Mi Notebook 14 (Core i5 + MX250) Non-Horizon Edition Detail Review Guide

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Mi Notebook 14 (Core i5 + MX250) Non-Horizon Edition Detail Review Guide

Hi friends, welcome to bestmonitor.in. This is a notebook for me from the team. This is not the version of Horizon. It comes in at 48 48 million and it comes with a NVIDII GPU with 10 Gene I-5.

This is the MX250, which has 2GB of video memory. So I think it only gives the highest value. I didn’t like the Horizon version because it has a lot of downsides compared to its favor, but it’s worth Rs. Provides a lot of value for a price of 48,000, i.e..Best laptops under 45000 in india.

Mi notebook Webcam

Why I went ahead and bought it now. We do this before we take this product out of the box. It also comes with this webcam. So Xiaomi includes webcams, because webcams are very important nowadays due to epidemics, and that’s a good thing.

Xiaomi includes exactly one webcam. You don’t have to pay much for this, and I like it. Let me go ahead and quickly open the webbook. It’s really a very small webcam.

I hope it was a little big, but it’s not. So it’s a very small webcam. Are they exciting here? A simple 720p webcam with a USB port, so I’ll keep it for a while.

Let’s go now and unpack the laptop. It turns out that the bux side was licked. This is now b .x. Let me open it, so there were two things inside bx. There is only one laptop.

He is trying to stay here. I really like the minimalist design of this laptop. There are no marks on the top, so if you just look at the laptop, you won’t even know what it is. A Xiaomi laptop. I’ll put it on the laptop side for a while.

Let’s see, what do we do in this little box? It comes with a power supply of 65 watts and by the standards of 2020 it is a very large pack, but it is 65 watts, let’s charge it quickly.

So that’s good. Now keep the power selection on the side and switch to the laptop. So as I said, there is no branding, and I love it, this is the moment that everyone is waiting for.

That’s why you clicked on this video. Let’s cut the plastic, this laptop is very heavy. I didn’t expect the laptop to be so heavy. I think the Horizon version of the notebook is lighter, but definitely heavier than the Horizon edition.

It is not 1.3 to 5 grams. It’s definitely more, but it’s a compact, unbranded laptop and it’s pretty good. Let’s open the cellphone now. The keyboard is good enough, but it doesn’t come with a backlight and the trackpad is nice too.

I don’t like the trackpad on it. Now I have to go early and leave. This is not the first time this laptop. I think he’s interested, not the drums. Keep pressing on it. No, it doesn’t have a battery.

Battery Life of mi laptop

It’s a disappointment. I thought it would come with batteries, but it turns out it has no juice. So early. Go ahead and plug in the power cord so we have the power in this laptop, let’s go.

This is an i14 laptop now this is a normal i14 laptop not a horizon version. Keep me on the side for a moment. Either way, it is very difficult to speak with a laptop in hand. These are the 14 laptops that I usually come with Core i5 processor, which is the 10th Gen processor.

The exact number is 1 0 to 1 0. In addition, you get 8 GB of DDR2 RAM 5 GB, 1 SATA SSD of 2 GB and a dedicated graphics card, which is Nvidia MX 250, which is now 2 TB video memory on paper.

These glasses are really good for a price of 48 lakhs. Now, as I said at the beginning of the video, the price of this laptop is higher than the Rs 60,000 notebook 14 Horizon version, and that’s why upgrading to the Notebook 14 full line on RAM is impossible, which is a big scam.

I can accept this fact as Rs 60,000, but at Rs 60,000 I can’t accept this fact, the fact that you can’t expand your RAM is a boomer and this is where Xiaomi should be a little smarter.

It should include the ability to add more memory, which is very important. Also, the keyboard has no backlight on the board. That’s a big scam. It’s such a basic thing, but it’s so important that if you don’t get your keyboard back in 2020, it’s a huge scam for many people.

Now, I don’t usually use my laptop at night or in a very dark environment. Well that’s not a problem for me, but I can see that for a lot of people it can be a big deal. Other than that, you can’t increase the storage on this laptop.

Now let’s go. Talk to who this laptop is for, then my aim is to find a notebook 14 for people who are looking for a laptop with their normal productivity functions. For example using web applications or general applications like Excel PowerPoint Word or a little light photo editing in Lightroom and Photoshop for all those people.

I think 14 laptops is a good choice, but for those looking for more power, such as game or video publishers, content creators or whatever. Requires a more powerful GPU.

You can’t buy this laptop because it has a very common GPU and that’s why it’s for people looking for a productivity machine. Then again, Xiaomi with a good GPU of over Rs. Should be given.

The MX350, which comes in 14 Horizon Edition laptops, is not a good GPU, priced at Rs 60,000 so this is a new loss and another reason why this laptop is the most meaningful.

Exactly on that, let’s go. Speaking of the port on this laptop, you need a USB port. There is a pair of port and USB p.0 ports. This is a full size USB port and that’s a very good thing. If you want to connect this laptop to a projector or TV, it also has a full size HDMI port.

Display size of 14 inch screen with full HD

This option is available to continue, go. Talk about this screen, that’s why this laptop comes with a 14 inch screen with full HD resolution making it from 1920 to 1920. This is a matte screen and I really like this screen laptop.

The colors are good. This is absolutely true, the viewing angle is: OK nectar, the three angles of the laptop are good and overall I had a great experience with the screen, I use this computer. Laptop for over two hours, and what I liked about this laptop is the screen now, this is just my first performance video, so I can’t talk to it about battery life and performance.

I will review a dedicated game of this laptop and also try to edit the full 4K video and upload this video from this laptop to youtube. So stay tuned for these videos. And if you have any special requests for video on this laptop, please let me know in the comments section below to check the performance and battery life in the next few days, and keep an eye out for it. Chain, so yes.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this laptop. I will use it as a daily driver, as I think it will be good for my needs. I don’t need a video editing laptop when I edit all the videos on this iMac.

This iMac helps me focus here. So when I want to edit a video, I have to go to the studio and edit that video, so it involves an extra step. I need to get out of my comfort zone and this kind of help will help me stay on track and post videos regularly.

So yes, I will continue to edit my videos on this iMac. I really like this thing, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, just. He unpacked and printed very quickly. Video of my notebook 14, tell me a little bit about this article in the comments section below.