Best Gaming Monitor under 15000 inr In India 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If you are fond of playing the game and looking for the best Gaming monitor under 15000. You are confused about which gaming monitor is best for you.

We are helping you find the best gaming monitor from many good monitors available in the market.

In the market, there are so many gaming monitors available. Lots of different-different features in the market.

Features like Panel types, Refresh rates, Response time, and Sync technologies. Other key points are Monitor size, Screen type, etc.

The most important key points and features of monitor explained here. All features of monitor should consider in your mind when buying Gaming monitor.

We have listed the 7 Best Gaming Monitor under 15000 for you with reviews. This list of Monitions prepared after in-depth analysis.

In a Hurry! Our TOP 3 Gaming Monitor under 15,000

Top Pick – 27 inch [ Best Seller ]
Acer 27 inch Gaming Monitor 165 Hz Display 15k

Acer 27 inch Gaming Monitor
[ 165 Hz Display ]

What a specification!

  • 27 inch full HD (1920 x 1080) Widescreen Display
  • 165Hz Refresh Rate
  • 0.7 MS Response Time
  • 2W X 2 Stereo Speakers 
  • Zero Frame Design
  • Ultra Low Input Lag Technology
  • Game View technology

2. MSI Optix 24 inch IPS Gaming Monitor

MSI Optix 24 inch IPS Gaming Monitor


  • IPS Panel – Optimize screen colors
  • FHD High Resolution
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • Real smooth gaming
  • Wide Color Gamut
  • Night Vision
  • Wall Mountable
  • 178° Wide Viewing Angle

3. LG Ultragear 24 inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor

LG Ultragear 24 inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor


  • 24 inch Full HD Display
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • 1ms Native Response time
  • Black Stablizer
  • Dynamic Action Sync
  • 2 HDMI Port Connection
  • Better Gaming Ergonomics

4. Acer Nitro 23.8 inch Full HD IPS Gaming Monitor [ 0.5 MS Response Time ]

Acer Nitro 23.8 inch Full HD IPS Gaming Monitor


  • 23.8 inch full HD (1920 x 1080) widescreen IPS Display
  • 0.5 MS Response Time
  • 165 Hz Refresh Rate
  • Zero Frame Design
  • Superbly Synced
  • Visual Response Boost

5 . Samsung 24 inch Curved Gaming Monitor

Samsung Curved gaming Monitor


  • Curved Screen
  • Full HD Display
  • 144 Hz Display
  • Immersive gaming experience with 1800R Curved screen
  • Build for Pure Gaming

Top 7 Best Gaming Monitor Under 15k In India 2020

 Gaming Monitor under 15000Screen SizeRefresh Rate
Acer-27-inch-KG271-CbmidpxAcer Gaming Monitor27 inch165 HZ
AOC-C24G1AOC Gaming LED Monitor23.6 inch144 HZ
Lenovo-Legion-Y-Series-Y25fLenovo Legion Y-Series24.5 inch144 HZ
LG-UltraGear-124GL600FLG UltraGear24 inch144 HZ
Acer-g-KG271Acer Full HD TN Panel 27 inch144 HZ
ViewSonic-XG2401ViewSonic -MHD24 Inch144 HZ
Samsung-75-Hz-LS24R356FHWXXLSamsung Bezel-Less Design24 Inch75hz

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Which are the 7 Best Gaming Monitor Under 15000 In India 2020?

1. Acer (27-inch Full HD, 165 Hz Refresh Rate, 0.7 MS Response time Gaming Monitor, Zero-frame Design)

Acer-27-inch-KG271-Cbmidpx for best gaming monitor under 15000

Acer Company is moving so forward than any other company. In terms of Gaming monitors in India Acer is one of the best.

It produces outstanding quality and low budget Gaming monitors.

These monitors made for the Indian public.

Here, we introduce the Acer 27 inch full HD screen Gaming monitor. Acer monitor comes with unbelievable features.

Screen and Display

Acer Monitor has 27 inches full HD (1920*1080) widescreen TN display. The screen comes with AMD free sync technology. So, there is also a Flicker-less technology in this monitor.

This Technology can eliminate annoying screen flicker.

Eliminate annoying screen flicker, protects to damage your eye health, especially for heavy monitor users.

The brightness of this Gaming monitor is 400nits. That is very useful for creative work like adobe Photoshop and editing tools etc.

The beautiful screen made with attractive zero frame design. That is highly recommended for gamers getting the best Gaming experience.

You will pleased about playing the game on such a big screen. It has a 6-axis color adjustment. That helps you to enjoy the perfect color game that you want.

Refresh Rate

This gaming monitor provides up to 165 Hz Refresh Rate. It helps you to respond faster and ultra-smooth 2d motion.

It makes your action appear on the screen with a fast 165Hz refresh rate. It’s so surprising when compared with others at this price range.

Response Time

One of the most attractive features is the 0.7ms response time. Note down never lets your enemies escape by your slow display.

That makes your Gaming experience very exciting and enjoyable.

It cut down your image issues like blurring or ghosting. This response time is crucial to keep up your actions.

You are getting the ultimate gaming experience when participating in various gaming tournaments.

Body and Design

The build quality of this Gaming monitor is pretty strong. The weight of this Gaming monitor is approximately 5.79 kg (with stand). At all, Body and stand give a very attractive look.

The Good

  • 27- Inch Very big screen
  • 165Hz powerful Refresh Rate
  • Response time: 0.7ms
  • Zero Frame design 
  • Flicker-less technology to protect eyes

What’s the bottom line?

Acer 27 inch monitor (165Hz,0.7ms) that is one of the best gaming monitors under 15000.

It comes with a 165Hz refresh rate and 0.7 ms response time at this affordable range!

2. AOC Gaming LED Monitor (23.6-inch Curved Screen, 144Hz Refresh Rate, Response Time – 1 ms)


You are looking for a best curved Gaming Monitor under 15000 inr with 144 Hz in budget. Here, you are in the right place.

AOC-C24G1 full HD curved Gaming monitor. It is most affordable curved screen gaming monitors under 15000.

Image Quality

This monitor has a 23.6 inch full HD (1920*1080) screen like have most gaming displays. It based on the popular VA panel (IPS + TN) alignment.

The Display comes with an 8-bit color depth for Gaming. The 8-bit color dept offers good quality color accuracy with better contrast ratios.

Here’s Color accuracy is more than 96%. That is useful for productive work like Photoshop, editing, etc.

It gives very excellent colors out of the box if using ‘SRGB’ mode. That gives very sharp color reproduction.

Every color seems to be in the right balance. That gives an impressive clear viewing experience


The Monitor has very stylish in red and black combinations. There are 1.5 mm ultra-thin bezels at the top and side. Good cinematic viewing experience given by The Monitor.

When it comes to the curve, it is one of the most attractive looks. With 1500R curvature, the Monitor provides a little bit of extra depth.

The Monitor moves 35 degrees each side. However, the metal stand of this Monitor is quite sturdy. It also provides a 130mm height adjustment.

Refresh Rate

The monitor gives 144 Hz Refresh Rate with AMD Free Sync technology. It offers smoother experience in Gaming.

AMD FreeSync technology helps you to reduce screen tearing. Freesync technology provides a stutter-free gaming experience.

Response Time

The monitor offers 1ms in motion blur Reduction and 4ms in (GtG). That is perfect for gaming as compared to other monitors in the market in this price range.

There is no complaining of blurring. So, it is an ideal featured curved gaming monitor under 15k for gamers.

The Good

  • 27- Inch Very big screen
  • 165Hz powerful Refresh Rate
  • Response time: 0.7ms
  • Zero Frame design 
  • Flicker-less technology to protect eyes

What’s the bottom line?

Aoc 23 inch curved monitor (144Hz,1ms) which comes with VA Panel that is amazing. For those who are finding for both gaming and productive work. This could be considered as gaming monitor 144hz under 15000

3. Lenovo Legion Y-Series (24.5-inch FHD Gaming Monitor,HDR for gaming, 144mhz, 1ms)

Lenovo Legion Y-Series Y25f

Lenovo offers you a sharp and extremely smooth gaming experience at this affordable price. The Lenovo Legion gives 24.5 inch (62.23cms) wide LED screen with edgeless viewing for Gaming.


This monitor gives a 24.5-inch FHD (1920*1080) wide LED screen size. Enabled TN(Twisted Nematic) panel offers sharper images.

It also provides low response time and minimal motion blur.

So it is the most advanced panel for gaming monitors. There is another essential flicker-free technology to reduce eyestrain.

That’s making you more comfortable to use a monitor for more extended periods. So it is the most advanced panel for gaming monitors.

Refresh Rate

Lenovo comes with a 144Hz higher refresh rate. It allows your monitor for faster exchange of frames at a higher rate.

In addition, it gives you to advantage in specific scenarios while you are gaming. AMD FreeSync technology enabled for eliminates screen tearing and ultimate stutter-free gaming experience.

Response Time

One of the most important specifications, especially true for gaming monitors is response time. Lenovo provides a 1ms response time that helps you to less ghosting of image and better picture quality.


This monitor is available in combination with dark grey and red color. It also gives a tilt feature. So you can adjust the monitor at your eye level for better comfort.

It comes with stylish narrow bezels. That helps you to focus on content. Narrow Bezels utilizes the entire screen for a pleasant experience.

The Good

  • Wide edgeless viewing for gaming
  • Flicker Free technology
  • AMD Free Sync technology
  • 144Hz faster Refresh Rate
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Tilt feature

What’s the bottom line?

Lenovo Legion Y-Series 24.5 inch WLED monitor (144Hz, 1 ms) which gives you wide edgeless viewing experience while playing games.

This is power pack monitor in best 144hz gaming monitor under 15000.

4. LG UltraGear (24 inch Full HD Gaming Monitor, 144Hz, Native 1ms, Radeon Freesync, Display Port, HDMI, Headphone Out)

LG UltraGear- 24GL600F

Many buyers want to go through the LG brand. LG offers Gaming Monitor at a price you can afford.

Herewith the best features LG Ultragear 24 inches Full HD gaming. This LG monitor is best for you.

Display and Image Quality

It comes with 24 inches with Full HD (1920*1080) screen size. That provides decent picture density.

LG Ultragear has a standard TN panel, 1,000:1 static contrast ratio. The screen has 300nits brightness.

LG Ultragear gives sharp image quality with excellent color details.

It also comes with flicker-free technology and a low blue light filter. You can enjoy the game longer without any eye strain/damage.

Refresh Rate

Suppose you want to play such a faster game than this gaming monitor gives a 144Hz refresh rate. That makes your game with higher resolution and removes bugs.

It also supports Radeon FreeSync technology. FreeSync tech provides you variable refresh rate with compatible graphic cards.

It gives fluid gaming motion and removes screen tearing and stuttering. FreeSync tech increases the FPS rate, which improves your gaming performance.

Real Time Combat

Real-Time Combat feature minimizes input lag. That helps more responsive in RTS and FPS games. It at least, affects your combat experience and character progression.

Response Time

It has the fastest response time 1ms. You can quickly observe the battlefield counter to your enemy. It helps to remove all motion blur of fast-moving objects and trailing.


This monitor comes with a combo of red shiny and black Matt color. It looks gorgeous in black.
It also has a tilt feature for your comforts.

The Good

What’s the bottom line?

LG 24 inch ultra gear FHD Gaming monitor (144Hz,1 ms) which comes with Radeon freesync technology and real-time combat.

5. Acer Full HD TN Panel Gaming Monitor (27-inch Screen with, 144Hz Refresh Rate, Response Time: 1 m, 400 Nits Brightness)


Acer has become a key to the brand for offering a line of value-oriented Gaming monitors. Here one more creation added in this category. It is Acer 27-inch FHD Gaming Monitor.

Display and Image Quality

Acer gaming monitor has a 27-inch Full HD (1920*1080) resolution with TN panel. This panel is most commonly has been used for Gaming Monitors.

It covers 89.06% display area of the screen. KG271 has a very attractive color depth 8-bit.
That is important for smoother transitions for different skin tones.

The brightness is 300 nits, which gives decent pixel density and perfect color contrast.
Acer offers flicker-free technology.

Flicker-free tech protects your eyes and comfortable your viewing experience.

Response Time

This Acer Gaming Monitor gives ultra-fast 1 ms response time. Low input lag technology for a lag-free gaming experience. With this feature, you can feel unparalleled super smooth visuals.

Refresh Rate

This Gaming Monitor comes with a High refresh rate up to 144Hz. This refresh rate significantly increases the speed of the frame per second. Hence, deliver an ultra-smooth 2D motion.

Also, with this rapid refresh rate it takes a very short time for frame rendering. Lower input lag and provides for gamers an ultimate gaming experience.

This monitor has AMD FreeSync technology with this refresh rate. It helps to eliminate image tearing. Reduce stuttering for unbelievable smooth game play.


Acer made the border-less and zero frame design. It provides you with seamless visuals when multiple units have placed side by side or on top.

In the border, there are ultra-thin bezels. It also has a matte screen coating. The coating prevents light reflection. There is also available a tilt and VESA mounting.

The Good

  • Zero frames design
  • AMD FreeSync technology
  • Flicker free technology
  • Low input lag
  • 144Hz Refresh rate
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Plenty of features in affordable price

What’s the bottom line?

Acer 27 inch monitor (144Hz,1ms) has a big screen. The TN panel bundled with 1 ms response time.

6. ViewSonic -MHD (24 Inch 1080p Curved Screen, 144Hz, 1ms Gaming Monitor with FreeSync, Premium Eye Care)

ViewSonic -XG2401

You want to buy such a curved monitor that suits your office work and your gaming hobby. You can go through this Viewsonic curved Gaming monitor.

Viewsonic monitor is so unique and one of the most affordable monitors in India. Viewsonic made a 24-inch curved Gaming Monitor. The monitor comes with fully packed features in your price range.

Display and Image Quality

View sonic offers 24 inches curved full HD (1920*1080) Gaming monitor. It has a 1000:1 static contrast ratio and 300nits brightness.

It gives an unbelievably clear pixel-by-pixel performance. That helps optimal viewing characteristics for each application.

It has a blue light filter that protects you from eyestrain. Harmful light rays can cause eyestrain.
There is an exclusive view mode that offers different usage scenarios.

Various modes like gaming, movie, web, mac, text, and mono modes available.

All of the features of the monitor have an enjoyable experience. It gives fantastic clarity and sharp detail.

No matter you are working, gaming or doing other enjoyable entertainment. There is also a low input lag for a seamless viewing experience.

Refresh Rate

With a wonderful 144Hz refresh rate, this monitor offers excellent visual fluidity and flow less graphics. No matter how quickly the game action unfolds.

Also with AMD Free-sync technology, your gaming action is flawlessly smooth in every scene.

Response Time

Viewsonic gives 1ms ultra response time for precise and smooth images. It continuously removes blurring and ghosting in gaming. So,1ms fast response time is so perfect for most graphic-intense gaming.

It also provides impressive visual quality. Watching sports and action movies is enjoyable in this monitor. With this response time, you experience full motion videos with razor-sharp images that never blur.

Power Consumption

When you are playing the game, it is natural that you will spend hours and hours on the monitor.

This monitor gives you an Eco mode feature for reducing the power consumption. It is advantageous to save your electricity bill.

The Good

  • 85% wide colour gamut coverage
  • 1800R curved screen
  • 144Hz Refresh rate
  • AMD FreeSync technology
  • Low input lag
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Multitasking, Blue light filter

What’s the bottom line?

Viewsonic -MHD 24 inch curved Gaming monitor (144 Hz,1ms) comes with 1800R curved screen. It has 85% color gamut coverage use for multitasking work.

This monitor also offers an Eco mode for less power consumption.

7. Samsung (24 Inch FHD Monitor, Bezel-Less Design, Freesync, 75hz Refresh Rate)

Samsung best gaming monitor under 15000 in india

Experience your game with a good brand like Samsung. Samsung provides Monitor with incredible features. SAMSUNG offers this 24’ Gaming monitor, which is perfect for gamers.

Display and Image Quality

SAMSUNG gives 24 inches flat with a 3-sided bezel-less screen monitor. There is a dual monitor setup. Displays line up for a nearly gapless view.

It provides advanced eye comfort technology. It reduces eye strain for more comfortable extended computing.

Samsung also offers advanced flicker-free technology. It continuously eliminates tiring and irritating screen.

Here also available Eye saver mode to minimize emitted blue light for your eyes to stay fresh.

AMD Free Sync Technology

This technology keeps your monitor and graphics card with a 75Hz refresh rate in sync. Hence, it reduces image tear and stutter.

That helps you to look explicit and seamless in fast action scenes. You can experience movies and games without any interruptions.

Game Mode

This Samsung monitor gives an optimal color setting. It provides excellent image contrast. You can see scenes more vividly and spot enemies hiding in the dark.

Game mode helps to boost your performance. For more, it offers a more consistent gaming experience.

Refresh Rate

This monitor comes with a 75Hz refresh rate that gives a more fluid picture. All the actions look with flawless visibility. It made your entertainment smoother with no lag or ghosting effect.

The Good

  • 24” Full HD screen with bezel less design
  • AMD FreeSync technology
  • Game mode feature
  • 75Hz Refresh Rate
  • Eye saver mode

What’s the bottom line?

Samsung 24 inch Gaming monitor (75HZ) gives smooth gameplay with AMD FreeSync technology.

The inbuilt Game mode for boosting your performance.

How to choose the Best Gaming Monitor under 15000?

TN panels

There is a reason for the TN panels have been the first choice. It gives the fastest response time. For gamers fastest response time is a must.

For a quick action and smoother experience in gaming, response time must be at least 3ms.TN panels respond much better 1-2ms response time comparatively IPS panels.

You have to remember that less response time is better for gaming.

TN panels are cheaper than IPS panels. These features are attracting the buyers. Buyers are searching for a gaming monitor at a very affordable price.

There is some negative point of the TN panel. TN panel has poor colour reproduction and average viewing angle. However, you are planning to buy a Gaming Monitor.

It is not a big concern for you. You are doing productive work like a photo or video editing. Then TN panel may not be the right choice for you

IPS Panels

The good things about IPS panels are better colour reproduction. And Wide viewing angle is the plus point of IPS panel. Additionally, it has a longer lifespan.

Suppose, you are also looking to watch movies, sports, TV, drama and do professional or productive work. Monitor with IPS panel is best when you compared with TN panels.

There is also a negative point of IPS panel. The IPS panel has a lower response time. However, IPS panel is expensive than TN panels.

It is expensive for gamers. Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of both panels.

We have listed best ips gaming monitor under 15000. Therefore, it is easy that which the right choice is for you. Decide panel you like for your Gaming Monitor.

Refresh Rate

One of the essential features of Gaming monitors is the Refresh rate. You hear Refresh rate these days often. This feature makes it easy to keep your actions.

Additionally, a faster refresh rate can update more times image in every second.

It will help to make a clear and smooth image. In simple words, a higher and higher refresh rate will get you a smoother image.

For example, A 60 Hz display refreshes image 60 times per second. So you can go higher at 90Hz, 120Hz, and 144Hz than you will fill the flawless Gaming Experience.

Here 120Hz or more Refresh Rate will be good for a Gaming monitor.

FreeSync Technology and G-Sync Technology

Nowadays, Screen tearing and screen stuttering are one of the biggest problems facing the PC gamers. The Frame rate of GPU exceeded, then the Refresh rate of a monitor.

The issue of this variation has called screen tearing. In reverse, when the Frame rate of GPU is going to downward than the Refresh rate. Then, the problem of this variation called screen stuttering.

So the AMD and NVIDIA created their technologies to solve both problems. This Technology adjusts the refresh rate of the monitor.

Refresh Rate adjusted according to frame rate from GPU.

FreeSync Technology

This technology made by AMD. It is only compatible with AMD GPUs and FreeSync displays. Here is a good thing is FreeSync only needs the latest display ports.

FreeSync standards and no required any specialized hardware function.

One better thing is that it is available in open source technology. Hence, those gaming monitors that come with AMD FreeSync technology are cheaper.

GSync technology monitors have a higher price.

GSync Technology by NVIDIA

GSync technology made by Nvidia. It is Nvidia GPUs and G-Sync Displays. Unlikely GSync requires dedicated hardware function built into the display to use.

GSync technology enabled monitors are costly as compare to FreeSync technology in Gaming monitors.

Response Time

Response Time is one of the most important display specifications. It will surely help to choose your Best Gaming monitor.

However, we are talking about milliseconds that’s not a high value but it can make a difference. Milliseconds difference makes winning or losing your game.

Response time refers to how quickly it takes time. Pixel to change black to white or Gray to another. So it removes motion blur and Ghosting while you are gaming.

It primarily affects the clarity, accuracy of fasting moving objects.

In monitors, The Response time measured in a millisecond. Lower response time equals higher accurate image quality.

Here, for Gaming monitor response time should be at least 3ms or lower than it. That gives you a smoother Gaming Experience.

We also described in TN Panels that they offer perfect response time. TN panels give 1 or 2 ms as compared to IPS panels hardly 4ms.

Monitor Size

Suppose you think that a bigger screen gives more significant Gaming enjoyment. It is true in television and theatres.

When you are playing games, and you are too close to the screen. Then the size does not matter. You have to check it to fit on your desk.

Here most of the people find the size range from 24” to 27” for Gaming purpose under 15k. This size range is perfect and comfortable to see on your screen, everything at once.

Screen Resolution

Here, simple definition that higher resolution comes with more pixels on the screen. More pixels give a better quality of picture with detail.

The screen sizes affect your resolutions. However, there are available many resolutions in Gaming monitors like 1080p, 1440p and 4k.

But if you are planning for 24” to 27” Gaming monitor than 1080p is enough. You want to hire 1440p or 4k then you have to increase your monitor size.

Big size monitor feels the better quality of pictures. Above all things considered while buying best gaming monitor under 15000.

Best curved Gaming monitor under 15000 (15k) Guide.

We know the curved display is gaining popularity in recent times. The curved screen gives you a cinematic look in your Monitor. With curvature, your Monitor looks very modern.

Samsung 24 inch curved Gaming Monitor is the ideal choice for the curved Monitor under 15000. You should check the features that Samsung offers in this curved gaming monitor.

This Samsung 24 inch curved gaming monitor has a 144 Hz full High definition screen, and it is made for the pure gaming experience.

Best 27 inch monitor under 15000 Gaming Guide.

When you are going to buy a good gaming monitor, you have come across the monitor’s different sizes, like 24 inches or 27 inches.

Currently, most of the gamers are switching their gaming on 27 inch monitor. The best 27 inch Gaming Monitor is the Acer 27 inch, Gaming Monitor.

Acer got a gorgeous 27 inch full HD screen with a 165 Hz refresh rate. The Acer Gaming Monitor has a massive screen with a higher refresh rate, which means gaming will be the next level.

Which are the best IPS monitor under 15000?

There are many monitors available with the IPS display panel. But if you are into gaming, you should go with the TA panel because the TA panel gives a lower response time, giving you a faster gaming performance. The IPS Display is used for better graphics on the screen itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

IPS panels have a good viewing angle. But if you want a monitor for gaming, then the TN panel is excellent.
TN panel has less Response time like 1 ms. That is great for gaming. So, we recommended the TN panel for gaming.

We recommended you to choose 144HZ refresh rate.
144hz is perfect for gaming. It provides a smooth image movement. That is a lot of help in action games.

24 to 27 is enough for the gaming monitor.
You will be sat near to the monitor while playing games. So more than 27 is a significant size for playing games.

Screen flickering is a big issue while playing games.
However, you can reduce it. There is inbuilt technology provided by monitors. FreeSync Technology and G-Sync Technology sed to remove flickering issues.

Final Words for monitors

Did you find the best monitor for you from the specifications of the best Gaming monitors under 15000 INR mentioned above?

In our opinion, the Gaming monitors have listed above are an excellent choice. Gaming enthusiasts and make their gaming experience at a high level.

The best Gaming monitor can be the one that provides most of the features. Also, it provides gaming with your affordable price range.

We got information one by one of all the features in detail. Features like panel types, G-Sync and FreeSync technologies, Refresh rate, Response Time, Monitor sizes, and Screen resolutions.

After, we discussed all the best monitors with its specific features in-depth. That brings you closer to your best Gaming monitor.

We hope you satisfied with this article. You will be happy purchasing your Favorite best Gaming monitors under 15000 in India from we featured.

Thrilled feels towards a new game experience with new energy.

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