Which is the best led monitor for computer in india

which is the best led monitor for computer in india

We have listed the best led monitor for computer in India here, which is also budget friendly for new buyers.

Samsung 23.5 inch Curved LED Backlit Computer Monitor – Full HD in India

Which is the best led monitor for computer in india

This article is about the Samsung Curve Monitor, which measures 24 inches, and it’s curved, precisely, twenty-three point five inches. If you are thinking of upgrading your monitor and you are not sure which monitor to buy and your budget is approx. Ten thousand You’ve reached the right article. In this article, I will share the reason for buying this monitor.

Why should you buy a Samsung 24 inch curved monitor?

Let me explain what this monitor looks like. The monitor is full HD and has a 24-inch LED panel with hundreds of turns. The digital response time of this monitor is four milli-seconds and 60 Hz, which is good enough for a gaming computer PC with 1050ti or 1060 over GPU. You should go for a refreshing rate monitor in terms of appearance, this monitor has a perfectly shiny thin arm and you can see that it is curved.

It is full HD and has a contrast ratio of three thousand and two. Also, you get AMD FreeSync with this monitor. If you have an AMD graphics card, this monitor has the option of HDMI, VGA and headphone jack. Also, it comes with an AC adapter, similar to your laptop’s power failure for performance.

Performance of this LED monitor

I really like the performance of this monitor and the color reproduction is very good. You can actually spend many hours playing on this monitor or doing your job facial job as it gives you the pleasure of watching because of the curvature. There is no doubt about it. This is the LED panel, not the IPS panel. What attracted me was the price, at first it is only available in the Indian market at budget price.

And I will also share the product link in the following article. If you want to check the latest price or buy through the link in the article.

The other thing I liked about this monitor is the vivid color and contrast ratio. The blacks are black and the colors are sharp and intense.

Which is the best led monitor for computer in india?

The third thing that impressed me the most is that your screen is used for many hours. You can watch it in front of this monitor for several hours. The 1800 turn will not strain your eyes, the response time is also four milliseconds which is very good for this price and very suitable for a size of twenty four inches sixty Hz, as I see it. If you have already mentioned 1050 or 1060, you will probably get a higher refresh rate. Must look for surveillance.

Eye Care protection in Monitor

This monitor also has eye protection, which will reduce the blue light that actually affects the retina of the eye. So, it also comes with this feature. This was information about the monitor, which should buy less than ten thousand. If some people give seventy hertz on this monitor, it will be a lot. Don’t worry though, it’s still worth it, nine thousand eight hundred is stolen for this monitor. And if you’re looking for a slightly more refreshed rate monitor, you’ll consider the LG, which is available for eleven thousand five cents, and the LG model is twenty-four-fifty-five which isn’t curved.