Best Laser Printer Under 8000, 7000, 6000, and 10000 in India

Laser printers are in great demand as they offer high-end print quality that is clear and easily readable. It has versatile and dynamic features that make it an ideal choice for all those who are in need of printout regularly.

At every workplace, laser printers are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment that allows easy functioning and smooth running of any business.

The Laser Printers deliver multifunction and high-quality printing along with the highest efficiency and productivity. Though loaded with the latest technology and features, laser printers are quite affordable and easily fit in the budget.

There are numerous laser printers available; it becomes difficult for anyone to make a smart choice that would be beneficial for the long run.

If you are looking for the best laser printer under 6000,7000,8000 and 10000 in India, then this article will be beneficial for you.

Best Laser Printer Under 8000, 7000, 6000, and 10000 in India

Below you can try some of the excellent laser printers that deliver high-quality graphics and layouts at a low cost that easily fits your budget.

Top 7 Laser Printer Under 8000, 7000, 6000 and 10000

1. Brother HL-L2321D Review

Brother HL-L2321D Review

The Brother HL-L2321D Laser printer is the authentic alternative for your office or home. It is a compact laser printer that has a track capacity of 100 sheets output and 250 sheets input.

It easily connects with your computer with a high-speed USB cable of 2.O interface.

With its printing speed of 30pages per minute, this printer allows you to complete any printing work with efficiency which is remarkable. It is inbuilt with the single function monochrome printer.

This printer works with a print resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi that produces prints with excellent graphics and text.

It operates on an automatic two-sided printing option that makes trouble-free printing of two-sided documents.

It also features a manual feed slot and rear paper that provides a straight path for thicker documents to ensure the quality of print out all the time glance and is the finest.

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  • It is non-wireless and allows error-free printing
  • automatic duplex printing
  • compatible for small usage
  • affordable and convenient in use


  • No batteries are included

2. Pantum P2500 Review

Pantum P2500 laser printer Review

The Pantum P2500 is presentable in a very sleek design and easily fits on any desk with a one-step installation process that allows easy printing without wastage of time.

It operates on a 600MHz processor along with 128MB memory that produces good results with ease.

Furthermore, it automatically turns to sleep mode when not in use to conserve power and promote saving.

To keep in one’s budget the Pantum P2500 has a standard cartridge of 1600 pages that provides a high volume of printing with a print speed of 22 pages per minute on an A4 sheet and 22 pages per minute on a letter sheet.

It is easy to print with Pantum P2500 that allows laserjet printing with crystal clear printed copies.

It functions very efficiently at full speed of high resolution of 1200 x 1200dpi. Not only this with this printer it is easy to use any paper whether it is plain gloss or recycle papers for printing.


  • Compatible cartridge
  • Compact size
  • Affordable and excellent price
  • Easy to install


  • Available in black color only

3. HP Laserjet Pro M17a Review

HP Laserjet Pro M17a Single Function Laser Printer Review

The HP LaserJet PRO M17a is a small Laserjet that easily fits anywhere in your place.

It looks smart and elegant in design that allows its simple and intuitive function in usage and delivers outstanding high-quality clear print pages.

Inbuilt with auto-on/auto-off technology that saves power and energy. It’s easy to access and wireless networking allows printing from the various smartphones and tablets with the use of HP smart apps.

It gives professional print quality up to 600 x 600 x 2dpi with sharp text and a bold black layout.

It is pre-installed with the original HP toner cartridge that gives an outstanding text print quality with a printing speed of up to 21 pages per minute in letters size sheets and 20 pages per minute in A4 size sheets that reduces the cost per page to its lowest.

Easily gets connected to the computer and compatible with the latest version of the windows operating system.


  • Compact footprint and fast printer
  • smallest LaserJet that gives an outstanding performance
  • reliable and affordable
  • easily set up and connect to your smartphones.


  • Does not support OTG cable.

4. Pantum P2200 Laser Printer Review

Pantum P2200 Laser Printer Review

The Pantum P2200 is a complete single-function laser printer that fulfills all your printing needs.

It is inbuilt with a metal frame that allows its long-time usage and is cost-effective with a printing capacity of 20 pages per minute A4 size paper and 21 pages per minute letter size paper.

It functions at a Hi-speed that supports 2.0connection and provides top-notch quality printing to its users. With its monochrome laser printer, Pantum P2200 is technically built to give clear, crisp outstanding printing quality with ultimate printing speed.

Its compact and stylish design allows you to take it to any place with comfortability. Its printing ability and quality is generally preferred by all the small business.

The Pantum 2200 Printer is rated as the best laser printer under 6000 in India.


  • Small durable and ergonomic design
  • easy installation
  • excellent print quality
  • value for money
  • toner cartridge


  • A bit heavy

5. HP Laser 103a Single Function Laser Printer Review

HP Laser 103a Single Function Laser Printer Review

The HP Laser 103a Single Function Laser printer delivers a high volume and quality printing at a low cost and also in a long run.

It easily connects to your laptop or PC using a high-speed USB 2.0 port cable.

The LED control panel of the laser printer automatically turns off when it is in sleep mode to save power.

This monochrome printer functions on a single layout with a high speed of 20 pages per minute on an A4 size sheet.

It is embedded with the dynamic security that allows the use of cartridges with the HP original chip.

Perfectly for office use with the excellent printing quality of dark and crisp text and also in vibrant color.


  • affordable in price
  • versatile and high-grade performance
  • compact and innovative design
  • easy connectivity


  • For small scale use only

6. HP Laser 108w Printer Review

HP Laserjet 108w WiFi Printer Review

The HP Laser 108W Printer is foremost for all small offices. It features laser printing that works on a single function with exceptionally fast printing speed up to 20 pages per minute.

It comes with an automatic on and off technology, when you are in sleep mode that saves energy and power. Its compact and unique design easily fits your place.

The laser printer is technically inbuilt to print sharp, crisp text with bold blacks. It can easily connect directly by Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 high connectivity cables, and even on mobile smartphones to print the layout with the HP smart app.

It is inbuilt with an advanced toner placement technology that allows the R MPV up to 1500 pages. A perfect reliable Laser printer that is cost-effective in the long run.


  • LED display
  • easy to install and use
  • attractive design
  • compatible with your device


  • A bit high in price

7. Canon image CLASS LBP6030B Review

Canon imageCLASS LBP6030B Laser Printer Review

The Canon imageCLASS LBP6030P laser printer is built with high technology features that require little maintenance and work effectively for your home or office use.

It has an outstanding monochrome that offers the fastest and productive performance in printing. With a dimension of 26 cm in height and 30cm wide, the printer is quite easy to set and fits in all spaces.

The printer is built with a print resolution of 2400 x600 dpi that delivers high laser quality printing.

It works at a print speed of 18 pages per minute on an A4 sheet with an outstanding quality of crisp, clear, black, and white layouts.

The laser printer is embedded with 925 toner cartridges with a yield of 1600 pages as per ISO standards.


  • high-quality print layout
  • inbuilt with 3 LED indicators
  • consumes low power
  • excellent printing speed


  • Does not support Wi-Fi connectivity

Buying guide for laser printer

Before purchasing the laser printer it is essential to go through the following factors that will help to choose the best that suits your requirements :

Buying guide for laser printer

1. Type Of Printers

There are two types of printers :

Laser printers and Ink printers:

Laser printers are embedded with the latest technology and allow easy access to the connectivity as compared to ink printers. Therefore, if you have a large volume of workload then laser printers are the best as they are easy to install and ideal for office usage.

2. Functions

The laser printer functions in two ways:

  • A single function that allows only to print the sheet.
  • multiple functions that allow

printing as well as scan and copy.

We would recommend buying a printer with multifunction that works in a great way and also functions to meet all the requirements as per your needs.

3. Connectivity

The laser printer has a provision of USB 2.0 insertion that allows transferring the data through a USB cable.

With the advancement in technology, some of the laser printers are wireless-enabled and feature the capabilities of cloud printing.

Many have a popular connectivity option of Wi-Fi that allows easy accessibility to almost everyone. The wireless laser printers easily access through our mobile and transfer the data to the device for printing.

For the proper functioning of laser printers, good connectivity is an important factor that should be considered before buying.

4. Speed Of The Printer

Print speed refers to the number of pages that a printer can print in a minute. Many laser printers are available with the fastest printing speed available in the market.

But the buyer should check that the speed of the printer should be uniform and for color printers, it should be at default mode.

5. Warranty

Many branded companies like Brother HL Printer, Canon image Class Printer, HP Laser Printer, and more include the provision of warranty with complete documentation.

The standard warranty for any printer cartridge is 12 months. The warranty assures the buyer with its rights to replace the printer in case of any fault in functioning and usage.

The buyers should check all the valid papers with the relevant information before purchasing.

FAQs for laser printers

Brother HL-L2421D monochrome laser printer has the cheapest toner cartridge. This feature makes it the best affordable printer that is suitable for small businesses and homes.

The main advantage of the laser printer is its high-quality printouts fastest speed and cost-effective factor in the long-run functioning.
The disadvantage of laser printers is that they are a bit more expensive than inkjet printers.
Though the cost of the toner cartridge is expensive when compared to its overall usage, the cost per page is low along with the fast of friends.

Brother laser printers are good for use in the long term with a low running cost. The print quality is excellent and l spectacular. It serves the best for those who require a high volume in printing.

A laser printer lasts for not more than 5 years of its commencement with its full usage. The lifespan of a laser printer depends on its usage but this doesn’t mean that we should not buy these. Laser printers are perfect and excellent for all offices and businesses to use.

Toner cartridges of any laser printer can last for approx. for 2 years with a maximum print output of 2500 to 4000 pages or more. whereas the ink can last up to a few months only.

Which laser printers are the best Under 6000, 7000, 8000, and 10,000?

Of all the above-listed laser printers the best laser printer

  • Under 6000: Pantum P2200
  • Under 7000: Pantum P2500 Laser Printer.
  • Under 8000: The Brother HL-L2321D Laser Printer
  • Under 10,000: HP Laser 108w Printer.

Which is the best laser printer for home use?

The best Laser Printer for home use is Brother HL-L2321D Laser Printer and Canon image CLASS LBP6030B.
The buyer can choose among these as per their needs and requirements.


Laser printers are one of the utmost uses when it comes to the latest technology as it delivers sharp and high-quality prints layout at low cost.

In this full layout, we have clearly explained all the best printers that are available under 6000, 7000, 8000, and 10000 with complete guidelines, features, and specifications.

These printers are specifically preferred for home as well as office use. Not only this, but the above-mentioned printers are also durable and deliver a high-end printing resolution.

These laser printers are much more cost-effective as compared to an inkjet. For any business, the laser printer server is an ideal system that enhances productivity.

Available in multicolor and white and black, one can choose the best which is suitable as per their requirement.

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