Corsair M55 RGB Pro Gaming Mouse Review

I have to introduce you guys to a new gaming mouse from Corsair called the m55 RGB. A good budget gaming mouse in 2021 could just be the best one you’ll be able to find.

If you are looking for a best gaming mouse under 30000 rupees, I will consider that a more expensive gaming mouse. Almost like an ambidextrous plastic body would this be.

As a right-handed user, I find the m55 RGB to be solid, performs well, and does not break the bank regarding price and features at the moment.

Corsair M55 RGB Pro Gaming Mouse Review

One of my favorite peripherals is an ambidextrous mouse that includes a braided USB cable, as well as an eight-button layout.

Its matte blacktop has a very rough surface that feels like sandpaper, and almost feels like glass.

It is intended to grip under your palms without rubber, which is why it is slightly rough on the surface when you first open it, I mean that in a bad way.

Corsair Knights Or gaming mouse Review

Corsair Knights Or gaming mouse Review

The Corsair Knights Or gaming mouse, for example, has a full-size optical sensor. The mouse will smooth out as you use it both ways over time.

A textured grip is molded into the plastic bottom of the phone so you know where the forward and back buttons are located.

On top, behind the scroll wheel, are three slider pads that allow the mouse to maintain better contact, and on the back, the optical sensor supports resolutions of up to twelve,400 DPI.

The Mouse is an ambidextrous wheel that is great for both left-handed and right-handed users, and it weighs just 86 grams. As I mentioned earlier, it is positioned to accommodate both left and right-handed users.

Let’s look at the IQ software in the meantime and see what options one has in regards to selecting from the product when purchasing it directly.

Here is a look at the actions tab, which lets you set everything up for left or right-handed use, since you can assign the buttons to macros.

Lighting effects can be customized for the next few zones and for the Corsair logo behind the mouse which can be achieved in several ways: pulse shift, static, solid gradient, rainbow wave, etc.

With some of the options, you can alter the speed and the direction of each light.

Some of those effects are really amazing because it synchronizes with our peripherals – such as this case – by synching the light.

RGB Lights on the Mouse

The MS RGB keyboard shows the rainbow wave effect when I choose the left side, and then slides down from my keyboard on the right side.

After choosing one of these preset profiles, you’ll find the DPI tab using which to toggle between up to five different modes when selecting a dpi profile.

The switches on these have five different modes. By default, three modes are installed, meaning you can only switch between those initially; you can toggle the remaining two after hitting these switches here.

You will recognize each one of them by looking at an LED indicator behind the scroll wheel on your mouse. It will tell you the current DPI mode by changing color to differentiate through them.

A sniper mode for this Mouse is also useless, as it doesn’t have one. The performance tab also doesn’t have much. Just pointer speed and precision, and here we go.

The last topic I want to cover in this review today is a quick sound test on the m55 Gaming Mouse. A hand-sized computer mouse, as opposed to a gaming mouse or desk mouse, is the one you want.

The question takes up one of the most common comments and is asked again in my review. The question of whether to buy smaller hands machines, or which mice to get in the case of smaller hands, is one I often answer.

As far as I can tell, the correlation between large hands and high weight is no longer valid to me due to my observation and experience.

Since I came across so many counterexamples to this concept, I’m throwing it out the window based on what I have seen. If your hands are large, you need a larger mouse.

As I sat in one of the guys offices watching them work, and I observed his workspace, I remarked how slim, thin, and short the Apple Mouse was.

This used to be true, but not anymore. Small hands need a smaller mouse.

It’s best, when recommending certain brands or Mouse for people for now, to just find the Mouse that suits your aesthetic preferences, a brand that fits your requirements, and one that has great performance and functionality.

The only way you’ll know is by feeling it with your hands, no matter how big or small the mouse may be, so buy a mouse or just grab one and test it out for yourself.

This will allow you to determine a mouse’s fit to your hand precisely, so that’s it for the Corsair m55 RGB Gaming Mouse, alright, that’s it for the Corsair m55 RGB Gaming Mouse.

You can leave your thoughts about the Corsair M55 RGB Pro Gaming Mouse in the comments below. Don’t hesitate to give it a try if you want to.

you found it enjoyable and thanks for taking the time to read, I greatly appreciate your time. I will be in touch next time, peace.

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