Avita Pura Budget Ryzen 5 Laptop Review Guide

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Here is this Avita review that purifies the laptop from the heart I called about two weeks ago and gave it to my friend.

Avita Pura Budget Ryzen 5 Laptop Review Guide

He used it for ten days and I am using now. We also use it. So this is the review and I will say that I am disappointed with this product, but before I go any further, some good things are that this product is great for specs. I just can’t get another laptop with a spec like this.

AMD Ryzen 3500 processor

It has an AMD Ryzen 3500 processor, which is really nice, eight gigabytes of RAM and 500 GB of SSD. So the performance was great, but I still wouldn’t recommend this product and tell you why, but before that, here are the quick specs for this laptop.

It has a 14-inch IPS LCD display, which is part of AMD’s upgrade. 5. 3500. The U processor comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 500 gigabytes of SSD and other specifications are on the screen for your reference. Soon, let’s break down the pros and cons.

What do I think about this laptop? First of all, let’s go for the good stuff! Well, I created a Word document and the first thing I did was look at this laptop.

A 430 1000 watt folding card. Now they have raised the price to 33, which is really powerful enough to pass and fight 3500. Your processor, which is working very well. Performance is closer than that of the 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor.

In fact, it surpasses it. You know why the overall performance is really good. Navigation and it’s all good. Load application very quickly. For example, the word I have is my tweet and it’s all for specific uses.

laptop SSD

Performance is very good due to CPU usage so this is a good thing and because it also has laptop SSD very fast. Hold it for less than 10 seconds.

I will say that it is good and one thing that surprised me a lot about budget oriented Windows laptops in general, the biggest tradeoff is really screen, but the screen quality here is really good.

It’s not a bright screen. I would say, but the Anglo to see is really good. For example, I recently tested the Vivo Book 14 with the same Asus configuration. Everything was fine, but the display quality of the screen is poor.

This is not a simultaneous problem. So these are good things. Now let’s talk about the things I didn’t like, and then people tried this product and used it, and the first thing is that all this product is plastic on the front side.

The back, as you can see, is actually all plastic so if you apply a little pressure and hear it when you open it it really cracks.

So you have to keep a few things in mind and let me unlock the laptop and again it’s their budget, no windows, no authentication or fingerprint or anything.

But again, I won’t complain that he can’t wait and this laptop is the biggest personal concern for me. So if you see this is the screen, let me lower the screen. It is only after two weeks of use that people imagine what will happen after about six months of use.

The problem is that these talents have all been done by Ivita. What is this plastic capture and what is it? Why it vibrates a little I was really shaking when I put the laptop in my lap and typing this so just can’t be sure after two weeks.

This is the situation. Imagine after six months. What’s going to happen I’m afraid it won’t happen. The bus will fall. So that’s a big concern.

The track on the laptop should be great, but it’s made entirely of plastic which is pretty ridiculous.

In my opinion, I can’t pass vouchers for this company at this time and what will the after-sales service look like? They say let and years, warranty and about two years, if you sign up and everything, but this company has considered a few things.