AMD Ryzen 5 3500X – Detailed Reviewed

Hi everyone, let’s review an AMD Ryzen 3500X.

Here I tried it. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details of the AMD Ryzen 3500X AMD Ryzen 3500X. The AMD Ryzen 3500X is a 6-core, 6-thread processor. It has the same SNT as the rest of the models. No. Unlike the 3600 and 3700 X, which has a 4-point 4 GHz pulse clock.
The AMD Ryzen 3500X has a maximum boost clock of only four digits at 1 GHz, then the Horizon 5 2600. It costs a bit but is SMP capable, i.e., it has 12 threads. 3500 X is 80%, 3600 is the price, and 3700 X is about half the price.

RYZEN 5 3500x processor detailed Review

Productivity Benchmark of Ryzen 3500X

Come on. See productivity benchmark. First, in Blender, we see that the Horizon 530 is disadvantaged by the lack of SMP500X where the workload uses multiple cores and threads such as Vinci 16s16s.

While writing is 530 610 mesh 720 720 700 x, although 3500X extended, the overall lack of SMP significantly reduces it; the cheaper rice 526 also outperforms it.

The increase in the number of my genes from the second gene, the number of genes created, and the second gene’s rate of creation is about 85%, the possibility of a third pay generation game. Horizon 530 500X presented here’s SMP. And there is an advantage with the lack of peak clocks, but 94% of what high-models can do with Macro Exodus.

The Horizon 530 500X matches another Red Dead Redemption model on the horizon. The 530500X corresponds to the 730700X horizon in average images but loses 1% in troughs and closes the gap in the event of overclocking, as the average reaches when it is 1% lower.

Overclocking of the processor

This means it could produce a reasonably high frame rate in a Division 2 benchmark session. We see the average maintaining the same frame rate and the same with a low of 1%, but this performance is good in the range. Acceptable and closed. The interval is close to the average frame rate when a grave rider overclocks in the shade, but a low 1% is too far away and barely reached when the reaction overclocks.

The picture is a little different. These processors have the same 1% minimum, but the average frame rate is higher as the clock speed increases. From now on, you will see the graphics change in different patterns, starting with 2 data, where the base of the lower and middle image will increase by 1% as the cos pi increases.

However, the 530500X resin with overclocking is still the same as the Horizon 7; World War Z has the 700X. The graph is back to the stage, but this time the numbers are really high and very close.

So there is no difference in performance. It is one more step back, but this time the difference is bigger and similarly borrows the over closed Verizon 530 between the 500x Stop 3500X and 3700 models.

It’s for the killer; The Creed Odyssey’s 3500 X, though not far behind the average 3,700 eggs, is still 1% lower behind and landed in the middle both times due to overclocking.

Finally, we have the Ghost Recon breaking point, where the average is not too far away, but even a loss of 1% cannot be recorded, as there is a small amount of overclocking to run Rekin 5, which is 500x at the minimum setting. East. Run the Blender as a load test; I expect the system peak in actual 110 cabinet power consumption to be around 100 watts.


Considering that this is an 80+ platinum power supply for thermal. Let’s go. The Stop Kula works best in my 30 ° C, with ambient temperatures ranging from 7900 to 3500X and 92 degrees is higher than 4.2 GHz. So we come to the end of this video, the 5.500X growth deserves a gold badge.

It’s an overclockable processor, but even if you don’t overclock it, you can still get the performance of an expensive processor, and it can only outperform me. Using this superior custom encoder.

I get 97% performance on 100% high-end processors; It’s a processor I consider good value for money, that’s for now.

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