The Perfect 4K 144hz GAMING Monitor!? (LG 27GN950 Review)

The Perfect 4K 144hz GAMING Monitor!? (LG 27GN950 Review)
The Perfect 4K 144hz GAMING Monitor!? (LG 27GN950 Review)
hey guys. I’m on the and this is the new LG 27GN950. It’s, a 27 inch 4k 144 hertz gaming monitor. I can’t actually see what i’m doing from here, but i’m kind of in two minds about whether you should actually buy this.

So it’s. 4K 144. We get a one millisecond response time. Then there’s, g-sync and freesync display hdr 600 and even a bunch of rgb around the back to make this feel a bit more gamery. Basically, this could be all the monitor you ever need for gaming, and actually the nano ips panel has 10-bit color and excellent image quality.

So it’s kind of all. You need for most professional workloads as well, but then again when they’re, asking 750 pounds or 800 dollars for a 27-inch monitor, you would expect it to be something pretty special, but the big question really is: can you even take advantage of this? I mean even my new pc gaming system with an rtx 3080 is brought to its knees in some games on ultra settings at 4k.

And if you are just gaming, wouldn’t a quad, hd, 144 hertz, or maybe a 240 or 360hz 1080p monitor. Be a better option, but we’ll, come to that. First off let’s, have a look at the design and it’s, pretty compact for a 27 inch.

Thanks to these thin bezels there’s. Also, a good range of height adjustment tilt and a portrait mode, if you prefer but no side to side, pivoting annoyingly the boomerang shaped stand, keeps everything feeling solid and it has little pads to keep what’s technically known as the pointy bits here From scratching up your nice new desk around the back, we get a single displayport 1.

4 with dsc support, which is pretty important. I’ll, come back to that, along with two hdmi 2.0s, two usb 3 downstreams and one usb 3 upstream. There aren’t any built-in speakers, but you do get a headphone jack.

The circular rear, rgb lights give out a nice glow, and while it works better on lighter surfaces. Ll still need to turn the lights down to get the most out of it and it’s controlled by a scroll wheel.

Underneath, alongside the regular control, joystick or via the command center, app so being a 10-bit panel, this has far more color range than other 8-bit gaming monitors. So this means you’re, getting richer colors and more subtle gradients between them.

It’s, really accurate as well. In my tests it covered 100 of the srgb, although lg reckon it goes as high as 135 percent, 90 adobe rgb and most impressively 96 of the dci, p3 color gamut, which is brilliant for a gaming monitor and as its ips it’s got Great viewing angles, although sometimes i can just about notice the ips glow around the edges, particularly in darker scenes.

It gets pretty bright as well at just over 600 nits, which means it meets the display hdr 600 standard for high dynamic range. This is better than a lot of gaming monitors, but again we’re, paying a pretty hefty premium here.

So being this colorful and bright games really do pop, and if your gpu is up to it, 4k 144hz gaming is just stunning mind you, you will need a beefy graphics card. I needed something like an rtx 2070 or higher to get 144 hertz in siege.

Although turning down settings and turning on dlss in supported games will help you get there as well, but at 4k, if you want to get a high frame rate, you can pretty much forget about ray tracing. So this is crisis remastered, which is a bit of an unoptimized mess right now, but on my system, which i’m running this on with an rtx 3080, i’m, pretty lucky that i have one of those at the moment.

Uh. We’re, getting what’s, that 50 55 fps at 4k, although this is just with high settings. So if we jump into the options, can it run crisis mode? 30 37 frames per second, and this is with a 30 80 in a uh, i9 10900k.

So crisis remastered is a bit of an exception, although even in flight sim 2020 maxed out 4k, i’m still only looking at about 42 fps on this. Although i think they are kind of outliers any other game, you know uh fortnite, siege, call of duty.

You’re, probably into the hundreds of fps with a 3080, so you may be thinking well, this you know takes all the boxes. What a crazy incredible monitor with those specs! But if you can’t max it out, you’re, not really taking advantage of it, and you’d, probably be better off with a 1440p monitor, with an equal or greater refresh rate that you can really take advantage Of because it’s at lower resolution, and then you’ll be better in games.

Having said that, if you are playing something a little bit older or you’re happy to drop the settings, then you can get that hertz because you & # 39. Ve got a pretty powerful pc as well, then i mean the sharpness, the pixel per inch density of this 4k 144 hertz in its own way.

I know it’s, not the biggest monitor, but it kind of has its own uh different sort of immersion. Just because of how pin sharp and smooth it is come on at least kill these guys. No, i’m just gonna. I’m just gonna leave it there and, of course, having a fast one.

Millisecond response time means each pixel can update itself more quickly, which cuts down on screen blur known as ghosting, which makes all the motion appear sharper. The problem is to get that one millisecond response time.

You have to put it in the fastest game mode, which basically is extreme overdrive, which then leads to inverse ghosting on moving objects and text which gives you this weird haloing effect, which looks awful.

So i’d, recommend just going with the default fast setting, which doesn’t suffer from this and keeps regular ghosting to a minimum. Input lag is around 4 milliseconds again a good result, so overall games feel very fast and responsive with this, and, on top of all that it’s, g-sync compatible and supports freesync premium pro, which means it also works alongside the hdr.

G-Sync compatible means it doesn’t, have the dedicated g-sync module, but still works via the adaptive sync format. So technically, this is a very impressive monitor, but let’s. Go back to the question of whether you should actually buy it because well, on the one hand, you can’t really, you know mark it down, because it’s too future-proof, because your current system maybe can’t.

You know fully max out 4k 144, but then again, if we’re going to see, you know, developments like displayport 2, you know new monitors coming with hdmi 2.1, which will support both new consoles and also the new gpus, and also prices will come Down because this is still pretty cutting edge tech, it kind of begs the question on whether you should actually buy this right now, but as well as that, i just don’t think you can really fully appreciate 4k at 27 inches.

Of course it’s incredibly sharp, but i just think you need at least 32, maybe even 40, but just something bigger than 27 inches to really appreciate 4k and going back to the ports for just a second, with this displayport 1.

4 connector. Obviously you have to have a card or laptop that also supports it, because the hdmi 2 slot on this tops out at 4k 60. there’s, one more thing to consider and that’s, that this monitor, supports, dsc or display stream Compression which is part of the displayport 1.

4a spec, it means you can get 4k 144 hertz, but the problem is some older graphics cards. Aren’t dsc compliant, which means you’re, limited to 4k 120 at 8, bit color. So you’ll need either an nvidia 16 series, 20 series, or the latest 30 series, or an amd rx 5500 or better graphics card or a similarly spec laptop to get full dsc compatibility.

So it’s worth checking that your graphics card actually supports this properly. So, overall, the gm 950 is packed with great tech and if you can fully take advantage of that 4k 144, then you’re, going to have a great time with this.

And if you do have you know a limited desk space, then maybe the more compact 27 inch size will actually be perfect for you. I also really appreciate that this is a borderline. Professional quality monitor as well, so you could use it for video editing in a day and then maybe gaming in the evening.

But if you’re after just a gaming monitor, i think there are better options out there or at least more practical options that also don’t cost as much. I still think a 1440p 144 hertz display, like lg’s.

Own 27 gl850 would be a better bet and it’ll. Save you over 200 pounds or 200 or if smooth gameplay is more of a priority than image. Quality then want to go with a 1080p 240hz or even a 360hz 1080p like this asus rogue swift.

But if you do have 750 pounds burning a hole in your pocket and you really do want a 4k 27 inch monitor for some reason. With that high refresh rate and you’ve got a powerful, laptop or pc to back it up then yeah.

I do recommend this. I just don’t, think it’s, gonna be for that many people. It’s a bit too niche. But what do you reckon? Would you consider buying this, and do you think 4k 27 inches is fine, or do you agree with me that maybe a bigger size is actually better to get the most out of it? Let me know in the comments below and if you do want to see more from me.

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