Best Gaming Mouse Under 3000 in 2021

The mouse is an essential part of your PC. You need a well-featured mouse to make your job easy and fast. Especially, those who are gaming enthusiasts need a gaming mouse to help their crucial moments.

Though, a casual gamer can continue with a regular mouse. But if you are passionate about competing games, like- PUBG, GTA, and other FPS games, you need an accurate gaming mouse.

There is a vast difference between a gaming mouse and a regular mouse. Today, the best gaming mouse comes with good sensitivity to enhance your gaming experience.

Moreover, they have customized buttons to help you with your required weapons instantly. But a standard mouse is not that responsive to meet your gaming demands.

There are endless options available in the market under this price range. It can be a bit tough to find an appropriate gaming mouse to lead your gaming competition.

I have curated some of the best gaming mouse under 3000 price range to narrow down your quest. Give just 10-minutes to find a perfect gaming mouse for your laptop or PC.

You will also find a detailed buying guide and some FAQs at the bottom of the article. This section will also help you to make an easy purchase.

1. RUNMUS Gaming Mouse with High Precision Sensor

RUNMUS CW902 Wired USB Gaming Monitor

RUNMUS Gaming Mouse comes first on the list of the best gaming mouse under 3000. It comes with all the loaded features to help you in your crucial gaming moments.

The manufacturers attach necessary buttons, macros, and lights to make it gaming compatible. Moreover, the 800-6400 DPI range is well enough to make it your favourite.

You will notice 16.8-million colours with six different lightning modes in this wired gaming mouse. These RGB backlights come with enough brightness to support your several gaming requirements and moods.

RUNMUS gaming mouse is available in an ergonomic design and size compatible with medium and larger-sized hands. Besides, it has a unique skin-like coating to make them durable and long-lasting.

This special coating can also make you enjoy the best touch ever. It is the best gaming mouse to play FPS, RTS, MOBA, MMO, and many more. You can use it both on your PC and laptop.

Moreover, a 1000 Hz polling rate can give you the best gaming experience. It has the latest sensor that allows you to reach your goal with minute accuracy. All these features have made it the best professional gaming mouse.


  • It comes with seven programmable buttons
  • Featured with 16.8 million RGB backlights
  • 800-6400 optical DPI range
  • Ergonomic designed
  • 1000 HZ polling rate


  • Amazing quality
  • Beautiful RGB lights
  • Greatly priced
  • Easy to operate


  • Little more significant, not comfortable for the small hands
  • Delivery may be a minor issue

2. Logitech G402 Optical Gaming Mouse with Hyperion Fury

G402 Optical Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G402 Optical mouse comes next in the list of the best gaming mouse under the 3000 price range. Not only the performance, but it also comes in an eye-catchy design to attract your eyes.

This gaming unit from Logitech G402 has advanced sensor technology to help you run your games with ultra-smooth speed. The G402 optical mouse has Hyperion Fury to make your job easier and faster.

Hyperion Fury is a beautiful combination of optical and hybrid sensors to increase your speed up to 500 IPS. Moreover, there are 8-programmable buttons present in this unit to make your game customized.

These buttons are very user-friendly and come at your fingertips to allow you to meet your gaming requirement instantly. Besides, G402 software offers a very minimal and quick set-up.

You are going to have four settings to monitor your game. An excellent optical DPI range is another notable feature to steal your heart. This Hyperion Fury comes with a 32-bit processor to track and save your favourite macros.

Most importantly, this USB gaming mouse helps you to move your game at a super-fast speed. Instead, it is available in a perfect shape and size to comfortably fit in your palm.

It is lightweight and has a rubber grip to help you continue your game for a more extended period.


  • Allows 500 IPS gaming speed
  • It comes with 8-programmable buttons
  • Enabled with four DPI settings
  • Designed with rubber grip
  • Highly sensitive


  • Buttons allow customizing the features freely
  • Works flawlessly
  • Provides on-point clicks
  • Suitable for both FPS games and regular usage


  • Not ergonomic
  • Made with thin plastic

3. Corsair M55 RGB Pro Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse with excellent optical sensor

Corsair M55 RGB Pro Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse with excellent optical sensor

Corsair M55 is a high-definition gaming mouse with a 12,400 DPI range and an excellent optical sensor to help professional gamers specifically.

Most importantly, it is very lightweight that you can even think of. The manufacturers design this mouse with a premium-quality braided cable. It also comes with 50-million clicks to make it a durable one.

You will also find a stylish Corsair logo present in the mouse. There are 8-programmable buttons present in this unit to help you to meet your gaming demand.

The manufacturers give this mouse an ambidextrous design to perfectly fit with mainly all kinds of hand palms. Most importantly, it is very user-friendly and comes with a plug-and-play option.


  • Ambidextrous design
  • It comes with a 12,400 DPI range
  • 50-million clicks life-span
  • Designed with premium-quality braided cable
  • 8-programmable buttons present


  • Feels good and comfortable in the hand
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Value for money option
  • Looks pretty cool


  • It does not have smooth clicks
  • It does not come with a return option

4. Razer Basilisk FPS Gaming Mouse

Razer Basilisk FPS Gaming Mouse

Razer Basilisk FPS gaming mouse comes next in this list. You can get this gaming mouse with several features and operational buttons to help your gaming expectations.

16000 DPI optical DPI range has made it the most popular gaming mouse available in the market. You can notice a scroll wheel present at the centre of the mouse that you can customize as per your preference.

It comes in an ergonomic structure to easily fit with most of the palm-size. Razer Basilisk gaming mouse has three different colours to choose from. They are- black, pink and white.

Besides design, you need not worry about the performance of this mouse. It has all the latest possible features to make this mouse even faster. The presence of a removable DPI clutch is another armed feature of this FPS unit.

This removable clutch will help you to make your movements faster and unparalleled. 5G optical sensor will help this gaming mouse to perform with much precision.

The manufacturers attach a dial with this gaming unit to monitor the scroll wheel. You can tweak this dial to help your bunny hops, weapon selection, zeroing and other gaming requirements with much accuracy.


  • It comes with a 5G optical sensor
  • Designed with customized scroll wheel
  • Removable DPI clutch
  • Ergonomic designed
  • Enabled with 16000 DPI range


  • Good shape
  • Decently fairly built
  • Excellent RGB lighting
  • Perfectly balanced


  • Scrolling up the wheel is a little noisy
  • Supporting software is not compatible with PC speed

5. Redragon Cobra M711 Wired Gaming Mouse with 10000 DPI

Redragon Cobra M711 Wired Gaming Mouse

Redragon Cobra M711 is another ideal gaming mouse available in this price range. The manufacturer’s design this gaming mouse with all the possible functionalities to meet your gaming demands with utmost accuracy.

Enabled with a 24000 DPI optical range, it acts as a professional gaming unit. There are 8-programmable buttons present in it to help your gaming requirements.

Moreover, this device allows you to adjust the DPI as per your preference. You will see several combo keys present in most of these programmable buttons to help you to customize your actions.

Both 3360 gaming sensor and 1000 Hz polling rate have made it the most top-rated. Optical switches are there to minimize unintended clicks. Redragon Cobra M711 comes in an ergonomic design that comfortably fits most of your palm size.

The manufacturer’s design this gaming unit with premium quality material to make them durable and long-lasting. There are seven different types of RGB lights present to enhance your gaming experience.

Most importantly, this mouse from Redragon is suitable not only for games but also for your regular meets. Even you can adjust it by plus/minus 100 as per your preference.


  • Enabled with 24000 DPI optical range
  • Designed with 8-programmable buttons
  • Seven different RGB lights
  • Ergonomic designed
  • 3360 gaming sensor and 1000 Hz polling rate


  • Proper weight
  • Delivers accuracy
  • Beautifully designed
  • Available in beautiful colours


  • Non-responsive customer service
  • Makes little noise

6. Razer DeathAdder Essential RZ01-02540100-R3U1 Gaming Mouse with 6400 dpi optical sensor

Razer DeathAdder Essential RZ01 Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder RZ01-02540100-R3U1 gaming mouse comes last in this list. You are going to have several features present in it to enhance your gaming experience.

Razer itself is a top-rated gaming industry to manufacture excellent quality gaming mouse. Likewise, this optical mouse from Razer is too well-engineered and configured.

You can have 99.4% resolution accuracy with this top-rated gaming mouse. Moreover, both the 16000 optical sensor and 450 IPS range are additional features. There are many mechanical switches present to monitor gaming accuracy.

The manufacturer’s design this mouse durable and long-lasting to withstand up to 50-million clicks. Besides, the 6400 DPI optical range is present to help you play faster and swift.

Though, this optical mouse allows you to change the DPI settings. You can notice 5-programmable buttons present in this mouse. You will get this gaming unit from Razer in a simple design.

It is lightweight and comes in an ideal shape to give comfort to your hand and wrist. Therefore, whether you are in your office or home, you can set this gaming mouse with your laptop or PC.


  • Enabled with 6400 DPI optical sensor
  • Ergonomic designed
  • Designed with 5-programmable buttons
  • Can withstand up to 10-million clicks
  • Provides 99.4% resolution accuracy


  • Fits perfect
  • It comes with two extra buttons
  • Adjusting lighting
  • Too good build quality


  • Lack of better cable management system
  • No DPI button is present

7. MSI Interceptor DS100 Gaming Mouse with excellent sensitivity

MSI Interceptor DS100 Gaming Mouse with excellent sensitivity

MSI Interceptor DS100 gaming mouse, though it comes last in this list, comes with many specifications. The best part is that it comes with excellent sensitivity to make it a Laser Gaming mouse.

Therefore, you can move this mouse on any kind of surface. You will have an 8,200 DPI range to help you to achieve accuracy—the manufacturers design this mouse with RGB illuminating lights to make it look beautiful.

It is available in an ergonomic shape to perfectly fit with almost all kinds of hand palms. There are 7-various programmable buttons present in this mouse to help you play your favorite games with high accuracy.

You will also find a non-slip coating in this mouse to help you to get excellent accuracy and balance. It also comes with a gold-plated connector. It also comes with dedicated software to help you meet your gaming demand at lightning speed.


  • It comes with Laser tracking technology
  • Enabled with 8,200 DPI range
  • Designed with 6-various lights
  • Ergonomically shaped with gold-plated connector
  • 7-various programmable buttons


  • Awesome quality
  • Braided cable
  • Gold-plated USB for better performance
  • Can customize the LEDs


  • A bit small than usual ones
  • Less DPI option

Best Gaming Mouse Buying Guides

Best Gaming Mouse Under 3000-min

Please consider the following factors before buying a gaming mouse-

  • Laser or optical: You can run a laser mouse almost on any of the surfaces. But the optical mouse does not offer you that compatibility. Therefore, most professional gamers prefer laser ones.
  • DPI sensor: The regular mouse and gaming mouse come with different DPI settings. The mouse with a higher DPI range requires significantly less movement of the mouse to move the screen’s cursor.

Generally, a mouse with an 800-1000 DPI sensor is ideal to allow you to play games perfectly.

  • They are wired or wireless: Though there are numerous wired and wireless mice available in the market to play more complex games. But wireless mice are a little expensive.

Therefore, those who have a tight budget can choose wireless ones to serve their purpose.

  • Left or right: This factor entirely depends on the user itself. If you are right-handed, go for the right-handed mouse. And, left-handed persons should pick the left-handed ones.
  • Design: There are two types of shapes present, claw grip and palm grip. Claw grip mouse will allow the gamer to respond fast and precise. Though, you may have unnatural feelings about this type of mouse.

On the other hand, you can place your entire hand on the palm grip mouse. Moreover, a palm grip mouse will help you to build a high IPS.

  • Lights: The gamers who are a little fashion trendy must go with RGB lighting mice to have an excellent combination. However, these lights will not help you to improve your aim.

So, if you are not a fashionista, you can omit these lights to avoid disturbance and annoyance.

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

A gaming mouse indeed comes with a lot of additional features than a regular mouse. Moreover, gaming mice always look more attractive than normal ones.

Generally, a gaming mouse comes with at least a 2-years life span if you use it full-time.

A wired mouse can work faster than a wireless mouse. It is available on a moderate budget and is suitable for regular usage. Simultaneously, a wireless mouse may allow you to move freely on the surface but is a little expensive.

A gaming mouse certainly comes with numerous specifications than a regular one. Most importantly, a gaming mouse comes with a stylish look also.

If you use it randomly, it will last for at least 2-years.

What is the Difference between a gaming mouse and a regular mouse ?

There are a lot of differences between a gaming mouse and a regular mouse. First, DPI optical range will be the main factor that will differ between these two types.

Generally, a standard mouse comes with only 1000 DPI, whereas a gaming mouse must have a 4000 DPI optical sensor to perform the task with minute accuracy and sensitivity.

Moreover, you will notice multiple programmable buttons present in the gaming mouse to let you play the games successfully.

Importance of a gaming mouse

The gaming mouse mostly comes with various programmable buttons and high-end sensitivity to help you play all the top games accurately and efficiently.
It also comes with a good response time to help you to play even faster. Even, most of the gaming mouse comes in an ergonomic shape. Therefore, you should pick an appropriate gaming mouse to help you to play games quickly along with excellent accuracy.


Here ends the list of the best gaming mouse under the 3000 price range. All of them come with all the possible technologies and features to help you play with utmost accuracy. You can choose any one of them to challenge your gaming competitors.

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