AOC C24V1H WS 24 Curved Monitor with LED Backlights Detailed Review

Here we will talk about the best Monitor you can get in the price range under 10000. The Monitor i am talking about is AOC C24V1H.

In this article, we are going to talk about the specification and the features. We are also going to an in-depth review of this AOC curved monitor.

Review of AOC C24V1H Monitor Review

AOC C24V1H WS 24 Curved Monitor with LED Backlights Detailed Review

This AOC monitor has a beautifully curved screen. We can not see more monitors which have curved screens under 10000 rupees.

Curved gaming monitors provide an even more intense gaming experience. 

We have got a very safely packed box of the AOC monitor so that you can trust amazon on this Monitor.

We have a stand, HDMI cable, Monitor, power plug, and cover to hide the cable. The cable hider is used for cable management, which is suitable for free accessories that come within the AOC Monitor box. 

The V-shaped monitor stand of AOC looks impressive, and it is styled uniquely. There is no rocket science to set the stand, just one screw and set up.

One piece of advice here, always pull up the Monitor from its stand. You always have to hold the hand to hold the Monitor.

AOC monitor has HDMI connectivity so that you can connect it with multiple sources. PC, laptop, or gaming console.


It is easy to set up, and you can do it within 10 to 15 minutes.

This AOC monitor has fantastic Video quality. Blacks on the screen of the AOC monitor look nice in deep black.

But you have to set the black level from its OSD settings.

You can get only a flat-screen at this price, but AOC gave the curved screen, so gaming and watching movies on this screen is a breeze experience.

The screen of this AOC monitor has an anti-glare matte. Anti Glare matte finish makes this Monitor stand out from all the other monitors.

If we talk about design, it looks very stylish, because it has narrow bezels on three sides.


It has only cones that it comes with the HDMI port, and the DVI port is still missing from the Monitor.

Feature of AOC Monitor with Detail Analysis

It has the right 1500R curvature, which makes this Aoc monitor outstanding! The curvature enhances the enjoyable viewing experience.

With the 1500R, the deepest curvature on the market, the C24V1H makes the viewing experience even more enjoyable. 

Feature of AOC Monitor with Detail Analysis

This white model is designed to impress and envy your neighbors. The C24V1H is a well-organized and straightforward design with a frameless panel and excellent picture quality. 

Flicker-free, low blue light technology keeps your eyes tidy.

IPS Panel is good in the AOC Monitor

The IPS panel offers 178 ‘horizontally and ideally wide views. 

Wide Monitor means that the image remains the same at any angle, and there is no change in the brightness or color of the image, such as darker or blurred. 

TN in IPS panels. There is a broader gamut than panels, which gives better accurate color reproduction. 

It is more suitable for color-defined applications such as graphics, print media, and medical applications. 

IPS panels do not shine when touched, and their tails are not visible. 

Therefore, it is more suitable for advanced touch-based technologies and applications.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface)

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) Transmits digital audio, audio, and video HDMI streams for optimum picture quality.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface)

Users can easily connect to other consumer electronics such as DVD players, crafts, etc., which helps them enjoy multimedia content.

MHL (Mobile High -definition Link) included in AOC Monitor

MHL technology allows you to monitor your smartphone on this large screen. 

Connect your Android MHL enabled smartphone and play games or HD videos on the Monitor. 

It charges your mobile device even when you are connected to this AOC monitor. That’s why you never have a low battery signal on your Monitor.

AOC Monitor design and framework

The AOC C24V1H monitor is one of the most beautiful monitors in India.

The virtual framed design dramatically reduces the overall form factor of the three-sided Monitor.

There is also minimal branding at the bottom of the screen, which improves the overall looks.

VESA mount used for the AOC monitor mount. The retail package also includes a standard light and sturdy metal table stand.

Depending on your use cases, you can mount this Monitor or place it on the table as we do.

The Monitor is all plastic material, but it still doesn’t look cheap.

The Monitor’s rear is available in bright white color and has a removable I/O shield to hide the cable connection easily.

Screen Quality of AOC C24V1H Monitor:

Not the most accurate color AOC C24V1H Monitor’s 26.6-inch screen comes in a 1500r curved design; this Monitor has a great feel.

The Monitor uses a VA-LED panel, which provides a broader viewing angle than similar monitors with TN-LED panels.

Good 4 ms is the response time for this Monitor. However, you can also use this Monitor to play games and not see a 1ms response time until you compare this Monitor to a high-end gaming monitor.

A DC backlight system is also used, which reduces screen versatility. There was no screen flicker during the period of use, and the advertising function appears to work.

It offers a maximum refresh rate of 75Hz, making it an excellent addition for gamers.

The screen is bright and vivid and can be used for everyday tasks. However, in terms of color science, I found that the AOC C24V1H monitor’s panel was not as sharp, with little contrast.

Regular users have no problem with this Monitor. However, if you plan to use this Monitor for video editing, photo editing, or color grading, the AOC C24V1H monitor can be frustrating.


Overall this is a good monitor for gaming and watching movies. The curved screen will give you a fantastic experience.

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