What should I check before buying a laptop?

Laptops have their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on personal needs and requirements. The best part is that these laptops come in a compact size to help you do your tasks wherever you want.

You can choose from a wide variety of budget options, which can cause difficulty. Asus, Lenovo, HP, and Dell are leaders in the laptop computer industry.

Here in this article, you are going to learn a quick laptop buying guidance. You can streamline your research by reading this article. It is important that a laptop’s configuration includes the following features.

Factors that need to check before buying a laptop


Budget is indeed the most crucial factor that you should consider before purchasing one. It will go in vain if you explore the laptops that do not come in your pocket’s permissible range.
It would help if you got numerous options available from various brands under your price bracket to choose from.

What should I check before buying a laptop answered with Informational Guide


After the budget, the size of the laptop is another important factor that you need to figure out. There are various sizes of laptops available in the market-

11-12 inches: These laptops are very lightweight and slim, designed to make them travel-friendly.

13-14 inches: These laptops are a good combination of both usability and portability. They are available only with 4lbs weight.

15-16 inches: It is the most popular size laptops available in the market. Those who want to get a bigger screen and do not frequently require to carry it can opt for this size.
Except for the Apple MacBook, it is a bit rare to pick the 16-inches laptops.

17-18 inches: Those who do not require to move the laptops from their desk can choose these screen sizes. It will help them to do the heavy workloads and play the latest leading games.


You must choose the laptops that come with a screen that can offer good comfort to your eyes. You will find numerous brands that come with a touch-enabled screen to make your job easier.

It is also true that touch-enabled displays do not come with anti-glare technology. Therefore, it may harm your eyes whenever you watch videos or play games.

On the other hand, try to choose laptops that come with at least 1080×1920 resolution. You must need the 4k resolution displays to get an exclusive display panel if you are a professional content creator.

It will help you to get excellent color accuracy and coverage. Those who are planning to buy laptops to play games must check the refresh rate. Last but not least, viewing angle along with IPS technology is another crucial factor to consider.


If you use a laptop only in your home, you can opt for anything you want. But those who need to carry the unit very frequently must choose the lightweight ones.
Mostly, the professionals use 14-inches or lesser laptops to do their job done.


If you choose a laptop with higher RAM capacity, it will help you access numerous applications simultaneously and quickly.

This factor is essential, especially for the ones who need to do the editing or videography. Most of the laptops come with DDR4 RAM. Also, if possible, you can go with dual-channel RAM to receive a much better data transferable speed.

Most modern laptops allow you to expand the RAM to upgrade the system.

USB 3.0:

Try to avoid laptops that have only one USB 3.0 port. Laptops with dual USB 3.0 ports are preferable. It is because USB 3.0 is the most popular connector port available in the market.

Moreover, USB 3.0 ports help you to transfer data 10-times faster than the 2.0-ones. You can also take a USB 3.1 USB port to get much more efficient than the 3.0 ones.

USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports also come with better connectivity options.


GPU is another critical factor that will help you to enhance your visibility. Most of the Intel laptops come with integrated graphics units. NVIDIA and AMD are the two popular GPU chips available in this industry.


Only an excellent quality battery can make your laptop upgradable than your desktops. It will not make you always plug in your computer whenever you work.

Your laptop must come with at least 4-6-hours run time. Some of the expensive laptops also have 8-hours battery back-up.


check keyboard details for the buying laptop

Laptops that come with the ergonomically shaped keyboard are most desirable. Those who need to do a ton of typing jobs must pick the keyboard with reasonable traveling distance and tactile feedback.

Also, the touchpad of your laptop should have a good response. It will help you to move the cursor very smoothly on the screen.


Wi-Fi speed is another notable factor that you should consider. Even a good internet connection will not help laptops with low Wi-Fi speed make the data transfer fast.

Therefore, try to pick laptops with good Wi-Fi speed to help you do excellent browsing.


If your pocket does not restrict you, you should choose an excellent SSD to get more speed and storage capacity. The only issue you may face is that SSDs are a bit expensive.

You can store all the OS and other essential data in the SSD to receive a faster loading speed. You will also find some expensive laptops with NVMe SSD that offer a quicker pace than the older ones.

SSD for What should I check before buying a laptop


Except for the Macbook Pro, most laptops do not come with decent speakers to enhance the surrounding sound. For this, you will find multiple ports present in the laptops to attach additional sound boxes or speakers to improve the sound quality.


Always choose the leading brands to receive excellent technical support. Apple, Razor, and Dell are the top brands to consider. Besides, you are going to have a well-configured laptop from these brands.

HP and Asus are also the two most popular brands. On the other hand, MSI and Acer are the two notable brands to manufacture gaming laptops.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the most common factors that you should double-check before purchasing a new laptop. These parameters will help you to filter out your decision quickly.

Please write to us if there are any other factors that one should look out for before making a final decision.

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