Best Monitor Under 5000 in India for 2021

Best Gaming Monitor Under 5000

The Monitor is the primary gadget for the pc computer, which we like be the best. Without Good Monitor, you are not able to experience hardware output.

When you have a budget of 5000, there is a narrow window for the features, but we have selected the best Monitor fits in your account for the Monitor below 5000 rupees.

So, which Monitor is best under 50000? well, you will get an excellent featured Monitor in the price range of 5000. We have discovered the excellent and new monitor offer in the price range of the 50000 Indian rupees.

List Of Best Monitor Under 5,000 in INDIA

1. HP 18.5 inch LED Computer Monitor

This Monitor has a slender design, and 1366 x 768 is the resolution; this Monitor is a budget monitor and delivers high-quality Picture quality at an unbeatable price.

You were able to view your office documents, pictures, and watch TV shows in one powerful form at a low cost.

This Monitor comes with constant VGA connectivity, fresh contrast, and 1366 x 7681 resolution; this good display has everything you need to intensify your content. Retain your work area compact and convenient.

The compact and attractive design and integrated power supply make large power modules redundant.

With mercury-free backlighting and arsenic-free glass, this Energy Star and EPEAT Silver certified performance save money by reducing power consumption.

Feature Rich and Value pack Monitor from HP

You will likely receive continuous VGA connectivity and crisp contrast, and 1366 x 768 resolution. This perpetual display has everything you need to intensify your viewing reality

HP monitor enhances your desk space

Keep your work area well organised and fit, because it uses less space on your desk. The compact and attractive design and integrated power supply make large power modules redundant.

2. AOC 19-inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor

AOC Brand Color Black Article 27 Height 27.2 cm. Article width 48 mm. Screen size 18.5 inches maximum screen resolution 1366 x 768 pixels Item weight 2.2 kg Product size 43.7 x 4.8 x 27.2 cm. Lithium battery weighs 5g.

Monitor suitable for the price. Suitable for daily use at home/office. Cost-benefit: Good performance, good horizontal viewing angle. Good HD video playback. Suitable for films. Low energy consumption.

Disadvantages: Simple text edge. No less vertical viewing angle. The processing quality of the elevator menu button is average. Good game !! It is a great monitor for the price! It looks flat, smooth, and crunchy.

It doesn’t take up a lot of space, but what I’ve heard works very well. I bought them for a new computer, and they are both very good.

I use this monitor as a corporate security system. So good that it’s not surprising that the picture quality is fine, but I don’t think anyone would buy it for that.

It came out in 2020 with a great driver installation DVD. It is a good composite monitor for everyday use.

The easy and clear solution to connect. I had to buy an HDMI adapter to connect it to my PC, but it is easy to install. Excellent monitor for the price.

It sits perfectly in a small space. Easy to install. Great improvement with older graphics Surra good graphics and easy adjustments if necessary. Very good price.

Best computer monitor under 5000

AOC 19-inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor is the best in terms of the budget to specification ratio. This AOC monitor is bundled with a power-packed performance at the price of 5000.

The 19 inches screen has the 1366 x 768 Resolution, which is right in the 5000 price point.

AOC proceeded with the contrast ratio of the 700:1 with good contrast producing with the very much less 5ms response time.

If we consider the viewing angle, then it has the 90° Horizontal and 65° Vertical. The power supply consumed by the AOC 19 monitor is the 100-240 VAC.

Best lg monitor under 5000

LG 19-inch 19M38AB HD Ready Monitor is the best LG monitor under 5000. LG provides intelligent auto resolution technology, set your screen resolution according to the best setting.

Some more add-ons supplied with the LG monitor is the flicker safe and four-screen split.

The flicker secure technology enhances your viewing experience by reducing the flicker on the screen.

Some preset settings are available; however, the LG monitor’s easy navigation is handy while changing the setting like brightness, contrast, etc.

Features to be considered while buying the Monitor

Features to be considered while buying the Monitor
  • The office is an essential element for people in their workplace. If you think that laptops are better alternatives in some customs, the established workspace is evermore better than a casual space.
  • With the increasing popularity of TFT, LCD, and LED, the range of options for finding the right display at the right price increases every day.
  • Compatibility and design are required gadgetry features to consider before acquiring a monitor for your Computer.
  • Choosing the right PC monitor is not as easy as you might think with other brands running in the market. Here are the best 5000 pc monitors you can buy.

Specification for the Best Gaming Monitor under 5000

Specification for the Best Gaming Monitor under 5000


The LED (light-emitting diode) monitor provides excellent overall picture quality. It produces excellent, more colorful images, utilizes less power than conventional LCD monitors, and is typically thinner.

The monitor in this category still has an LCD screen but has a huge LED back lighting.

LCD’s (liquid crystal monitors) often provide high-quality displays at low prices. They use liquid crystals to represent what they see on the screen and are often back-lit by CC-FL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps).

What is the refresh rate? Does the same level matter? We have put a brief glossary of terms that you can find while searching for a monitor.

  • Brightness Level: This is an important factor when using your monitor in a bright or bright room. The typical brightness level is 250 cd / m2 (candles per square meter) and is sometimes displayed as 250 nights.
  • However, if you want to use the monitor in Sunny’s room, look for a monitor with a brightness of 350 cd / m2 or more.
  • Contrast Ratio: The difference between white and dark black on the screen is also known as Dynamic Contrast Ratio or Mega Contrast Ratio. Manufacturers cover it in different ways, so it is not a certain comparison among brands.
  • Refresh Rate: A refresh rate is the number of frames a computer counts per second for the picture to video conversion.
  • Most monitors have a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which means that new images are created 60 times per second.
  • If the refresh rate is faster, it reduces the speed—the higher the number, the simpler the image. If you plan to monitor for gaming, make sure you get the monitor with a higher refresh rate..
  • Reaction time: Measured in milliseconds, response time refers to the time it takes for a pixel to change color, or basically how fast a screen can transform an image. Ultra-fast response time like 2 mm.
  • Newly Discovered Quantum dot technology in Monitor: To deliver cinematic color quality, quantum dot, freshly discovered in monitors, display accurate colors even in bright scenes. Quantum light-emitting diodes (QLEDs) are a type of monitor that uses quantum dot technology.
  • Viewing angle: When you sit at the right place in front of the monitor, does the photo fade or change color? Horizontal and horizontal viewing angles are when you can see the screen from the center before the screen collapses.
  • If you need to see photos or watch games with the crowd, choose a monitor that provides 178 or more viewing angles.
  • Blue Light Reduction: The ability to get a more comfortable and less irritating picture by reducing the blue light emitted by some screens.

What is the ideal Display Resolution for the Monitor under 5000?

What is the ideal Display Resolution for the Monitor under 5000?
  • It is the best monitor for Rs 5000, and it is tough to get a monitor with a full HD screen resolution below 5000 INR at this price.
  • So you can expect an HD compatible display or slightly higher resolution. Is. If you plan to purchase less than 5,000 monitors for editing, whether for photo or video editing, you should always use an HD (1366 x 768) compatible display panel.
  • However, this list includes three monitors with a 1600 x 900 specification. Suitable for general gaming.

Which is the perfect size for the Monitor under 5000?

You can get a monitor for around 5000 rupees in India, and you can get a monitor with a screen size of fifteen to twenty at this budget price portion.

When doing professional work or general gaming, you should always choose a larger screen size for a better appearance.

What is the Response Time ideal for the Monitor below 50000?

This response time is right for speeding up the response time for various tasks, but it is useful for serious gaming.

It would be best if you always inspected for a monitor with the lowest response time possible for the best results..

FAQs- frequently asked questions on best monitor under 50000

HP 18.5 inch LED Computer Monitor is considered as the best gaming monitor under 5000. This Hp monitor has the HD-TN panel, which is suitable for the essential gaming consideration.

HP monitor has an excellent 7ms response time and is ideal for budget gaming performance.
It has a led backlit display, which produces the right color and allows a 90 degree viewing angle.

The display has a good enhanced picture quality for gaming. The display designed with mercury-free technology with the arsenic glass reduces power consumption while playing the games

Zebronics 18.5 Monitor is the best monitor for photo editing under 5000. The monitor’s HD screen is suitable for photo editing, and it is also an anti-glare display.

You can set the maximum aspect ratio to 16:9.

This Zebronics monitor weighs around 1.9 kg with the stand attached to it. ZEB- A19 has an 8ms response time with a 500000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

ZEB- A19 has a high glossy bezel, which looks quite attractive. You can do a wall mount of this ZEB-A19.

Final Words

If you are looking for the best monitors under INR 5000 for computers in India, then check out our list of the 10 best monitors for 5000 or 5K for home and office billing.

In this list of best monitors under 5000 Indian rupees, we have selected the best monitor brands like Dell, LG, Samsung, AOC, etc.

The monitor listed below can be used in general for photography, video editing, and gaming, as the list of best LED monitors supports refresh rates up to 60 Hz and some monitors have very poor response. 2 meters fast.