Antec 450W PSU VP450P Ultimate Review

We are going to look at this old 450 watt power supply.

He has already seen what it looks like. If you don’t like it, then leave this article if you like it or give it a chance.

Antec 450 watt power supply

Well have a look through and maybe you’d be interested, so the model is antic.

Vp. 4. 5. 0. P, VP 4, 5, 0 P from antic and it’s, 450 watt continuous power supply.

Antec 450W PSU VP450P Ultimate Review

it’s cheap as chips. So let ‘ S get started alright, so the box looks like so.

As you see it’s just as advertised 450 watt power supply, atx12v, all russian 2.

Continuous power.

Remember it is as it advertised here strictly power and what that means is 450 watt continuous power.

It includes hundred 20 millimeter fan, which adjusts to the temperature very big + continuous power, as I mentioned, active PFC 85 % max efficiency.

So what that means is, if you draw from the socket 450 watts the actual water is going into, the PC would be 450 by 0.85.

Works designed by antic

So let’s, see around 400 watt. Most of power supplies would have this if not every a power supply is just the way it works designed by antic in California.

So there you go here. We have just dimensions. I don’t know if you guys even can see it, but it says hundred forty millimeters by 150 by eighty six height, pretty much standard very important bit is here which shows the connector, so we have the 24 pin connector for motherboard.

Connector for the CPU

Obviously one then we have four plus four connector for the CPU. Well, it’s really for the motherboards. Also, obviously, 1 6 pin PCI Express connector.

Antec 450W PSU VP450P connector for the CPU

Hopefully it says 6 plus 2 will see floppy connector, which is could be useless for most of you, but some rate cards and some sound cards still use them for molex connectors as usual and or SATA connectors.

And then we have here little table explaining the power output, which I’m, not going to go through, and here we have. You can also check Best Gaming PC build under 50000 here.

Obviously all these promises and everything explained and pause the video here and have a look at it.

Power supply

So yeah. The next thing. Let’s, open the box up and take the power supply out, so the packaging is pretty simple.

As you see cardboard, recycled and recyclable paper, we have obviously included the kettle block, which seems to be of a decent enough quality, not too cheap, not too shabby.

The most important thing is obviously the power supply, so power supply looks like so on the side. You have looking like this, so that’s.

What you can have looking at you when you open your case, some specification serial number and all that we went through our already 120 millimetre power of sorry quiet fan and also actually it’s.

Temperature adjustable just like I mentioned to you before very important feature, because you don’t want it blasting all time now in sides pretty much like any inexpensive power supply.

So don’t expect much, but don’t be too disappointed.

It’s, antic afterall, so yeah I’m. A quite nice power supplies which do work and don’t. Give too much trouble. No cabling first things.

First, you probably noticed we have a sleeved cabling here for the motherboard connector, which is nice, because this tons of cables there and you wouldn’t like it to be otherwise.

Motherboard connectors

However, I would like to see at least the CPU. Well, sorry, CPU again motherboard connectors sleeved, but anyway this is a budget power supply, so nothing to want 6 pin PCI Express power. Unfortunately, it’s, not six plus two.

So in case you have a graphics card, for six plus two is required, might be little bit disappointed there, but you can get that from molex.

I suppose there’s, your three SATA connectors power connectors and then we should have a little bit more here.

So we have four motherboards power, so little bit dangled hope. Hopefully I can make it work. It was worried there for a second.

SATA connector

So three molex, we have another molix and another SATA connector, the floppy connector and, as I mentioned there, the motherboard connector as well, four by four and four so yeah.

It’s, heavy ish, but not too heavy. So that’s, fine cables are not sleeved and the it’s, not a modular power supply by any means wherever it’s a budget option.

And if you look at my last video, which I did unboxing of the Zalman case in the article before, which was a gigabyte, including the power supply, these two options are actually quite a bit better, especially because antic has a good support, and the Zalman has a Very very nice case I don’t know about their technical support.

However, there’s, not that much that can go wrong with the case now, just finishing off. We have obviously screws for the back of the case.

Unfortunately, they are all nice and shiny. I would like to have some black ones, but it’s, not a big deal, and here we have all descriptions and things like that.


So yeah guys, I’m, not gonna drag too long. Let’s sum it up so yeah very quickly. Basically, this is the boxing packaging, and these are the included extras accessories or whatever you want to call all the cabling is there is this: you all lose nice and messy.

It depends on you how you’re gonna manage it. In the case, I don’t, see any problem for myself. We’re, going to be doing it installation in the Zalman case, we’re gonna going to be doing a full setup there, so no worries there over all the power supply looks pretty neat.

I’m inside, as I said, not not too much circuitry, but we’ll, see how it performs that’s, the main thing and all the necessary connectors they included for myself.

So yeah. I’m happy about the Portia’s because it’s, one of the cheapest ones.

I could find there so yeah. I hope you liked the article then you can ask there any questions in the comment section down below and thanks for Reading have a nice day.

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