Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3i Review: Affordable Windows 10 Laptop Review guide

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Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3i Review: Affordable Windows 10 Laptop Review guide

Working from home is a reality. For the most part, if you need a good computing device so you can work from home so that your boss doesn’t get really angry, because you don’t do a good job, the problem is that it’s a reality before you. The view is not finished. At the very least, for many people there are no good laptops or good computing devices at home.

They will have something that will sometimes work for browsing the web, editing or even watching Netflix, but to do what you want in a work fee. You need a good laptop, which is why so many people are still looking for it.

Laptops that cost from 40,000 to 60,000

You have a big budget, not everyone, so you need something more affordable. The point is, many laptop manufacturers are very good at making laptops that cost from 40,000 to 60,000.

We’ve also seen some recent launches from companies like HP. Now. All we have here is something from Lenovo. This is the Lenovo ideapad Slim 3i. This is the latest version of the series, and the spec version here is priced at around Rs 2,000.

What you get is a Core i3 processor, which has 8 GHz RAM and finally, a 256 GB SSD, which performs very well. A lot of things about this particular laptop don’t really deceive the tag and that’s always a good thing.

For starters, I should take a look at the design. It looks very much like a high end Lenovo laptop. It is very well made, has an excellent workmanship and the materials used are very good.

If you see it for the first time and no one tells you the price, you will never believe that it is worth around 40,000. But okay.

We can’t really hold it in front of Lenovo, just open it and you will have a really nice keyboard, a special Lenovo layout, so to speak, for the size of the keys and the difference between the key and the screen. Great too.

Consistent display

Interestingly, the bezel at the bottom of the screen is not the thinnest, but the company cannot be blamed either. What you get with this particular machine is a very consistent display and it has a lot to do with the SSD at stake here.

Apps open quickly, although you can’t really expect a lot of multitasking, but all of your source blogs open in Chrome and possibly Word Word backgrounds, even if you have documents. Microsoft, maybe play iTunes music or play Spotify music, it doesn’t shake, it doesn’t get hot, even if you have open web browser tabs.

So, in general, it is. The autonomy of a very stable machine is between 7 and 12 hours, depending on how you use it, it will match the performance of the battery. If you mostly keep the screen brightness low and close all the apps you need except the laptop, one thing is for sure – I really want to show you – what should you get with a laptop in general as part of an adapter? It would probably be something like this: a big mess, an adapter broken on each side, and a long cable in the well.

You should take it with you. Every time it comes out and what Lenovo has done with this affordable laptop, this time, Apple is very close to the moment. This is the power adapter you get with this Lenovo Eedipad, Slim 3i.

This is something very unique, but it will make your life easier when traveling, when you can finally reach office fees or when you need to carry that laptop with you for meetings. The point is that affordable laptops are getting better and better, but there are still a large number of cheap laptops you can buy in the market right now or you will probably see them as recommendations on shopping websites. This means that the effect will continue.

You will probably see several options showing a 1TB hard drive for storage. You might think the 256 is less than 1TB, but the problem is that the hard drive will always be a slow pair, having a Core i3 processor depending on the laptop and 4GB or 8GB of RAM.

Performance and performance will be much slower than this machine, which is why Lenovo has really enhanced the game by bringing SSDs for cheap Xiaomi laptops. I’ve just done this with 14 laptops, very few I’ve done.

Maybe we’ll make some changes going together for a while. This will leave you with the idea that Lenovo Oedipad Slim 3i is definitely right for it, it is a basic computing device.

For those looking for something on a budget, it’s an entry-level laptop that simply delivers performance. Design, as well as battery life.