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Looking for a new smart TV for your dining cum drawing-room. Then I am going to suggest you a smart TV with a lot of inbuilt features. Tired of watching movies and TV serials on a smaller screen. Now it’s time for a change from smaller to bigger everything looks better on a bigger screen. Today in this article, I am going to review LG 32lj573d. LG 32lj573d is a budget-friendly smart TV with 32 inches screen, a pre-installed web browser, and an app store.

About the Brand LG

LG is a South Korean electronic goods manufacturing company started in 1958. LG is the abbreviated name of Life’s Good. Top selling products of LG are Television, Refrigerator, Air conditioner, and washing machine.

About LG 32lj573d

LG 32lj573d comes with a lot of inbuilt features like a web browser and app store. Even the remote of LG 32lj573d is equipped with a dedicated switch for Amazon Prime and Netflix. If I talk about the resolution of LG 32lj573d, then it is 720p. LG 32lj573d has a fantastic refreshing rate of 50 Hz. The screen size of LG 32lj573d is 32 inches. The contrast ratio of LG 32lj573d is relatively moderate. LG 32lj573d has an IPS display. The sound quality in LG 32lj573d is good, and it allows the user to enjoy their favorite song with crystal clear clarity.

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Physical Appearance of LG 32lj573d

The physical appearance of LG 32lj573d is quite beautiful. If I talk about the design, then it is pretty simple. Edges of LG 32lj573d are not curved in shape. The TV set is entirely made of plastic. The build quality of LG 32lj573d is excellent and highly durable. The TV set also comes with a table stand placed at both ends.

Technical Specifications of LG 32lj573d

LG 32lj573d Review Affordable Smart LED TV Great Features

IPS display

LG 32lj573d has an IPS display of 32 inches with a resolution of 720p. Just because of the IPS display viewing experience is entirely different in LG 32lj573d. LG 32lj573d comes up with a wide viewing angle. It allows the user to watch the TV from any side of the screen, but the viewing experience remains the same.


By the term brightness, I want to mean the peak brightness. The entire R&D team of LG is working hard to improve the issues of peak brightness. In this particular TV set LG 32lj573d the problem of peak brightness has been completely sorted out. User can enjoy their TV programs while sitting in a bright room.

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Presence of Operating system

LG 32lj573d comes with an inbuilt operating system. The operating system helps to perform and execute the task quickly in a proper manner. The WebOS powers the operating system of LG 32lj573d.
In addition, WebOs is capable of sending notifications like incoming calls, text messages, email, and notifications from WhatsApp and other social media platforms on the go. In the end, it is straightforward to conclude that users can enjoy their Tv programs without any disturbances.

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Good Sound Quality

TV can produce crystal clear audio because of its powerful 20-watt speaker. The speaker of LG 32lj573d is powered by Dolby audio and DTS.

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Advance Remote control

The remote of LG 32lj573d is highly advanced. It comes with different dedicated buttons to wipe out the mess. Users can operate amazon prime and Netflix from the dedicated buttons.
LG Store
Last and the most important technical feature of the TV set LG 32lj573d is the LG store. One can download their favorite apps and games from the LG store.

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Why LG 32lj573d not any other?

Why LG 32lj573d not any other

Planning to buy a new smart TV with a lot of inbuilt features within a pocket-friendly budget. Then LG 32lj573d is the best option available for you in the entire market. The TV set comes with a 32 inches IPS display: a 20watt speaker, and a highly advanced remote with dedicated buttons. The Television set comes with a web browser and has an operating system of its own. In every sense, LG 32lj573d is a real smart TV with a lot of features. After going through all the features, I hope it will be easy for you to decide why LG 32lj573d is the best option to buy.

Frequently asked questions (Faqs)

LG 32lj573d is equipped with a web browser, and WebOS power its operating system. The sound quality of LG 32lj573d is quite decent. Putting all these factors together proves that LG 32lj573d is the best budget smart Tv.

Overall Information

The weight of LG 32LJ573D is approximately 4.7 kg. The average thickness of the Television set is about 71mm. LG 32lj573d comes with few inbuilt apps like Web browser, Amazon prime, and few others. The TV set HDMI ports and an audio jack of 3.5mm. The manufacturing company offers a warranty period of 1 year.


After discussing all the features, it has been quite clear and vivid that LG 32lj573d meets all the criteria of smart TV. In addition, it comes with a web browser, powerful operating system, and app store, which makes it completely different. Some other companies are also offering their product in the same budget line-up. But none of them can compete with LG 32lj573d in terms of technical specifications. In the end, it is going to be your decision which one you will go for. I will suggest you buy LG 32lj573d.

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