Best Soundbar Under 20000

If you want to enhance your TV sound quality then the soundbar could be the best choice as per its convenience in setup and affordability. It could be an extra expense but not so much as compared to a multi-speaker system or home theatre system.

The soundbar enables you to experience the high-quality sound effect in watching movies or TV shows. Soundbars are easy to connect to your TV with the support of wireless connectivity like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.

Many soundbars support the latest audio technology of Dolby Atmos, which produces an alluring high-quality sound proving it an ultimate experience.

The soundbar is relatively small and can be easily placed than other systems. The soundbar makes the sound of the dialogue so crystal clear that it could be heard easily even when there is whispered sound.

So, here you will find the Best Soundbar Under 20,000 with detailed information including the features, pros, and cons. It will help you to coordinate your purchase effectively and worth money.

Best Soundbar Under 20000 in india

List Of Top Soundbar in India Under 20000.

1. Sony HT-S20R 5.1 Soundbar Review

Sony 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar Home

Sony HT-S20R Soundbar is an Ultimate Soundbar for all the entertainment lover people that offers a high quality of sound with its excellent productivity and facet.

It is a transformer soundbar with a breath-taking output of a maximum RMS of 1000w to ensure top-quality sound eliminating all the useless sounds.

Not only this, the Soundbar is inbuilt with a configuration of 5.1 channel which enumerates its output. The best part of the soundbar is that the user can comfortably connect to their device utilizing Bluetooth and NFC with one touch.

The Sound Bar is cropped up with the Dolby Digital surround systems that generate a high quality of sound and can be heard from all the corners of the room.

This feature makes the soundbar more allure and appealing. The soundbar is embedded with an 18cm huge subwoofer that guarantees to provide the exclusive quality of the bars.

The Sound Bar with 5 speakers and a subwoofer looks more appealing and desirable for all music enthusiasts that provide superior sound output under 200000 which is remarkable.


  • Accessible and Simple In Connection with HDMI ARC
  • 400W Power Output that Provides a stirring environment in movies.
  • External subwoofer functions with a 3 ch soundbar to give ultra-dynamic and cinematic sound.


  • Support up to 3.5mm Jack.
  • Inbuilt subwoofer
  • Bluetooth and USB Connectivity
  • Rear Speakers
  • Value For Money


  • Expensive

2. Samsung Soundbar HW-R450 Review

Samsung Soundbar 200W 2.1Ch Review

Samsung Soundbar HW-R450 enables users to enjoy and experience the ultimate powerful sound and deep bass with the inbuilt wireless subwoofer.

With its 200 watts, the soundbar with its subwoofer allows you to hear all the distant thunder and earth-shattering sounds along with the movement of air.

The sound mode of the soundbar automatically analyses the text and optimizes the setting of the sound to deliver it one of the best while you are in a game mode.

The soundbar features a unique setting to increase the game sound effect that would help you in more glorious victories.

The best of the Samsung soundbar is that it works seamlessly with the Samsung TV and it makes it possible to control the TV and the soundbar with one Samsung remote.

The wireless surround kit is sold separately as an addition to increase the sound effect and turn it into a home theatre system with a soundbar and subwoofer along with a frequency of 43HZ to 29KHZ.

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Features :

  • The soundbar easily connects to your TV through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • reduces the stress of wires enables to experience truly surrounded remarkable sound quality
  • surround sound speakers.


  • Wireless Subwoofer
  • Powerful Bass
  • Delivers top-quality sound effect.
  • Wireless Connection uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


  • It connects to a 2.1 channel.

3. Zebronics Zeb-Juke Bar 9400 Pro SoundBar Review

Zebronics Zeb-Juke Bar 9400 Pro Dolby 5.1 soundbar review

Zebronics Zeb Juke Bar 9400 Pro Dolby Digital 5.1 comes with a wall-mountable for optimum positioning for the users.

Its Versatile features and multi-driver setup make it possible for the sound to flow in all directions across the room and provides an outstanding audio experience.

The stylish and stunning style of the soundbar easily merges with the atmosphere of the room and fits around any space.

The Dolby Digital soundbar is inbuilt with a 15.5 subwoofer and rear speaker to give an ultimate sound effect with a frequency of 45hz-20Khz.

The soundbar is embedded with the multi-connectivity options that allow connecting the device with USB, AUX, HDMI.

The LED display of the 5.1 channel soundbar makes it possible to control media plus volume.

The Dolby Digital soundbar gives an alluring surround sound and excellent audio to allow you to game with more accurate positional for superior gaming.

The Dolby Digital Plus allows you to hear the dialogue with detailed clarity, optimized audio quality, and surround sound.

Features :

  • 525W RMS Output, a powerful subwoofer with 16.5cm driver and rear speaker to provide a loud bass
  • Dolby Digital Plus soundbar, to experience the best quality sound effect
  • Easy Connectivity options like USB, AUX, HDMI(ARC) as per your requirements
  • Enjoy the cinematic surround sound with impressive audio.


  • Crystal clear audio
  • 5.1 surround sound with subwoofer
  • optimized audio quality
  • can be easily mounted on a wall
  • multi-connectivity
  • rear speakers


  • No batteries included

4. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Review

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System Review

Bose Solo 5TV Is among the top leading brands that have gained popularity within a short period the excellent quality soundbar, alluring presentation, and affordability have made it possible for all the common people to fit in their budget and be entertained by it.

The easy accessibility and connectivity of the soundbar with your TV set not only allows the user to enjoy every bit of sound beat but also retain the sound clarity of each word as it functions with the use of a hi-tech dialogue box.

The one-piece style of the soundbar makes it exceptionally attractive and easily fit in within the space. The inbuilt subwoofers have resistance up to 60 HMS and are attached to the power code.

The soundbar is backed up with Bluetooth mechanization that permits the user to connect easily and enjoy their best-loved songs or music without any difficulty.

The Bluetooth connection, Blue-ray hit and all the gaming needs are easily directed by users with the inbuilt universal control system of the soundbar.


  • High-quality amazing sound performance
  • easily connect with the device with Bluetooth to enhance your enjoyment
  • complete wireless and compact design
  • easily adjust in all the space


  • Stupandable audio sound quality
  • Impressive base
  • inbuilt subwoofer to boost Bass
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • the best quality of soundbar


  • expensive
  • do not support HDMI port and USB port.

5. Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 9001 PRO Soundbar Review

Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 9001 PRO soundbar review

Zebronics Zeb Juke Bar 9001 Pro (Asin) Is an Ultimate Sound Bar that gives you a theatre-like high-quality experience along with its Dolby Digital Plus Sound Effect.

The Soundbar is capable of bringing out brilliant audio clarity with its high constancy output at 12sRMS and 16.5cm inbuilt powerful subwoofer.

The Multi driver and versatile setup as a wall-mountable enables the unbounded positioning and also ensures the proper flow of sound in all directions of the room.

A powerful and stunning soundbar with aa120RMS output and inbuilt 16.5cm subwoofer that allows to drive out a loud bass. Due to its multi-connectivity feature, the soundbar serves as a value-packed for its users.

Feature :

  • Multi connectivity with wireless streaming that includes USB, AUX, HDMI (ARC).
  • Digital Plus sound with a LED display
  • High-quality subwoofers sound with a frequency of 45Hz – 20 KHz
  • subwoofer with a power output of 60 volts
  • sleek and stylish design with a theatre-like experience.


  • Dolby Digital Plus sound
  • Inbuilt powerful subwoofers
  • wall mountable
  • LED display for volume / media control
  • ultimate sound clarity
  • 120W Multimedia Sound Bar.


  • Little expensive

6. Samsung T45E 2.1 Soundbar Review

Samsung 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer review

Samsung T45BE 2.1 Soundbar is inbuilt with a 6.5-inch subwoofer that allows you to experience the strength of the sturdy intense base when you edge to the full range of sound.

The Soundbar is much more compatible with the Samsung TV to a particular range.

Makes you free from the various remote controls as all the control of the soundbar like power, volume, sound effects keys works within the same Samsung TV remote.
Note: there may be some differences between the TV model and region.

The Soundbar automatically scans the sound of the specific content and upgrades the soundtrack according to the surroundings.

The soundbar provides sound clarity for advanced TV screening. whether it is loud sport, drama, or some low sound dialogue, which makes it one of the best soundbars.

Not only this, the Soundbar auto connects to examine the sound of the game playing and with its crosstalk removal technology cancels all the distracting sounds to provide an amazing sound effect of clear audio from the correct direction.

The soundbar easily connects the TV with its Bluetooth to enjoy the music and quality sound.


  • Includes a subwoofer
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 2.1 channel surround sound
  • compatible remote control


  • No HDMI port

7. BLACK ZONE X1 Boom Soundbar Review

BLACKZONE X1 Boom, 24W Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker review

Black Zone X 1BOOM stands as an excellent soundbar that enables you to enjoy and experience the ultimate powerful sound.

The amazing soundbar speaker has 10 hours of playtime and a 24W Bluetooth speaker that easily permits the user to connect and enjoy songs.

Its versatile features and inbuilt 4 speaker drivers make it possible for the crystal clear sound that goes in all directions.

Not only this, the amazing soundbar has a 2400 MAH battery with an inbuilt subwoofer which lasts 10 hours long without any interruptions.

It also easily connects with USB flash disc, wireless, radio, AUX and gives optimized crystal clear audio quality.


  • 24 volt Bluetooth Sound Bar speaker
  • inbuilt with 4 speaker drivers
  • noise cancellation, metallic slider
  • true portability speaker
  • Speaker with 10 hours of playtime
  • easily connect with USB, flash disk, wireless FM radio, Aux, TF card
  • inbuilt Subwoofer


  • Enhanced Bass
  • 10hrs playtime
  • compact portable and robust speaker
  • amazing sound can be paired with all phones having Bluetooth features.
  • 2400 MAH battery


Buying Guide : Things to be consider while Buying Soundbar

There are some important points and steps one should consider before selecting the best brand to purchase the soundbar with all the features and worth money.

1. Connectivity

This is the foremost point to be considered. It is better to have more connectivity options which include :

  • HDMI Arc

The audio return channel of your TV is to be connected with the soundbar. It is the easiest way of connection and is used for Sound Bar with multi-channels.

  • Bluetooth

The Sound Bar with Bluetooth connectivity could connect to your smartphones and transmit sound from the TV for music and videos.

  • Wi-Fi

The soundbars that are Wi-Fi enabled can be connected to the internal network connection of a home or office.

2. Placement

One should keep in mind the position or the place where the soundbars have to be placed. The sound bass comes with a variety of shapes that are particularly meant for small, medium, or large rooms.

Thus, according to the placement of the soundbar one should buy the best suitable brand.

3. Channels

Before buying the Soundbar, one should check the number of channels in a soundbar. The best and ultimate Soundbar consists of 5.1 right channels, left, Centre, rear right, and rear left.

Likewise, there are two-channel soundbars right are light and 3 channel soundbars (right, left, and center). The user according to its needs should opt for the best suitable soundbar.

4. Passive or Active Soundbar

This is an important point to be considered. The Soundbar is of two types:

  • Active soundbars

These are built with an amplifier and do not need any additional components. These easily fit in one’s pocket and they are quite affordable.

  • Passive soundbars

These are not built with any amplifier and the user has to buy an additional unit of it to increase the quality of sound. These add an extra cost and it’s quite expensive.

5. Size and Design

The design of the soundbar should be of top-grade quality inbuilt with the slim model technology so that it looks elegant when placed by the side of the TV.

Also, the size of the soundbar should be perfect and accurate to be placed or mounted on a wall.


The soundbar with its wireless connectivity is clean and easy to install as compared to a home theatre system. The soundbar is inbuilt with a subwoofer that requires no or minimal wiring and delivers high-quality sound performance. Soundbar gives out an outstanding quality audio sound effect. The sleek stunning and compact design of the soundbar can easily fit in all places around the room.

Yes, We need a subwoofer in a soundbar. The best subwoofer enhances the audio quality in the best distinctive and appreciable way. The subwoofer works unusually well with the music and fits in one budget.

The best soundbar should have maximum sound output, multiple connectivities, and budget-friendly. Most sounds have an inbuilt subwoofer to enhance the audio quality but the best among are Sony, Philips Samsung, and more

The size of the soundbar depends on the width of the TV that is to be placed with it. It is not necessary to buy a soundbar with the exact size of your TV.
It could be smaller or bigger.
It should be noted that if you buy soundbars too small in size, the quality of sound effect may not be the best, then you may not experience the best quality of sound effect as you desire for your TV

As per the latest ranking, the best soundbar under 20000 is SONY HT-RT 35.1. which is quite expensive but the user can also consider Samsung or soundbars
which only offers the best sound quality and easily fits in one budget.

A 2.1 Soundbar includes a left and right channel and 3.1 soundbar consists of left right and center as well as a subwoofer. There is a difference in the quality of sound effects in 3.1 which is due to the center channel that gives enhanced clarity of vocal dialogue and is also bigger than 2.1 soundbars.

Dolby Atmos produces 3D audio sound that makes you experience amazing sound performance and unparalleled audio quality. The best Dolby Atmos is Sony Dolby Atmos, Samsung Bluetooth soundbar with Dolby Atmos, and more


At last, to experience the excellent sound quality while screening your favorite movie or TV shows, then it’s high time to have the best soundbar that is perfect to be paired with the device and experience the impressive high-quality audio and enjoy it to the fullest.

A Soundbar that supports Bluetooth connectivity could be less in price but the user can face problems in connection options.

We highly recommend buying a future model Soundbar with the advanced model features of connectivity like HDMI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth to enjoy the ultimate sound quality without any problem in connection.

We have a list of the Best Soundbars Under 20000 in India. This article would serve you the best in choosing the best soundbar according to your requirements or which is perfect for your place.

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