AOC C24V1H WS 24 Curved Monitor with LED Backlights Detailed Review

Among the monitors below 10000 you can find the best one from our list of Best Monitors Under 10000. The AOC C24V1H monitor I am referring to is a 24″ one. Let us talk about the features and the specification in this article. This AOC curved monitor will also be reviewed in-depth.

Review of AOC C24V1H Monitor Review

AOC C24V1H WS 24 Curved Monitor with LED Backlights Detailed Review

With one of the most beautiful curved screens in the market, this AOC monitor is eye-catching. Under 10000 rupees, it is not possible to find a monitor with curved screens. An even more intense gaming experience is possible on curved gaming monitors. 

During the shipping process, the AOC monitor arrived safely packed, so you don’t have to worry about it. A mount stands for the device, as well as HDMI cable, monitor, power plug, and cover to hide the cable. An AOC Monitor box comes with a cable hider that’s ideal for cable management, while the optional accessories inside it are quite useful as well. 

I got a lot of positive feedback when I saw the V-shaped monitor stand for AOC, and it stands out as being very stylish. Installing the stand is a piece of cake, just one screw and you’re done.

I can offer you a tip here: Always pull your computer monitor from its stand. The Monitor must be held by the hand at all times. There are multiple HDMI connectors on the AOC monitor so it can connect with any PC or gaming console.


Installing the system takes anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes. Among the great features of this AOC monitor is its awesome video quality. AOC monitors feature deep blacks that are very pleasing to the eye.

Although, you need to customize the level of black using its OSD settings. It’d be unreasonable to expect only a flat-screen for this price, but AOC’s curved screen will be an ideal viewing experience for gamers and movie buffs alike.

The matte screen was designed by AOC with an anti-glare coating. Its matte finish and anti-glare features set this Monitor apart from all the others. With its narrow bezel on three sides, it looks very elegant and stylish.


Only the HDMI port has been installed in the monitor, but the DVI port is still lacking.

Feature of AOC Monitor with Detail Analysis

There is an appropriate 1500R curve, making it an outstanding AoC display! It makes a viewing experience better due to the curvature. This curves deeper than any other available on the market, making the C24V1H even more comfortable to view.

Feature of AOC Monitor with Detail Analysis

You can be sure that your neighbors at work will envy you for having this white model. In addition to being well-organized and straightforward, the C24V1H boasts an exceptional picture quality and frameless panel. Keep your eyes tidier thanks to flicker-free technology and low-blue light.

IPS Panel is good in the AOC Monitor

It features 178-degree horizontally, which makes it ideal for wide-screen displays. With a Wide Monitor, the picture remains constant at all angles, so the color and brightness of the image will not change, for example, they may seem blacker or blurrier. 

TN panels can better reproduce color with their wider gamut than panels. A program like this is best suited when a specific color is required, and for graphic work as well as for applications. 

The tails of IPS panels are not visible when touched, and panels with IPS panels do not shine when touched. The device is therefore particularly suited to advanced touchscreen applications and technologies.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface)

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) Provides high definition picture quality with optimum digital audio and video streams.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface)

Consumers can connect easily to other home electronic devices such as DVD players, craft projects, etc., which will enable them to enjoy multimedia content.

MHL (Mobile High -definition Link) included in AOC Monitor

A screen of this size will allow you to monitor your smartphone via MHL technology.  Your Android smartphone with MHL capability can be connected to the TV and be used on the Monitor for gaming or watching HD videos. 

Despite being connected to this AOC monitor, your mobile device remains powered so you never have low battery warnings on your Monitor.

AOC Monitor design and framework

Among the most beautiful monitors in Indian market is the AOC C24V1H. A three-sided Monitor with a virtual frame dramatically reduces its overall form factor.

Furthermore, minimal branding can be found at the bottom of the screen, which enhances the overall look. A light, sturdy metal table stand and VESA mount are also included in the retail package.

This Monitor can either be mounted on the wall or placed on a table. Despite being made entirely of plastic, the Monitor doesn’t look cheap. In addition to the bright white color of the Monitor’s back, its cable connection is easily hidden inside a removable cable shield.

Screen Quality of AOC C24V1H Monitor:

AOC’s 26.6-inch curved monitor’s screen has a 1500R curve design. Although not the most accurate color monitor, this Monitor has a great feel. Using a VA-LED display, this Monitor offers a wide viewing angle when compared to similar displays using a TN-LED display.

This Monitor has a 4 ms response time, which makes it a suitable monitor for watching movies and playing games. However, you will only see a 1ms response time if you compare it to a gaming monitor.

This screen appears to work, but the backlighting system, which affects screen versatility, is DC powered. When the screen was used, there was no screen flicker, and the advertising function appeared to work. At 75Hz, it offers a refresh rate that will appeal to gamers everywhere.

I found the AOC monitor to be quite bright and vivid, making it a good choice for everyday tasks. However, as far as my color science is concerned, I think its panel is not as sharp, with little contrast.

Generally, regular users of this Monitor have no issues. Although, if you were to use this Monitor for video editing, image editing, or color grading this monitor would frustrate you.


It has a beautiful curved screen, so the curved display gives you an amazing experience while gaming or watching movies.

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