Brother hl-l2350dw mono laser printer review

Brother hl-l2350dw mono laser printer review

We’ll be reviewing the brother hl-l2350dw mono laser printer, a compact laser printer that works well for home and small business. So here we’re looking at the two three five zero wireless version.

As a result, this printer will have a wireless configuration. In addition to this, I’ll also be reviewing the printer completely.

Then, after we’ve made an opening, let’s see what’s inside. Your first encounter will be the QuickStart Guide. The articles shown here are meant to guide you from start to finish.

Therefore, hopefully you will not need this. Nevertheless, it is here if you need. To pull these pieces of foam from the printer, we need to remove it from the box and put it on a flat surface.

In the middle is this foil pack. It’s most likely the toner. Having said that, let’s move on. The time to make it is approaching quickly. That’s the next point. There’s also another piece of foam, tucked into the bottom.

Put a little pressure on the foam and pull it gently upward. In actuality, there are two pieces of foam. Everything is in one piece. It’s actually made of two pieces. As well as the first piece in you, the second also flattened.

Let me pull the actual print out of the box now that all that has been accomplished.

To achieve that, you just have to tip the box on its side so that it makes it easier to pull it out. Once that’s been done, just take the plastic bag from within the box and gently pull it out onto a flat surface.

At the bottom of the box, you’ll find one more thing. Or at least, it was there when I looked.

What’s in this box? Are there any CDs included? It’s hard to believe that anyone uses CDs anymore, however you have the CD with you if you need it, along with all sorts of good stuff, so let’s get this printer out of its plastic cover and set it up.

It is critical to remove the tape backing from the printer before starting the printing process. Once this is done, you can set up the printer itself.

Let me just warn you about this quick setup guide I spoke of earlier. It is the worst quick setup guide I have ever encountered.

This QuickStart guide is quite confusing and skips so many steps and does not offer any real help. I would say it is really not recommended to follow these guidelines.

So we’re going to start with removing these pieces of blue packing tape first, so let’s remove them to get a good view of the printer.

The other piece is being taped over here, so you have to actually open the compartment and the front compartment to remove it.

The compartment can be closed, and we’ll discuss that in a moment. There is another tape on the output tray as well.

That’s a piece of cake, and now you can install the toner.

Toner comes packaged in plastic, so peel open the package, grab the toner and pull it out.

And we will need to remove the orange plastic piece so that we can prepare it for installation. That is by pulling the bottom end gently and separating the two ends, and then removing the second one. It is then done.

Now let’s install the toner inside the printer. We’ll need to unscrew the front cap to open the compartment, and pull it forward until it is fully extruded.

Toner must be installed in a way where the brother’s logo is in the center of toner and the sticker should face outwards so we will insert it that way.

It’s now installed. Close the compartment. Now you can drop it into the printer with the brother logo facing upward. Press it in and wait for a click to complete the installation.

The paper trail should be removed, so let’s reposition the vertical paper gates, so we can write some papers in the machine.

I am moving them to the outermost position so they fit letter sized paper.

The rest of the paper can go into the paper trail now as long as it’s seated correctly. Now I am loading letter size paper, but you can load four-inch by eight-inch paper also.

We should place the paper into the tray and place it back into the printer with the tray closed (which we will do). We can now plug it in at an electrical outlet, and we will do so.

Press the power button to start the printer, and it turns on and doesn’t take long to initialize. Here’s the Ready message you’ll see as soon as it’s ready.

Currently, the printer is only available to connect directly to one computer using a USB cable, what this means is you can connect it to your computer just using a USB cable that isn’t provided with the printer.

The next step will be yours after you complete the next one.

You will need to do a small amount of wireless setup on the printer itself if you will be using it wirelessly, but don’t skip it due to the fact that this is a wireless printer.

Navigating through the menu using the up and down keys is the only way you can get to this point. When you reach that point, you’ll click OK and hit OK again.

Next, you’ll need to scroll to the setup wizard again with the mouse, okay, and then hit the down arrow to enable the wireless, which you’ll turn on once you see the screen below.

Now that I have enabled Wi-Fi, you may see the Wi-Fi light flashing green and you may now be scrolling through numerous available networks slowly, just like it used to be in the early 1990s.

In order to find your network, use the up and down arrows to browse the available networks.

Until I find the letters, I will keep hitting the up and down arrows until I find mine. In my case, it is a vortex. Once I press OK, this button will become your network key.

Please be patient and push the OK button when you select the letter. So, after typing in the first letter, let’s move on to the second letter and your full password.

When prompted for settings, you need to press the button to say yes. Then the wireless network is connected.

Hit OK again to connect to your phone, and press back again until you see your home screen in some cases, which would say sleep.

We can observe if the wi fi light stays lit, indicating that a good connection has been established. And that’s basically it for printer setup.

For desktop computers and Macs, I can show you how to set this up. But if you have any mobile devices such as a phone or a tablet, then you do not need to do any setup.

You can print to a printer from either a tablet or phone if they are connected to the same network as your phone. Basically, no setup required.

But Windows and Mac both have standard setup procedures, so let’s proceed with Windows first.

Using Windows eight for this example or Windows 10, your computer’s operating system. Starting with the settings home page, you click on the start menu, then scroll up until you see the settings option, then click on settings.

To locate a printers and scanners option, you need to click on the “Devices” tab.

Whenever you click that option, you’ll get an option to add a printer and/or a scanner through ‘Add a Printer or Scanner’.

This is the Wi-Fi network that is connected to your home. Within that network, there is a brother HL-3235W that I would like to connect.
It would take a few seconds to configure and install the appropriate drivers for the printer after you click that, then add the device.

Then you print it – whether it’s a word document, a pdf, or from a web browser – and it says it’s ready.

All you have to do is click on the System Preferences icon on the Mac desktop and you will see the printer listed there.

In my Documents, this icon does not appear, but you can find it in your LaunchPad if you’re not using it already. Select System Preferences on your LaunchPad.

And this drops down your system preferences window. Look for the printer and scanner icons there, then select the printer and scanner button on the left side of the window.

You need to click the little plus sign beneath the printer or scanner image on the left side of the screen to add a printer or scanner.

The Mac will automatically discover all devices connected to its Wi-Fi network at your home the moment you open this window.

This particular printer is the brother HL-D2-35-0DWC series. Do you want to click on that? That brings up the printer displayed. No further changes are needed on this page.

Leave the default settings in place. Finally, click the “Add” button at the bottom right hand corner of your screen and the printer will be installed, and it will not take long.

Upon your computer detecting the printer, you will notice that it is added to your available printers list. After this you should be ready to go.

Using your printer is now simple and you can print from any application. If you can’t print from your printer, install the software on your computer to get started.

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