[Top 10] Best Led Monitors Under 10000 in India 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

Best LED Monitor Under 10000

A Monitor is an essential tool for daily use. Every person uses monitors for different uses.

Suppose you are planning for the best LED monitor under 10000 for your gaming and multi-usage. You have come to the right article.

After research and collecting authentic information, we found the best in the market. Here we introduce the best monitors at your affordable price.

Every person has a different purpose for the use of monitors. We reviewed about the brands, prices, specifications, features and much more!

We have also provided links to buy your selected monitor. Hence, you can save your time and buy your best monitor easily.

Now we will tell you what you should consider, while you want to buy your favorite monitor. The monitors considered up to ten thousand rupees.

There are so many monitors with so many features that are currently available in the market. But you have to buy a monitor with useful features for your work.

Are you interested in gaming? we have list of that too!

Top 10 Best Led Monitor Under 10k In India 2020

 Best Monitor under 10000Screen SizeRefresh Rate
AOC C24V1H best monitor under 10000AOC Curved LED Screen Monitor23.6 inch75 HZ
AOC 24B1XHSAOC LED Monitor23.8 inch60 HZ
HP 3AJ92AA#ACJ HP Ultra-Slim LED Backlit Gaming Monitor21.5 inch75 HZ
Lenovo 65DFKAC1INLenovo LED Monitor23.8 inch65 HZ
LG 22MP68VQ best led monitor under 10000LG IPS Monitor22 inch60 HZ
Samsung LS24R356FH led gaming monitor under 10000 in indiaSamsung LED Gaming Monitor24 Inch75 HZ
Samsung LS24R356FHSamsung IPS Screen, 3 Side Bezel Less Flat LED Monitor24 Inch75 HZ
Dell-E2219HNDell Full HD IPS Monitor21.5 inch60 HZ

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Which are the Top 10 Best Led Monitor Under 10000 In India 2020?

1. AOC C24V1H/WS (23.6 inch Curved LED Screen Monitor, with VGA Port, HDMI Port, 1920 x 1080 (Full HD))

AOC C24V1H best monitor under 10000

If you are searching for a curved monitor for both office work and gaming, it is the best choice for you. It gets unbelievable features like the VA panel.

More features are 4ms response time and flicker-free technology. Monitor at this affordable price is worth to buy.

Display technology

AOC C24V1H has a 23.6 inch full HD (1020X1080) curved screen. The screen comes with 1500R deepest curvature.

However, the curvature makes your viewing experience more enjoyable. It is exhilarating that at this price, AOC offers VA panel.

With VA panel (TN + IPS) gives very fantastic color reproduction. So it is easy to view at any angle. These features make you comfortable for enjoying movies, sports, or doing productive work.

With a 75 Hz refresh rate and 4 ms response time, it also suitable for the incredible gaming experience.

Flicker Free Technology in built

This technology is helpful for blur-free and ghost-free viewing experience. You can enjoy movies, action, drama, or playing games on it.

It helps to protect your eyes with flicker-free and low blue light technology.

Response Time 4 ms

For enjoying the best gaming experience, 4 ms response time is so good for high-speed actions. You can play continually without any interruption or any lag.

Design wise

This monitor gives a very attractive and impressive look on the desk. It has a frame-less panel and well-built design.

The monitor has Y-shaped stand looks very shiny and enhances the monitor’s glossy look. The monitor has easy compatibility with VGA and HDMI connectivity.

The Goods

2. AOC 24B1XHS (23.8 inch LED Monitor, with HDMI/VGA Port, Full HD, Wall Mountable, 3 Side Border-less)


This AOC 24B1XHS has a 24 inch full HD Monitor with incredible features in your budget. Than AOC 24B1XHS 23.8 inches full HD LED Monitor to wish to fulfill your wish.

AOC monitor comes with an IPS panel, frame-less design.

AOC monitor has flicker-free technology and a 60Hz refresh rate. For the connectivity, it has VGA and HDMI inputs and many more features.

That’s why it is comfortable and value for money.

Image Quality of AOC

AOC 24B1XHS comes with (1020×1080) optimum resolution with IPS panel. It gives an outstanding amount of color reproduction. And have (1000:1) high contrast ratio images.

With 80.2% color gamut, images are looking sharper and more detailed. Images look dramatic even in a 178 degree viewing angle.

The high 250nits brightness gives excellent visibility on display.

HDMI Input

It is the current standard capable of pushing HD resolutions. It has spatial audio in one cable. HDMI helps to connect the latest consumer electronics like blue ray players and other gaming consoles.

Flicker Free Technology on AOC 24B1XHS

This technology helps to control brightness by using the DC backlight system for a flicker-free viewing experience.

It helps to eliminate eye strain and headaches, mostly in low light environments.

Design makes it batter

AOC 24B1XHS has a super slim design at only 10.1 mm thin and 1.5 mm ultra-narrow bezel. This monitor provides more display area for the wonderful gaming experience.

With 3-sides border-less, it looks very thin profile. Slim Bezels monitors allow seamless multi-monitor setups. AOC gives VESA mount flexibility.

So, you can attach your monitor on the desk or wall wherever you want.

The Goods

3. HP 3AJ92AA#ACJ (21.5-inch Ultra-Slim LED Backlit Gaming Monitor, 16:9 FHD, Micro-Edge, 75 Hz Refresh Rate, AMD Free Sync)


HP has come up with the best Gaming monitor in their budget for those who love to play games. Monitor of HP 3AJ92AA, comes with so many wonderful features.

The features like IPS panel, ultra-wide viewing experience, AMD technology inbuilt. The HP monitor has a 75Hz refresh rate, ultra-slim display, and easy connectivity.

That features give you an unbelievable gaming experience.

Display of HP 33AJ92AA 

HP 3AJ92AA has Full HD (1020×1080) resolution. That gives brilliant visuals and crisp images. Its IPS panel delivers wonderful color reproduction and incredibly clear image quality even in a 178-degree wide viewing angle.

AMD Free Sync Technology

With this technology, you see and feel the difference of fluid, responsive gameplay. It used to synchronize the frame rate of GPU.

The refresh rate of Monitor and makes a stutter-free, tear-free, and lag-free viewing experience. Videos and games come to life with less stutter and blur-free at 5 ms response time.

Flicker-free Technology-33AJ92AA

It also comes with flicker-free technology, which helps remove a flicker-free screen. It continuously protects your eyes from high blue rays.

Your eyes stay safe and fresh longer. You enjoy working or playing long periods on your PC.


This monitor gets high-strength metal with a matte finish and high polished resin. It gives a modern look with an ultra-thin display.

Also, You can increase your viewing experience with tilt up to -5 to 25 degrees. That gives right posture with-out straining your neck and back.

The Goods

4. Lenovo 65DFKAC1IN (23.8-inch Monitor with LED Display, VA Panel, AMD Free Sync, (HDMI and VGA inputs), 65Hz Refesh Rate )

Lenovo 65DFKAC1IN

Lenovo offers a high-performance monitor intended explicitly for your entertainment. It comes with VA panel, AMD FreeSync technology, 4ms response time.

Further, It gives easy connectivity and wide viewing experience. The monitor with so many useful features at such a price is worth buying.

Display of Lenovo

Lenovo 65DFKAC1IN gets Full HD(1020×1080) resolution and 178-degree wide viewing angle.

That gives a very high-quality image and elevate your viewing experience. It also comes with a bezel-less design that beneficial, especially when using multiple screens.

AMD Free Sync Technology

With this free sync technology-enabled, the monitor dynamically refreshes the screen in synchronizing with the Frame rate of GPU.

So, it eliminates stuttering and tearing to give you a smooth gaming experience.

Response Time of Lenovo

In this monitor, 4ms response time reduces motion blur and ghost-free viewing experience in multi scenarios like movies, sports, or games.

With 60Hz high refresh, more time images can update every second and give a smoother picture.

Connectivity of Lenovo 65DFKAC1IN

Lenovo 65DFKAC1IN has various connectivity options such as HDMI and VGA ports. This connectivity enables you to connect to your media player or laptops easily.

Design of Lenovo Monitor

It also comes with 3 sides bezel-less design almost 2mm thin. That is beneficial, especially when using multiple screens.

It gives an enjoyable viewing experience while you see movies, action, or playing games.

The Goods

5. LG 22MP68VQ (22 inch IPS Monitor, Full HD, IPS Panel, with VGA, HDMI, DVI, Audio Out Ports, Refresh rate: 60Hz)

LG 22MP68VQ best led monitor under 10000

In affordable budget monitors, LG added one more innovative collection. This monitor comes with amazing features like AMD Free sync, IPS panel, flicker-free technology.

The refresh rate of this monitor is 60Hz refresh rate. The 5 ms response time and fantastic viewing angle make it the best monitor in this range.

Image Quality of LG

LG 22MP68VQ comes with 22 inch full HD (1020×1080) resolution. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio and 250 nits brightness that allows to the comfortable viewing experience.

With the IPS panel, the image quality is very sharp and decent for wonderful color reproduction. At 178 degrees (H&V), viewing angle colors remain true with an accurate and clear display.No matter which angle you are looking at the screen.

4 Screen Split

The Monitor has the latest version of the LG 4 Screen split. The monitor divides the display for different tasks by resizing the window on the screen.

That makes it fast and easy to work in the multi-window.

AMD Free Sync Technology of LG

With this technology, you will enjoy heavy-duty games. It makes screen with-out any screen tearing from the low frame rate or screen stuttering.

The connection of the HDMI port gives a lag-free performance. You can enjoy and immerse yourself while playing the game.

LG offers a black stabilizer feature that helps to user full visibility even in deep or dark scenes.

Flicker Free Technology in LG

This technology helps to eliminate the perception of screen flicker. That will give you ghost-free and blur-free images.

With this flicker-free monitor, you can successfully alleviate eye-strain against harmful blue light. That makes an ideal display for those who use their monitor for extended periods.

Design of LG 22” Full HD Led Monitor

LG 22MP68VQ offers the slim border-less bezel on 3 sides for an immersive visual experience.

It comes with an arc-line stand, which gives coexistence of smoothness and solidness in the curved structure.

The Goods

  • Wonderful color expression
  • Arc-Line stand
  • Flicker free technology
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Response time: 5ms
  • 178 degrees (H&V) viewing angle
  • Intelligent auto adjustment
  • AMD Free Sync technology

6. Samsung LS22R350 (21.5 inch LED Bezel-Less Computer Monitor,Full HD, Super Slim AH-IPS Panel, Refresh rate: 75Hz)

Samsung LS22R350 best led gaming monitor under 10000

SAMSUNG LS22R350FHWXXL offers an incredibly slim profile and stylish design, eco saving technology, flicker-free technology, the provided refresh rate of Samsung monitor is 75 Hz. And, 5 ms response time and much more at a very affordable price with an excellent brand. 

Display of Samsung-LS22R350FH

Samsung offers a Full HD display (1020×1080) resolution with an IPS panel. The screen gives perfect color reproduction in different scenarios.

Moreover, It enhances video editing, movie, action, drama, and other productive work. The 1000:1 contrast ratio allows you to see through the dark.

AMD FreeSync Technology in Samsung

At 75hz and AMD Radeon, Free Sync technology keep synchronize between frame rate and refresh rate. That to reduce screen stuttering and screen tearing.

So you can watch movies and play high graphics games in superfluid entertainment without any interruptions.

Refresh Rate of Samsung

At a 75 Hz refresh rate, this monitor delivers more fluid pictures. It gives excellent smoothing performance and no lag or ghosting effect while watching videos or playing a game.

Flicker Free Technology on Samsung Monitor

This advanced comfort technology reduces eye strain against flicker. It continuously removes tiring and irritating screen flicker for playing a longer duration.

It provides visual without any harm to the eyes. Here also eye saver mode is available to minimize blue rays emitted by the display. Additionally, your eyes stay fresh and more extended.

Game Mode powered by Samsung

With a 5ms response rate and game mode feature, this monitor attracts the gamers. This mode makes the perfect balance of contrast, sharpness, and color of any game.

It adjusts your gamma level and fills your screen with every detail in view.

The Goods

  • Extra wide viewing angle
  • Eco saver mode for less power consumption
  • Wall mount option
  • Eye saver mode
  • Game mode
  • Response time: 5ms
  • Refresh rate: 75Hz
  • IPS panel

7. Samsung LS24F350FH (24 inch IPS Screen, 3 Side Bezel Less Flat LED Monitor,75 Hz Refresh Rate)

Samsung LS24R356FH

This monitor is comfortable for at home or office for multitasking without any hassle. With amazing features, this monitor helps you to complete daily tasks with ease.

SAMSUNG offers plenty of features like AMD Free Sync technology. Extra-wide viewing angle, flicker-free technology, 60Hz refresh rate.

Also, 4ms response time is so good for office or gaming purposes at this range.

Display of Samsung LS24F350FH

SAMSUNG LS24F350FH has 23.5” Full HD (1020×1080) resolution. The 16:9 aspect ratios, 250nits brightness with super slim AH-IPS panel, give a very good amount of color reproduction and fine image quality.

It offers extra-wide 178 degrees (H&V) viewing angle ensures a clear picture.

From wherever you are watching, and everyone enjoys the perfect picture view from any position.

Design – Samsung LS24F350FH

This monitor has designed with a super-slim panel. That slim panel is an incredibly slim 10mm- as slender as a ballpoint pen. The stand is a simple circular that gives a classy look on the desk.

Flicker Free Technology on Samsung LS24F350FH

SAMSUNG offers flicker-free technology that removes flicker on the screen. That will let you work and play for longer in greater comfort.

Additionally, there is an eye saver mode for reducing blue light emission. It reduces eye fatigue and provides wonderful viewing experience.

Eco Mode on Samsung LS24F350FH

In this monitor, Samsung provides eco saving technology. The fluidly adjusts display brightness based on the luminescence of screen blacks. This technology helps to reduce power consumption.

The Goods

  • Slim and stylish design
  • Flicker free technology
  • Optimized for viewing comfort
  • Extra wide viewing angle
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Response time: 4ms

8. Samsung LS24R356FH (24 inch IPS, 3 Side Bezel Less Flat LED Gaming Monitor,75 Hz Refresh Rate)

Samsung LS24R356FH led gaming monitor under 10000 in india

When you are searching 24 inches LED Monitor for multi-usage, check out SAMSUNG LS24R356FHWXXL Monitor.  It comes with a slim and classic design.

The Monitor powered by Free Sync technology. The refresh rate is 75 Hz and 5 ms response time. That all of the features made for very comfortable gaming or working experience.

Display of Samsung LS24R356FH

Samsung provides a 24 inch full HD (1020×1080) resolution, which gives very good picture quality. That how enjoyable viewing experience on this big screen.

AMD Free Sync Technology

This technology helps to adjust the variation between frame rate and refresh rate. It helps reduce screen tearing or stuttering while enjoying movies, action, or playing games without any interruptions.

Your scenes look clear and seamless, which gives an impressive fluid entertainment experience.

Refresh Rate – Samsung LS24R356FH

The 75Hz refresh rate delivers more fluid picture, and flawless action looks. It removes lag-free or ghost-free effects in tv, video, drama, or game and gives smoother entertainment.

Eye Comfort

SAMSUNG LS24R356FHWXXL comes with advanced eye comfort technology. The techs reduce eye strain and more comfortable extended computing. 

It also offers flicker-free technology, which continuously removes tiring and irritating screen flicker for protecting eyes against harmful blue rays.

It is very useful for those who work on PC for a long time so that their eyes stay fresh and longer lifespan.

Game Mode and Design

For better gaming experience, this ideal game mode gives you the edge. You can get the optimal color setting and image contrast to see scenes more clearly with every detail in view and spot enemies hiding in the dark.

SAMSUNG made an incredibly slim and sleek design that gives total sophistication. With 3 sides bezel-less screen offers a dual monitor setup, so displays line up for a nearly gapless view. The Y-shaped stand gives a classy and modern look.

The Goods

9. Dell E2219HN (21.5 inch Full HD Monitor, IPS Panel, Wall Mountable with HDMI and VGA Ports)


Dell E2219HN offers a reliable and affordable 21.5 inch full HD monitor. Monitor of Dell comes with essential features that are useful for everyday office demands.

Dell provides the features in this monitor like IPS panel, wide viewing angle. HDMI and VGA ports which help you to do your office work well.

Display of Dell E2219HN

E2219HN comes with full HD(1020×1080) resolution. The monitor has 16.7 million colors and 85% of the color gamut. That gives an amazing viewing experience on the monitor.

With an enabled IPS panel, it gives an outstanding amount of color reproduction. The IPS panel of this Dell monitor produces smooth picture quality.

Wide Angle Viewing

In-office work, movie or other entertainment this monitor gives a 178-degree wide viewing angle. It provides precise viewing comfort, no matter which sides from your look.

Connectivity of Dell Monitor

With HDMI and VGA port, it is compatible with high standard electronics. So, it connects effortlessly to your media players or laptops.

You can plug in your sound system in the audio out port to enrich your video watching experience.

Safety features of Dell

Dell E2219HN reduces the harmful blue light emissions to optimize your eye comfort. It also comes with flicker-free technology that flickers free visibility.

Finally, it is for a better viewing experience.

Design pros

DELL E2219HN gives a premium look with its study stand on your desk. It has a tilt option that works comfortably by tilting the monitor 5 degrees forward or 21 backward.

The Goods

  • IPS panel
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Easy compatibility
  • Suitable for office work
  • Flicker free technology
  • Tilt and wall mount option

10. Dell E2418HN (23.8 inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor, Full HD, 60 Hz,IPS Panel with VGA, HDMI Ports)

Dell E2418HN

Dell E2418HN especially designed to meet your business needs. The monitor to maximize work productivity. It comes with essential features that fit your desired specifications.

DELL E2418HN gets an IPS panel and a 60 Hz refresh rate. 60 Hz screen has a 5ms response time.

The display receives flicker-free technology and vides viewing angle. That all of the specifications give utmost satisfaction.

Display of Dell E2418HN

Dell E2418HN has a 23.8 inches display with Full HD(1920X1080) resolution. With 16:9 aspect ratio and 250nits brightness, you fill shrunk free and excellent image quality.

There is an IPS panel that gives outstanding color accuracy.

That enhances the screen consistency of the monitor. A 178-degree wide viewing angle, you can get the same crisp, color-saturated images.

Even when looking at the screen any angle, it producer better results.

Response Time of Dell

The 5 ms response time is more than enough for your gameplay of shooter games or racing or open world.

At this response time, this monitor gives instant power-up. It produces better and smoother images.

Flicker Free Technology of Dell

This technology helps to reduce eye fatigue and dryness when you have long time work on PC. It also reduces and severity of headaches.

It enabled with low blue light technology. This technology reduces the blue light emissions that protect your eyes from harmful rays.

Design of Dell

Dell E2418HN gets the flexibility of configuring your monitor with various mounts and stands for evolving office requirements.

You can work comfortably by tilting the monitor 5 degrees forward and 21 degrees backward. The monitor gives easy compatibility with VGA and HDMI connectivity.

The Goods

  • Wide viewing angle
  • Refresh rate 60Hz
  • Response time: 5 ms
  • Flicker free technology
  • IPS Panel
  • Low blue light technology

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of panel is useful for a monitor under 10000?

There are IPS, TN and VA Panels available under the budget of 10k. But they have different usage.
If you like watching movies and doing regular office work, then go for the IPS panel.
You are buying a monitor for gaming purposes.
Then we recommended you to a TN panel because the TN panel has the highest response time that is very useful while playing games.

Which resolution provided by the monitor under budget?

A long time ago, there was time for HD resolution monitors. But nowadays this is a competitive field on budget.
So every brand released a monitor in Full High Definition resolution.

What should buy an LCD or LED?

LED is the newest technology in the market. All brands are releasing monitors on the LED screen. However, the choice is yours.
We highly recommended LED in this price segment. LED produces a more vivid color than LCD.

What brands have release there monitor in this price range of 10000?

Almost all brands have launched their monitors in this price range.
Companies like AOC, LG, Dell, Lenovo, and many more brands are selling monitors under the budget of 10000 rupees.

How to choose the Best Led Monitors Under 10000?

IPS vs. TN vs. VA Panels

Your job is productive work like video editing or Photoshop. Then you should go through the IPS panel. But you are fond of playing games.

Then you should go with TN panels. Here we also show the monitors that are useful for both works. The monitors contain both panels.

HD vs. FHD

Gone are the days of HD resolution monitors. Now, you have to make the first choice those monitors, that coming with full HD (1020×1080) resolution.

Response Time and Refresh Rate

When you are buying a monitor for gaming purposes, it is advisable to buy a lower response time. You should also consider higher refresh rate monitors.

That gives blur-free and ghost-free images. Basically, it enhances the wonderful experience of gaming.

Flicker Free Technology

However, your job is to sit in front of a monitor for a long time. You also play games for a long time. So, it is necessary to buy a monitor with this technology.

This technology protects your eyes from harmful rays. Additionally, your eyes stay fresh and live longer.

AMD Free Sync Technology

Monitors with this technology synchronize the difference between the frame rate of GPU and the refresh rate of the monitor.

It gives a stutter-free and tear-free view. You will enjoy movies, actions, or playing games.

Finally, you will be able to understand which features are useful for you. Here we describe all the specifications of each monitor.

We have reviewed all monitors in detail. Buy the best monitor for you from the links listed below.

Conclusion of Best Led Monitors Under 10000

We discussed each monitor in detail like those display quality, design, panels, refresh rate, response time. Technologies and many more features, as well as seeing the pros and cons of each monitor has discussed.

Here all the above monitors are best at this affordable price. We have made this list after a lot of research and authentic content. Each monitor is unique, as well as excellent for a specific use.

So take note of the features as per your requirement. And after buying one of these best monitors, you will be satisfied.

We hope you have picked your perfect monitor with useful features from the best led gaming monitor under 10000.

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