ASUS VA325H 31.5-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

ASUS VA325H 31.5-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor
ASUS VA325H 31.5-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Detailed Review of ASUS VA325H

If you are searching here and there for a new monitor with a bigger display. That enhances your gaming and movie experiences then you have landed on the right page. You will get all the information regarding the new monitor.

I will suggest you buy the Asus VA325h. If you tired of watching videos and playing games on a smaller 24 or 27 inches monitor. Then Asus VA325h is the best suitable option available for you.

Specifications of Asus VA 325h are incredible as compared to the other monitors. It is better then other monitors available in the same budget lineup. After going through this review article, I am sure you will go for this Asus VA 325h.

The Asus VA325h has great looks

Before I talk about the technical specifications of Asus VA325h. I would like to give a brief introduction. About the looks of Asus VA 325h because looks matter a lot.

Asus VA325h has a glossy black face with a rectangular screen like any other monitor. But the features of the Asus VA 325h are splendid.

The Specifications and Features :

If I talk about the technical specifications of Asus VA325h, then it comes with a large screen. It has 31.5 inches LED-LIT display with (1920 x 1080) FULL HD with IPS panel.

The Asus VA325h has an extensive viewing angle of 178 degrees. Asus VA325h comprises 1 HDMI and 1 VGA port. It has a tremendous refreshing rate of 60Hz and a frame rate of 16:9 for a smooth gaming experience.

Asus VA325h has a swift response time of just 5 ms, and not only this, it has a brightness of 250 cd/m2. A contrast ratio of 1200:1 Asus VA 325h comes up with an inbuilt stereo speaker of 2W. It helps to improve the gaming. Also reduces the extra investment of buying external speakers.

Is the Asus VA325h better than any other?

As days are passing by, every sort of work is becoming online. So we have to work on our computers for a long duration of time. It has proven that working on computers is responsible for causing eye strain.

To tackle this situation, Asus VA 325h comes up with an advanced technology. It reduces blue light emission. Asus has developed a technology named as a blue light filter. Which has certified by TUV Rheinland.

TUV Rheinland is a worldwide organization that provides technical certificates. Certificates for different companies manufacturing low blue light emission and flicker-free technologies. That helps to reduce eye strain. Hence Asus VA325h is the best monitor to buy. Because its blue light filter technology has certified by TUV Rheinland.

Does the Asus VA325h offer the best performance for gaming or not?

Still, most of you guys like to play games on PC; hence, Asus VA325h will be the perfect gaming partner for you. Asus VA325h equipped with a technology known as game plus technology. Which includes crosshair, and the other one is the timer.

This Asus VA 325h blue light filter technology helps the gamers continue their gaming session. Ease of play for a long duration of time without any eye strain.

Viewing experience on the Asus VA325h

Asus VA325h is equipped with splendid plus technology. It significantly enhances video quality. Completely new video intelligence technology fully optimizes the video quality. Also images by shifting the contrast, brightness, and sharpness. That provides a better viewing experience.

Asus VA325h also has a VividPixel technology that enhances the image’s quality. It reduces the noise bars to view the picture vividly. The ultra-wide horizontal and vertical 178 degree viewing angle helps users to enjoy any photo or video.

It will look the same because it reduces the color shift. The splendid plus technology of Asus VA325h does not end here. It also includes two different kinds of modes, named Darkroom mode and Reading mode.

The Bottom line

I want to conclude it by saying that Asus VA325h is the best monitor available in the market. With many inbuilt features taking it to an extraordinary level. If you are looking for a new gaming monitor with many features, then I will recommend you to go for Asus VA 325h.

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