Google I/O 2021: Android 12 isn’t the only new thing to come

Google IO 2021 Android 12 isn't the only new thing to come

At the 2021 annual I/O developer conference, Google officially introduced its new Android 12 operating systems. Our excitement grows every day as Google unveils its new technology. Apart from the above changes, both Maps and Workspace were also updated at the conference. Besides these big announcements, we will also learn here in more detail what else Google has brought to the developer conference this year.

A New Android version 12 has announced

In addition to the current Android operating system version, Google has just announced Android 12 new version. Known as Android 12, the company claims it will be the biggest redesign in the history of Android. The new version of Android will substantially improve user safety as it adds a number of new features and more secure storage for personal data as compared to the Android 11 version.

A new Android version 12 has announced

This software is currently running on most smartphones around the world. Android 12 has been designed differently as well to reflect the changing times. Aside from the in-app lock screen, there are other changes, such as the home screen and system settings. By the end of this year, developers will be able to achieve this new version of Android. Public beta versions of its software are available already.

Merged with Tizen WearOS

New WearOS version has been released by Google. WearOS and Tizen are being merged by Google and Samsung. With the merger of these two operating systems, users will be able to monitor heart rate in real time, while the app will load 30 percent faster. Apps created by the company’s developers will be cross-platform. Furthermore, Samsung confirmed that its next-generation Galaxy Watch will use this common platform.

Google Workplace Smart Canvas!

The new update to Google GoogleWorkplace includes a smart canvas feature. I think it’s an amalgamation of Google Sheets, Docs and Slides. Translating will be done with the help of artificial intelligence.

Google Maps new option

An eco-friendly way will soon be available in Google Maps for users. Additionally, a safe route option will tell users which route is the safest way based on road, weather, and traffic conditions using machine Rlink, and the route will be shown on the screen as a recommended route. The users aren’t suddenly stranded anywhere.
Traffic problems are worsening in major Indian cities, where this facility is expected to be very useful.

Announcement of LaMDA AI platform

LaMDA is Google’s new program. This platform is built on official intelligence and based on natural language. The platform aims to provide a natural language-based conversation platform. LaMDA might find it useful to use Google Assistant.

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