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Best Monitor under 20000 inr In India 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Which is the best Monitor now under 20000 in India? What should be the features that are in the Monitor at this price range?

If you are looking for the latest and best monitors under 20000 in India. Then you have come to the perfect article. Here it is important to know that the monitors for photography and gaming have gone up to a whole different level.

There are so many aspects to keep in mind while buying Monitor. Aspects like refresh rate, response time, resolution, advanced technologies, ports etc.

Professional photographers see their needs to gear themselves up with the latest and top features for photography. So they are expanding their needs. They purchase not only the best cameras but also the best monitors for photography.

These Best monitors give perfect images and allow perfect editing suits for photography.

Here gamers are also seeing their needs to boost their gaming experience with high featured Monitor for gaming.

These Monitors have a higher refresh rate, low response time suits for gaming. Those give blur-free and stutter-free gaming experience.

After deep research and comparing all the features, here we are rounded up some excellent LED monitors in your price range, with promise amazing screen resolution, fastest refresh rate, advanced technologies and much more.

So now we discuss all features and specifications of the best monitors in your price range. After you can select and easily buy your best Monitor.

Top 5 Best Monitor Under 20K In India 2020

 Best Monitor Under 20KScreen Size
samsung best monitor under 20000Samsung Curved Bezel Less LEDMonitor27 inch
DELL U2415Dell Ultra Thin Bezel LED Monitor24 inch
LENOVO G27C-10Lenovo Curved Gaming Monitor27 inch, 165 Refresh Rate
HP ELITE DISPLAY E243HP Elite-display IPS Anti Glare Full HD Monitor with Pivot Rotation23.8 inch
LENOVO L27i-28Lenovo FHD IPS Anti Glare Panel Monitor27 inch

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Which are the 5 Best Monitor Under 20000 In India 2020?

1.Samsung LC27F591FD (27 inch Curved Bezel Less LED Backlit Computer Monitor – Full HD)

samsung best monitor under 20000
Samsung LC27F591FD 300x300

You are looking for a monitor for multipurpose usage up to 20000 rupees. Samsung offers an LC27F591FD curved LED Monitor for both office and gaming.

It comes with amazing features. Features like high definition, VA panel, bezel-less design, lower response time, free sync technology and eye saver mode etc.

Those features give full of comfort and wonderful experience while you are working or playing games.


Samsung LC27F591FD has 27 inches (1920×1080) Full HD screen resolution. It is best in class with a 3000:1 contrast ratio and 200nits brightness.

Samsung’s crystal color technology supports a wider range of colors for more vibrant colors and stunningly vivid pictures. This Monitor comes with advanced VA panel technology.

You know that it is a combo of IPS + TN PANEL. With a 3000:1 contrast ratio, it delivers deeper, more uniform blacks from edge to edge. So you can see clearly in even the darkest and brightest scenes.

1800R Curvature

The company provides 1800R greater curvature for a wider field of view. This curvature allows your eyes to track across the entire screen without shifting focus.

It enhances depth perception and minimizing peripheral distractions to draw you deeper into your content.

This deeper curve screen will fully immerse in all your multi-media content. And also, curved screens reduce the eye strain in users compared to viewing a flat-screen.

AMD FREE Sync Technology

AMD Free Sync technology is dynamically synchronized between screen refresh rate and image frame rate. It minimizes stutter or tear and ensures flawlessly smooth gameplay.

This Monitor also enabled with game mode. Its instantly optimizing screen colors and contrast for gaming. That ensures you can see game and action scenes more comfortably.


SAMSUNG LC27F591FD has a 4ms rapid response time. The fastest on-screen movement gives minimal blur, judder and ghosting. The good response time lets you keep up with all the actions.


IN SAMSUNG LC27F591FD front and rear panel curves combine with metallic silver and glossy white finish. That gives a stylish and modern design.

This SAMSUNG monitor has three boundless side design. That gives a frame-free look and enhances the display’s visual appeal.

With a simple circular stand, the Monitor provides stable support and understated elegance.

Eye Safety

Two technologies enabled in this Monitor, especially for most users. First, eye saver mode reduces blue light emissions, which stimulates the retina more than other colors.

It reduces eye fatigue and provides a more comfortable viewing experience. Second, flicker-free technology that minimizes distracting screen flicker.

It helps to work or play for a longer time in greater comfort without any blurring or ghosting.

There are also available stereo speakers for enjoying games, movies or online content without cluttering desktop with auxiliary speakers or cables.

It has a triple connection interface HDMI, DP and D-sub ports. That provides multiple high-performance connections like PCs, game consoles and additional monitors.


  • 27- Inch Very big screen
  • 3000:1 static contrast ratio
  • Response time: 4 ms
  • Stereo speakers

What is final verdict on Samsung LC27F591FD?

SAMSUNG LC27F591FD is a perfect choice for multipurpose usage with 1800R curved display, advanced VA panel and lower response time.

2. Dell U2415 (24 inch Ultra Thin Bezel LED Backlit Computer Monitor, IPS Panel with, HDMI, Display, USB, Audio Out Ports)

DELL U2415
DELL U2415 best monitor under 20000

Enjoy the superior performance with the dell 24-inch ultra-sharp best LED monitor under 20000.

Dell has loaded with premium features. Features like IPS panel, 6ms response time, 76Hz refresh rate, wide viewing angle, bezel-less design etc. Those features give an unbelievable experience without any premium price tag.


DELL U2415 has 24 inch full HD (1920×1080) ultra-sharp resolution. It comes with factory tuned at 99% sRGB coverage.

Dell Monitor gives superb clarity on a large 16:10 aspect ratio and 300nits brightness. This monitor enabled with IPS panel technology.

That gives wonderful color reproduction and enhances 178 degrees wide viewing experience.


DELL U2415 has outstanding usability and connectivity. You can position your monitor to fit the way you work comfortably. Monitor has a full range of tilt, pivot, swivel and height adjustment.

The U2415 provides two HDMI ports, a display port, and a mini display port for easy connections.

The monitor is also VESA – compatible, so you can easily wall mount. It is useful to keep away from children and any damages.


You can take advantage of ultra-thin bezel enabled in this monitor. It helps to boost your productivity with a dual or multi-monitor setup. That allows virtually borderless viewing between monitors.

Eco Comfort

The Dell U2415 meets the latest regulatory and environmental standards. Like ENERGY STAR qualified, EPEAT GOLD4 RATED and TCO certified displays.

The company gives a premium panel guarantee. Even if only one bright pixel is found, the company allows a free panel replacement during the three-year limited hardware warranty.

This monitor has flicker free technology for eye health. It reduces eye strain and gives a blur-free and ghost-free viewing experience.


  • IPS panel
  • Ultra-thin bezel
  • Easy connectivity
  • Response time: 6ms
  • Refresh rate: 75Hz
  • Flicker-free technology
  • VESA mount feature
  • Wide viewing angle

What is final verdict on Dell U2415?

DELL U2415 comes with a stylish look, bezel-less design and IPS panel suits for photographers or editors.


3. Lenovo G27 (Curved Gaming Monitor, 27 inchs VA FHD, 165Hz, 1ms MPRT, AMD FreeSync)

165 HZ LENOVO G27C-10

If you are searching for a curved gaming monitor, especially for gaming purposes, the Lenovo G27C-10 designed for you. It is a fully-featured monitor compare to other monitors in this price range.

It enabled features like VA panel, 165 Hz refresh rate, 1 ms response time, AMD Free sync technology and much more.

Lenovo G27C-10 is so flexible and smooth for the immersive gaming experience.


Lenovo G27C-10 comes with 27 inches full HD (1920×1080) screen with 1500R curvature.

There are so many advantages when you are gaming or working with a 1500R curved screen. Advantages like less distortion, cover a wider field for view and comfortable for eyes.

The maximum brightness of this monitor is 350nits, with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It also attributes your perceived level of immersion with VA panel technology. It is a combo of the (IPS +TN0) panel.

So you can get both advantages of these two panels. It makes your gaming so faster with high graphics resolution. Lenovo G27C-10 supports 163.7 million colors with 8bit color depth.

Refresh Rate

Lenovo G27C-10 delivers a 165Hz higher refresh rate. It is making it easier to keep track of the action. This refresh rate helps to respond faster and gives ultra-smooth gaming experience.

Response Time

LENOVO offers fast 1ms response time is perfect for high-speed games. This fastest response time is some time becomes a game-changer point. You can feel the smoothness and flawless performance in the game.

AMD FREE Sync Technology

These people who are fond of games must have to monitor this technology. AMD free sync technology mainly designed for synchronizing between refresh rate and frame rate. So you get a tear-free and stutter-free gaming experience.


Lenovo gives an amazing design on this monitor. It comes with a three-sided near edgeless design, which gives seamless viewing experience with 1500R curvature.

Lenovo G27C-10 has a low blue light filter and flicker-free technology to take care of your eyes.

Those features help minimize eye strain and fatigue. The Y shape stand gives a classy look on your desk.

So you can adjust the monitor’s height lift 130mm and tilt -5 to 22 degrees. It is useful for your eye and neck comfort.


  • VA panel
  • Refresh rate: 165Hz
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • VESA mount
  • Easy connectivity

What is final verdict on Lenovo G27?

LENOVO G27C-10 comes with a 1500R curvature screen and 165Hz highest refresh rate.

It is a perfect combo for ultimate gaming with a wide focus and smoother performance. Lenovo G27 is the best gaming monitor under 20000.

4. HP Elite-display ( 23.8-inch IPS Anti Glare Full HD Monitor with Pivot Rotation)

HP ELITE DISPLAY E243 best ips monitor under 20000

You are looking for a monitor for your office or productive work under 15000 to 20000. Then experience stunning visuals in an expansive panorama with this HP elite display monitor.

Enabled with amazing features, you can expand your productivity or work comfortably.

Features are given like IPS panel, immersive bezel-less design, low response time, flexible adjustment, convenient connectivity, etc. Those features are attractive to make the perfect monitor for your desk.


HP E243 has 23.8 diagonal full HD (1920×1080) resolution enabled with Modern IPS panel.

You can boost your productivity and get crisp visuals from any angle, even in 178 degrees. So that IPS panel is so good for graphic designers, photographers or engineers.

Monitor has a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 3000 nits brightness. It gives very accurate colors and sharp image quality. The monitor supports up to 16.7 million colors.

Response Time

Response time is a very important specification for ghost-free and blur-free viewing while you are enjoying entertainment, movie, action, sports or gaming.

Here at 5 ms response time, HP e243 gives you a flawless and smoother viewing experience.

Comfortable Adjustment

Height Adjustment: For the eye, shoulder and neck comfort monitor has 150mm height adjustment.

Lower adjustment is better suited for employees who wear bifocal or multifocal lenses. Other side young eyes tend to select higher placement.

Tilt Adjustment: for eye and neck comfort, users can tilt the monitor between -5 to +25 degrees. It helps to eliminate reflected glare and adjust the display for comfortable and clear viewing.

Pivot Adjustment: this monitor enables the head to be rotated 90 degrees into a vertical position.

t is useful to eliminate the need to continue scrolling on vertically oriented programs. You can customize the monitor portrait or landscape as your requirement.

Swivel Adjustment: this monitor allows us to rotate left or right up to -45 to +45 degrees. That helps to comfortably share screen images with others without causing any visual distortion. It makes it so easy to collaborate.


With HP E243, you can easily access various connectivity options with Display port, HDMI port and DVI-D inputs.

You can connect your most frequently displays and devices with a wide range of integrated ports right at the display.


Hp E243 has a three-sided narrow bezel design. That gives a frameless body look and seamless viewing experience.

This E243 monitor comes with a glossy screen surface, which reduces the low haze screen enhancement.

The square design stand gives a classy look on your desk. There is also a wall-mount option for keeping away to children or any damage.


  • IPS panel
  • Response time: 5ms
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Various adjustment features
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Wide viewing angle

What is final verdict on HP Elite-display?

HP ELITE DISPLAY E243 provides a wide range of adjustments like tilt, swivel or pivot features. That gives full of comfortableness of your eyes, neck and shoulders.

5. Lenovo L27i-28 (27-inch FHD IPS Panel Monitor, 75Hz, Anti Glare, 4ms)

LENOVO L27i-28

Lenovo gives another best monitor at this affordable price range. Lenovo L27i-28 is an economical and high performance LED monitor.

It gives full comfort and specially created to cater to your entertainment needs.

There are unbelievable features that boost your productivity in the monitor. Features are provided like IPS panel, 75Hz refresh rate, 4ms response time, AMD free sync technology, easy connectivity, etc.

That features give excellent performance and elevate your gaming experience.


Lenovo L27i-28 comes with 27 inches Full HD(1920X1080) resolution. That gives perfect visual clarity. With advanced IPS panel technology monitor gives wonderful color reproduction and sharp image quality.

The 178 degrees wide viewing angle enables maximum viewing experience without any color distortion.

AMD FREE sync Technology

AMD Free sync technology helps to adjust between frame rate and refresh rate. It minimizes motion blur and eliminates streaking and ghosting.

You can enjoy a so smooth and immersive viewing experience.

Response Time

The 4ms response time is very good for IPS panel monitors. If you are a purchase monitor for doing productive work or entertainment purposes, this response time is perfect.

You can see faster actions without any interruption.


Lenovo L27i-28 delivers an edgeless design that gives a borderless look. Monitor has a circular stand that gives a classy look.

Lenovo has a quick-release tilt feature so you can set up your monitor easily. The monitor has eye comfort certification by TUV that removes eye strain.

No matter which angle you are looking from the monitor.


The monitor is along with VGA AND HDMI supports. So, you can easily connect your high standard devices.


  • IPS panel
  • Refresh rate: 4ms
  • Response time: 75 Hz
  • Wide viewing angle
  • AMD Free sync technology
  • Easy connectivity

What is final verdict on Lenovo L27i-28?

LENOVO L27i-28 delivers modern border-less design, IPS panel technology and 75Hz refresh rate. It gives an immersive performance in your productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best monitor under INR 20000?

There are many monitors available under the 20000 budget. Many brands like Samsung, LG, Dell and Acer have launched their monitor in this budget. You can consider these brands and choose to monitor for your purpose.

Which is the best Monitor for Programming & Coding?

For the programming and coding, you need a widescreen monitor. Samsung is the right choice in this price range. It has a beautiful widescreen with the right specification. Also, Samsung is a reputed brand in electronics.

What is the best gaming 27″ monitor under Rs. 20,000?

Lenovo G27 is a perfect choice for the gaming monitor under 20000. The Monitor offers an excellent 165 Hz refresh rate which is useful in a gaming monitor. Also, it has a lower response time which is useful in gaming.

Which company makes the best monitors?

There are many company makes best monitors like Samsung, LG, Dell, Lenovo and HP.


So we hope this article is helpful for your computer choice. All the monitors described above are great as per their features and brand value. But here you have to purchase one monitor, right?

The list down about which types of features you need. For example, if you are a photographer or editor, then IPS panel monitors are good.

But if you are gamer and editor, then VA panel monitors are better for you.

For gamers also refresh rate and response time are very vital specifications to good performance in gaming.

Each monitor is something different in its way. You can buy any of these as per your requirement without any hesitation.

We say with confidence that they will not let you down in your performance.

Now that you know all the specifications, you must be clear that which monitor is right for you. So buy your favorite monitor from the link we provided above.

If you have faced any problem to choose your best monitor under 2000, just comment here. I take an interest and helping you to select your best monitor. THANK YOU.

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