Lenovo G32QC Ultimate Gaming Monitor Review

My name is Gaurang. If this is your first time here, welcome and welcome if you come back. Today we will take a look at Lenovo G32QC.

This is a monitor I bought recently. I have about a week. I bought it in town for 279, so here it is. A great budget monitor for gaming. We’ll do a review today, we’ll see what my experience was like last week and what remains to be seen.

Lenovo G32QC Ultimate Gaming Monitor Review

This is a Lenovo G32QC and not a Gigabyte G32QC, which we also have that we haven’t unboxed yet, but hey, we’ll check that out too, but let’s take a look at Lenovo now, because there’s so much on the internet Didn’t know about the panel, just wanted to access fast specs for you.

It measures 32 inches, its refresh rate is 144 Hz. 1440 Pooh, i.e.. V type panel, so the contrast ratio would be great, alas. It’s curved, it’s 32 inches long, and it’s curved. It’s a 1500 r turn, which is really a pretty epic turn, oh, when you’re sitting at your desk and you’re really close to the normal distance.

What is ours? Very wonderful experience, which is wonderful. It has a brightness ratio of 350 350 n and a ratio of 1 to nine aspects of 16 nits. Let’s get into hardware. So b first x comes first: it’s a thick b box x, that’s right.

It’s too big. I had to use a car, it was out of town. However, it was very well packaged and unfortunately I have already opened the bx because I have been using it for about a week now.

So I don’t have an unboxing record but a. I don’t even use the holder that comes with it because I have a dual battery. The Vesa mounting bracket I use. However, I checked the stand. It’s big enough and the stand is good, it can be tilted and it can go up and down horizontally up and down, it’s better than nothing.

It can go up and down, eh. However, that will not change. So if you are looking for a moving ratio, you probably need to buy a drink. If you want to do this, you have to buy with this monitor or it does not happen.

Fix it, but okay, get it out of the box. It’s really good build quality, alas. It’s all plastic, it has a single control button. It has 1.2 display ports, HDMI port, 2.0 port and power cable.

Your standard power cord, which is good because if you’re like me and your desk where your outlet is, you can use one of the 12 power cords that come with it.

And it’s for connectivity, it doesn’t have a USB port or anything like that. So if you are looking for a monitor that has a USB hub, this is not the case. It’s a simple monitor, if any.

Going for the big screen that allows the game to be played on the panel is a nice matte finish, it significantly reduces glare. I think I would be happy to do it in a properly bright room.

I can’t speak to it exactly because I have a very dark room because there are no windows here, but I think it works very well. My computer could immediately recognize the monitor when I connected it using the display port and went there too, to rotate it and convert it to 144 Hz in Windows.

The default is 60 Hz Basically it is compatible with AMD FreeSync Premium UH. So oh nice, my Radeon RX570 had no problem getting free sync uh we had gaming sessions. I played horizontal power.

I’ve played ge gear. I’ve done a flight simulator, oh, the other RPG I play and I’ll tell you the experience of being inches inches by your face. The turn is nice, oh.

What is ours? Surely a good experience reminds me of that old school where you were, you know, sitting in front of your 20 inch room. So close, except for his crest, he wrapped himself around her, which made him very impressive.

So who is this monitor for? I would say it’s in the order of less than 300 budgets, and it is. If you’re looking for a big screen, PC gaming experience, I’d say this is probably the best bet you’ve ever made.

For less than 300 lbs you can spend another 50-100 and get an option like uh gigabyte, uh g uh, called gigabyte 32 qc om, which is currently sold at 30 30 on Amazon Amazon East. I think, but it was 279 and if you live near a city you can pick it up yourself and they have a return policy.

So you don’t have to worry about shipping damage and I’ll compare the two to see the differences. I know there is. There are a few strange differences between them, but I would say 279. Nonsense I’m totally

Ithrough this monitor, so who is it? If you’re looking for a next-gen console gaming experience, HDMI is not 2.1. It will be able to do 4k 120fps. However, for the money you get 4 or 60.

You should confirm the PS5 yet on the Xbox 14 series at 100 1440p 120Hz but we know for sure that the xbox xys series they will support 1440p 120Hz which I think will see this.

Be quiet because honestly the difference between 4k and 1440p, when you sit down you know it is two feet apart. I mean there’s a slit, a little difference, but hey. I think it is. It will be a performance sweet spot and let’s be honest in next-gen console games, at least not immediately, a lot.

Get will run at 4k, 120, fps, um, or 8k. Also, uh. I think if you are looking for a suitable option right now and live near a city or you can find it online.

Find is hard to find online, but I would definitely recommend it. One last thing, I don’t have any calibration software. However, take a closer look and as I said, there really is no review for this monitor that looks at these things.

But I have an Asus Proart Monitor um, calibrated by Callman, and I think that’s ok. Next to this Lenovo, I can say that if there is a slight difference in some colors, it looks good to the naked eye.

Yes, if you’re looking for graphics and things like that, I don’t have one, but I can tell you that it looks good. The only thing in terms of image quality is that I am not one. You know it’s 100% hit, and you will.

If you read the Microsoft review micro .ft, if you read the micro center review, you will see. Part, the little ghosts and, uh, and in the game or have black spots or hardware.

You know that Nigas runs fast in Uh. However, unless you are really looking for it. You will not pay attention. Oh really. At least not for me. I played Ger5 for about two hours to find out.

Experience, and I was, you know, sitting here in a dark room playing games and I wasn’t. It was a great experience. It was cool. I have no complaints about that so uh feedback rate is great uh refresh rate uh frensk works great so I would say for 279 you can probably buy the best you’re. .

If you’re on a budget, but looking for a good panel for PC gaming or the next-gen console, you can spend 50-100 more and get a little more. Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known as a gigabyte, with a lot of reviews, for example, just a calibration profile. With that uh

no more than that, but ah. Looks like I have a nice panel and I’m enjoying the experience so we’ll stick around and want to thank those who finished our videos for dropping by today.

We hope you find this video helpful. This is my second video, uh. Consider becoming and becoming my first client to start making as many videos as possible. That would be great, oh.

Something too big for me, so thanks for visiting. Hope this review will help you, oh, and hopefully if you’ve seen this monitor on uh. Hopefully if you have seen this monitor in the micro center and are curious what it was, what it was like.

Hope this helps you and you have a great night until next time.