Samsung Gaming Monitor (LS24R350FHXXL) Detailed review

Hello everyone and welcome to I have a great low budget gaming product from Samsung.

Monitor, so the model number we used here is LS24R350FHXXL, so let’s take a closer look at it.

Samsung Gaming Monitor (LS24R350FHXXL)

There are two models available in the 24-inch variant, the main difference or just the lower chin bezel. I have balance. Is everything the same? Let’s start unpacking now.

Overview of the Samsung LS24R350FHXXL

Open OpenX. We have HDMI cable, previously Samsung only included VGA cable. This time they have been upgraded to HDMI which is good. So we have a power adapter right now. They have also changed power.

The adapter looks like this. The design is awesome. The power cord look in this power adapter is awesome, small and compact. Next we have a clip for cable management. Yes, clip, let’s go. Go to the bass stand.

It is made entirely of plastic under the flesh. Place the aluminum bracket for monitor stability, here is the main bracket, so we need to fix the center bracket to the base. Take the monitor, we will put the brackets, it looks like the brackets will be closest to mount the monitor.

So here we have the user guide and the screw that I forgot to get out of the box. So we have a user menu with stickers for identification purposes. I think we have two fists. Let’s connect it well, after an open connection it looks like this.

Samsung LS24R350FHXXL cable management

At the bottom we have space for cable management, so you can connect it. Your cable runs over it, so we can see that there is a mammoth stand on the wall of this monitor. So after the service is finished, the monitor will look like this. It is also tilted vert so no, not horizontally tilted, so it has maximum political edge.

As I have shown in this article, there is no other option to tilt any type of monitor adjustment. So you can see that all three sides are rough. You are one of the main features of this monitor.

So three sides is the safest sign. The size of the monitor is superb, as you can see from the clothes. The footprint of our monitor is very thin in design so it looks great. The hardware usually looks like a monitor, an incredible monitor I’ve never seen.

As you can see the monitor above can be more hilly so I said it is in Devon. Let’s look at the ports we have left. We have a power button and a control button, all in the style of a joystick.

we have an HDMI port

So we have an HDMI port, then a VGA port and a potential. No 3.5mm jack or any other port is available here. As I said before, we have four voices for Marmont, so that’s it. What we find in this monitor is let me connect the HDMI cable to the monitor and let it connect to the power supply.

Samsung LS24R350FHXXL HDMI port and cable

Another key feature of this monitor is the update of 75 ads. It comes with a five millisecond response time, so it can be detached from a maximum of 283 Hz I have this 283 monitor or you can see so you can hit it from 83 seats.

I have been using this monitor for over 30 days so I am aware of the pros and cons. Now let me start with the things I like. This English instructor. First of all, the first big disappointment is the black layer.

So don’t get me wrong, black layers are sometimes good. Sometimes it will be below average. As you can see, I also play Red Trick. So a big dark scene would be nice when you look directly at the dark screen.

Only when you move your head to the left or to the right can you change color. Sometimes as you can see the color changes due to low light. This problem occurs.

I think. So let’s try now. Black level and find out if it’s the best. Now I check the black level to keep the background white. As you can see the black layer is good. There are no black stripes on this white dot, so there is no such thing as backlight leakage or management or power.

colors and diagnose of this monitor

Anyway, let’s find the colors and diagnose this monitor. As you can see, there are no more such dead pixels. You can test all monitors like monitors, especially Samsung. You can test all monitors this way.

In both cases there is a complete digestive tract. So if I have to remove the HDMI cable to display the backlight trim. Now that I have removed the HDMI cable, you can see the top. There is very little bleeding, but more bleeding, as my friend showed at the time.

You can get a replacement from Samsung, which has a three year warranty on this panel. So there is nothing. There is no backlist meeting to be exact ii, especially the disappointment from this number four on this monitor.

After the change of HDMI, cable and power adapter I slowly hid the port after Samsung, but unfortunately nothing was 4/6 number. Ah, we only have one HDMI port, one VGA port.

There is no mm display port or additional HDMI port available on this monitor. Everything about protest. Now let’s go. The things I do out loud on this monitor are, first of all, in favor of the same level of dark black.

As you can see here the black layer is pretty good. The overall black layer on these seats is pretty good as you can see that the number 2 divides the weave angle. The wide angle of movement is good. There are no complaints for the normal brightness of 30 percent, so it goes beyond 30.

When it is below 15 you can change the color due to the backlight already present on the IPS panel. I have this problem. I imagine this is the IPS panel, hence the number three, panel type and refresh rate, so Samsung uses one of the best panels here which is IPS and LED backlight.

It comes with 75 Hz, free refresh rate and response time. Overall, the monitor is now a floor mat. The finish will distort some of the backlights as in general, the best panel that Samsung uses makes it to number four.

We have excellent color and vitality. The colors here are very striking, as you can see. I’ll add a few more days of monitor quality, which you can check, so that’s it.

AMD Freesync of this monitor

Everything on the monitor we have AMD Freesync when it comes to gaming. Monitors on Northern Earth can range from 75 to 83 on Earth, so this will not affect the performance or life of the monitor. You can easily overclock using your graphics settings so you can instantly play your game at 75fps, that’s great.

I think it is. Everything on the monitor here is the bottom row for that monitor. Who can use this monitor? For example, peaceful lovers are Xbox lovers, etc. Therefore, the monitor comes with a standard HDMI port.

So tomorrow when you connect the HDMI cable, you will be able to watch TV on this monitor. You can connect to PS4, Xbox, Fire TV, etc., as it comes with a standard HDMI port. You can use it to view everything as it supports HDMI, an external device that is important for gamers.


It has a 75 year interval in Phi M response time, so it has free sync. So if you have AMD chips or you can use it for an experience without Flickr, you can use it, you can crop this monitor.

283 years maximum, you can overclock your monitor if you want, so it supports a maximum of 83 years. However, I have been using this 83 Hz monitor for 20 days, I have not encountered any problem, so it is also very good for cinephiles, because the colors, which are very strong, so the basal assistant will definitely like this monitor.

This monitor makes you feel tall and tall because it is 24 inches tall. It looks 25 or 25 inches, so I would not recommend this monitor to the editors, because if you are more curious about the colors of this monitor, which has 72% NTSC color gamut, no, because after that, this monitor is 100% color calibrated. No.

If you are more curious about colors, I do not suggest you buy this monitor. However, if I am a movie lover for game lovers, they may appreciate this monitor.

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