The Logitech G102 Light Sync Gaming Mouse includes RGB custom lighting

Description of the product

The Logitech G102 Light Sync Gaming Mouse includes RGB custom lighting

A 8,000 DPI sensor paired with customisable, vibrant LIGHTSYNC RGB makes the G102 LIGHTSYNC the ideal platform for gaming and business.

Color waves and patterns may be applied to LIGHTSYNC RGB in 16 million different colour options to suit your musical preferences, setup and mood.

You can customize the settings to suit the sensitivity that works best for you. The gaming-grade sensor responds precisely to your movements.

The 6 buttons were laid out simply, resulting in a time-tested design that has been loved by gamers for a long time. The four programmable buttons help you facilitate tasks.

A primary shell button is mechanically attached to the case or casing and tensioned with metal springs for seamless action and feel. Logitech G hub software is required for advanced features.

Significant features include:

The RGB Color Wave is the most advanced and extensive color wave technology available today.

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Get creative with 16,8 million colors and a multitude of combinations, including vibrant animations, media-driven settings, and your own setting.


A gaming-grade sensor lets you track the cursor with great accuracy and deliver responsive performance. Choose the level of sensitivity that best fits your gaming preferences from 200-8,000 DPI. You can program up to 5 presets with the Logitech G HUB software.


Logitech G102 gaming mouse review

You can cast spells, explore, and play just like you want with the six-button design that provides both comfort and confidence. A keybind can simplify gameplay by assigning system controls and in-game commands to any button on the keyboard.


Logitech G uses a metal spring tensioning system on the primary left and right buttons. The result is consistent and precise button actuation—click after click.


Having 8,000 dots per inch (DPI) of resolution, the G102’s focus sensor is one of the most sensitive available. G102 lets you adjust different levels of sensitivity by just swiping a scroll bar.

There are 5 levels available that can be cycled through with a single button press. There are a lot of different types and styles of games out there that don’t require as much control, such as a sniper scope or speed clicking.

The following buttons may be customized

Make sure each button knows the same shortcuts, keyboard commands, and systems commands.. Furthermore, powerful macros can be created to repeat any sequence of commands repeatedly with just a click.

Software for LOGITECH G HUB System

A free, easy-to-use customization software program is available for download to fine-tune the G102 controls. Customize your G102’s lighting, sensitivity, button commands and lighting with the G HUB software from Logitech.


Custom settings can be carried along when your G102 is with you. The Logitech G HUB device lets you store your preferences in its internal memory.

Plug in and play. No software needs to be installed or reconfigured to be used on other computers.

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