the thrill of next-gen visual experience. As well as a voice navigation system to control the preferred apps, it will make you stunned with incredible responsiveness.


  • Supports JPEG, GIF, PNG type Image.
  • The exclusive coupling of Dolby Digital Plus and DTS TruSurround never pushes you to compromise with sound quality.
  • Elegant and bezel-free, the state-of-the-art design complements the interior of the living room.
  • Features USB 2.0 port with HDMI technology.

The Good

  • MEMC technology enhances the fast-moving, seamless scenes keeping balance with frame speed.
  • The well-equipped, voice-controlled remote system with Google Assistant.
  • Next-gen display for the real cinematic experience.
  • Hassle-free content scrolling.
  • Rotation based wall-mount system.

The Less Good

  • No

6.Samsung (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with 4x pixels

Samsung (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with 4x pixels

This Samsung model comes with highly optimized technology to represent a true expression of colours. The wide range of vivid colour pushes the realistic scenes.

Its game-changing HDR technologies represent a highly effective contrast ratio. The power of optimization enhances the crystal-like images and videos with a single chip.

The ground-breaking technologies of this model changes the limitations of boring regular FHD and present more crisp images with more 4x pixels.
You can use this Smart TV as a personal computer for working with files and attending work calls.

From each angle of your room, you can enjoy the realistic perspective of pictures and videos with this smart TV. Home cloud feature allows you to connect your personal devices with this Samsung Smart TV and maximize the devices transferring the files to TV storage.


  • The content guide feature helps you to get selected content without the hassles of scrolling.
  • It comes with tidy TV cables to provide clutter-free services.
  • Screen optimization technology enhances the gaming experience without any lag.

The Good

  • The 4K panel-based crystal processor presents a superb display.
  • With the availability of in-built Airplay 2, you can share your audio and video files with the Home screen of this Smart Tv.

The Less Good

  • No

7.Sony Bravia (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with bass reflex speaker

Sony Bravia (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with bass reflex speaker

This TV comes with remarkable 4K technology, which provides exclusive clarity of display. The specific Triluminos technology represents an extensive colour palette to depict vivid and natural shades on display.

Even in the scenes of moving sequences, Motion Flow XR Technology provides sharp detailing of images. It also features high-end HDR technology, which always makes your gaming experience more realistic.


  • The equipment of the bass reflex speaker makes this Smart TV a popular choice for its clear waves of sound.
  • A high-fidelity acoustic audio system enhances the listening area.
  • The Smart technology of plug and play enhances the transmission rate of content between multiple devices and your smart TV.

The Good

  • Reproductive technology to capture frequencies makes audio sound natural and crispy.
  • Highly flexible access to popular apps with a single button.
  • Durable protection from surge, humidity and lightning.


  • No

Buyer’s Guide for Best 4k Smart 55-65 inch LED TV under 60000 in India 2021

Best 4k Smart 55-65 inch LED TV under 60000 in India

Here, we are presenting some important facts, which are essential to buy the best Smart TV model.

Best Browser For Android TVs

An Android Smart Tv scopes you to surf so many particular websites, checking emails and a lot of things using the internet. So, the selection of browsers matters a lot.

Firefox for Android TV

As a dedicated browser, it allows you to access the internet very smoothly through its in-built API, card-shaped user interface and excellent scrollable navigator.

TV Bro

The usefulness of this browser makes the features of a Smart TV very compatible using supporting tabs, voice search and bookmarking button.

Puffin TV Browser

This browser has an elegant design like Firefox along with cards. Its search bar is very trendy for searching custom URLs.

Best Features of A Smart TV

Before buying a smart TV, you need to know about its smart features, and you will only be able to pick the best one.

Super Fast User Interface

Without a super-fast loading speed of content, you can not enjoy the smart features of smart TV. So, a super-fast user interface only can end your sluggish experience of traditional TV.

Video Streaming Technology

The facility of online streaming scopes you to watch movies through popular apps like Amazon Prime, Vudu, Crackle on the bigger screen of your smart TV.

4K UHD Technology

The highly compatible technology of 4K UHD panels provides you with the most realistic experience of gaming and VFX movies on Smart TV.

How to Connect a Laptop to TV?

How to Connect a Laptop to TV?

Each Smart TV has a common feature, which is called Miracast or Wi-Fi Direct. This next-gen technology helps to connect your laptop through wireless screen mirroring technology. So, to access this technology, you only select the option of screen mirroring.

All the discussed points show which features make things smooth and unrivalled in a Smart TV compared to traditional TV.

FAQs – People also asked for Smart TVs

According to market analysis, Samsung 138 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV UA55TU7200KXXL is the best 55 inch TV at a reasonable price. It features a Quad-core processor to reflect super dynamic noise-free, natural colour tone and contrast. It also scopes you to use voice control technology without any external device.

Here, you just need to understand a simple mathematical calculation. Having 7 feet in height, go for a 65 inch TV. It is 9 inches wide in width and 5 inches taller in height than the 55 inch TV. And being less than 7 feet, opt for a 55 inch TV.

In this matter, you need to use a recommended size vs distance calculator to know how much distance you should maintain to watch your TV. Anyway, in the case of a 55 inch 4K TV, you can maintain a 4.6 to 6.9 feet TV.

Suppose you need a proper recommendation for Sony or Samsung or LG. In that case, you have to consider your preference based on multiple things. If you want the most elegant Smart TV in a budget-friendly price tag, then go for Samsung. While you are looking for the best display with high-end sound technology, you must go for Sony and popular features, go for LG.

As CCFL technology is going to be outdated, the market is running after LED backlighting. So, to get the great benefits of this technology, you should go for LED TV with an LCD panel because it will save your power consumption up to 30%.


All the descriptions guide you through buying the best model of Smart TV. And the detailed specifications of the features will help you pick the best one. Our effort to enlist the leading Smart TV models must push you to take the right decision for fulfilling your entertainment needs.