HP Elite Display E243p Unboxing Review

Does your modern office fee need a modern screen? I’m with James Hilliard Connection and HP. The new Elite II display, 243 Peak, gives you style and security. Let’s unpack it well. Now we have some key components to show the stand power cord and some connectors are very easy to find.

It happened. We have three pegs, and you’re good to go, so now we’ve got a display plugin and we’ll report it. Here are some features. First, take a look at this super thin bezel, now imagine that two of these devices move their documents from side to side.

HP Elite Display E243p Unboxing Review

In fact, a good user experience here is all about safety. There is a built-in privacy screen named HP. Of course when I move the screen here at an angle I can also see content like yours, but if I have personal data here, I don’t want anyone, open desktop environment, well, easy to see.

Click the button here and now, people above the shoulder corner, can’t see this scene fighting the idea of ​​hacking. So the display here includes a very cool feature.

As you can see this screen is very easy to handle, you can take it if you want to bend it to see it better. Work by standing for a while and you can also raise it from above.

It all switches to image mode, which is very easy to do. Also, when we see a few or more inputs here, there is a USB port on the back to connect to the monitor. Well, we have modern forms.

We have a display port and we have HDMI. If you connect to an older machine using VGA, you can do this too, HP is an elite display, E-E3P! More info if you wish.