MSI Interceptor DS100 Gaming Mouse Review

MSI Interceptor DS100 Gaming Mouse Review

Check out this one from the MSI Interceptor Ds100 Gaming Mouse Review. We are talking about MSI Interceptor here. Among the gaming mice under 3000 inr, this is the best after the Razer mouse. Gaming Mouse with Laser Technology.

The sensitivity of the platform is one of its strongest selling points. The laser mouse works on virtually any surface. With 8,200 dots per inch and Sensor Accuracy, this monitor has a high resolution and accuracy.

It is possible for you to customize the RGB light color of this gaming mouse to fit your preferences.


  • The side grip offers a slip-resistant surface.
  • There are six programmable buttons.
  • Games exclusively on Exclusive Gaming Software
  • Gaming mouse with laser technology
  • The resolution can be as high as 8200 High DPI
  • The RGB color model.


  • This item weighs 0.75 pounds.

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The features are endless:

  • This MSI Gaming Mouse features a 6,600 frames per second processing system that delivers supreme control and precise movement.
  • Using a gaming mouse with ergonomic design and a non-slip coating that helps prevent wrist pain and muscle strain while playing games maximizes wrist comfort.
  • You can also record macro keys and key combinations using dedicated software, which both allow you to perform in-game actions with lightning speed.
  • In addition, it has 18K gold-plated wiring, which leads to faster controls and increases the durability and lifetime of the keys.

It is designed ergonomically.

  • Gaming ergonomics of the DS100 Gaming Mouse keep your wrist comfortable for long periods while gaming.
  • DS100 Gaming Mouse helps prevent the pain associated with gaming by relieving the pressure and discomfort caused by repetitive motion.

Coating Technologies

  • It features a non-slip coating that provides excellent grip on your computer mouse.

There are 7 programmable buttons which can be assigned a single function.

There are 7 programmable buttons which can be assigned a single function.
  • DS100 Interceptor from MSI provides premium performance and a wide range of customization options. This device has a left-side three-button layout, two setting buttons beneath the wheel, and three side buttons on the right.
  • A macro can be prepared by the included program’s Macro Manager and executed when selected buttons are clicked.
  • Your favorite or most used functions can be activated by up to seven buttons. An Interceptor pop-up alert is produced when a potential security threat is detected.
  • Changing other features of the mouse will allow it to behave exactly how you envision it to. Make sure your mouse appears and performs exactly as you envision it by adjusting settings such as dpi, click and pointer speed, polling rate, backlight color and others.
  • The Interceptor is manufactured with a gold-plated connector and braided wire, so that its longevity is increased. This gaming cable is especially convenient when you’re gaming on a non-slip surface on both the left and the right side.
  • Incorporating an ambidextrous design incorporating a comfortable wrist rest, this allows gamers to eliminate repetitive movements or strain that may give rise to pain.
  • Although not highly customizable, the lighting effects look great regardless of not being highly customizable. Installation and configuration are easy.

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