Razer Viper 8K Review : is this Best Gaming Mouse under 3000 INR ?

Razer Viper 8K Review is this Best Gaming Mouse under 3000 INR

Our team has been using the Razer Viper 8K Gaming mouse almost four months and we are pretty pleased with the experience our team has had using it because of the 20K dpi sensor and the high polling rate it offers.

With the Viper 8K mouse weighing two grams more than the original Viper, users who are familiar with the original Viper will likely find it similar. 

There are Razer mice with 20K-pixel optical sensors, an 8000Hz polling rate and a Razer optical switch as opposed to the more affordable Viper 8K.

There are not many differences in the configuration of the original Viper and the Viper 8K. 

I believe most PC gamers will also enjoy the new Razer Nano. Just like the earlier ones, it has an ambidextrous design, textured side grips, as well as RGB dpi settings.

Polling rate can be determined as the number of times you touch a button on your mouse or move it around in a circle before sending signals back to the PC.

A hardware device with an 8000Hz polling rate is able to communicate at an astonishing speed of 8000 queries per second, or 0.125 milliseconds in latency.

The average gaming mouse, however, operates at a polling rate of 1000Hz, indicating an average latency of 1ms. A standard mouse has a polling rate of 125Hz, which indicates an 8ms latency.

Although the Razer Viper 8K is a fast mouse, what actually does it give you?

On this website you can see a plot comparing the frequency of polling between 1000Hz and 8000Hz. This graph shows how long it takes for each mouse click to be displayed on the monitor.

Through Viper 8K, the graph has a much shorter delay. Also, by increasing the polling rate to 8000Hz, the microstuttering is also reduced, making it much easier to move around, especially with quick movements like flicks and swipes.

Thus, e-sports games that are currently on the market can’t handle a mouse that polls only 8K levels, which is why Viper 8K was created.

Our findings in playing CSGO with the Viper 8K led to the game becoming jumpy when swiping rapidly. Furthermore, if this is always achieved, it causes the game to stop working in a fixed frame.

Although the compute power and graphics processing unit are able to handle it, the bottleneck in Viper 8K results from the engine’s inability to process the quantity of data being sent as fast as it comes in from the game’s server. The Viper 8K’s polling rate makes it impossible for the game to keep the frame updated.

A similar experience was shared by Viper 8K players when playing Apex Legends. You’d get frozen frames every time you moved your mouse too quickly. However, once you stopped moving the mouse, they’d come back in action.

The Viper 8K really impressed us with games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Metroid Exodus, or even Genshin Impact although playing them you don’t need the same level of polling as those games since nobody else is playing at the same time.

Isn’t that why 8000Hz polling is so useful here? It’s not needed for this experiment, and it doesn’t even have to be operational on the full scale to be good, but for now it works.

It makes sense that Razer would set the industry standard, so more mice will have higher poll rates – upwards of 8000Hz. By then, more games will accept the same technology and begin supporting it as well.

The Viper 8K mouse has an 8000Hz polling rate and a premium price. If you intend on purchasing it, keep in mind that in some games the advanced features might not actually work.

Perhaps you are wondering “how much difference will it make between you and a gaming mouse and a Viper 8K?” As far as our answer goes to questions like those, it will depend on you, partly because of the placebo effect, but also partially because of your aptitude.

Viper 8K’s performance boost comes from the fact that Razer’s proprietary Vulcan Engine takes control of any hesitancy. It should help you perform better when you’re trying to improve your skills in an area. Wearing the Viper 8K can give just as great a feeling as your favorite pair of sneakers at the gym. You tend to perform better too if you feel more comfortable.

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