Do you work from home? So you have to keep these things in mind.

An Indian company that offers cyber security solutions said the country’s business faces new and powerful security challenges following unanticipated disasters. Business processes are becoming increasingly digital in companies, including middle and large businesses, and value chains are being adopted to implement technology more rapidly. Cyber threats have emerged as a result of this.

The number of cyberattackers worldwide has increased massively

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InfoConcept Consultancy CEO and co-founder said, “Companies have discovered new cyber security threats by allowing employees to work from home.”. When the situation changed, the preventative measures taken earlier were no longer effective. In remote networks that are in an inadequate state, cyber attackers exploit security loopholes. As cyber attacks have spiked in the past few months, attackers are operating successfully. As business entities face a new environment, it is important to maintain strong digital security.

work from home stay safe from cyber security

The attackers’ identities and whereabouts are unknown to us even, he added. Even when he targets them, we have no idea. Cyber attacks, as in the case of the Coronavirus, can only be stopped by appropriately deploying our cyber defenses. Cyber Attackers are taking advantage of the current unforeseen situation in India as well as around the world as reported in various reports.

Digital transformation is a business where data plays a key role

The average company spends 30 to 35 percent of their IT costs on data security, whether they are from banking, insurance or manufacturing. The increase in spending on cybersecurity may reach 50% or more by 2021, however, given the current challenges and what businesses are doing to combat it. Infoconcept Consulting’s Red Team director has said that only those most capable of coping in a crisis situation can survive under conditions of rapid change. There has been an increase in the complexity of cyber security. Different types of companies are at risk of cyber-attacks from unknown sources. This challenges companies’ ability to survive at the forefront. Data is one of the most vital elements of digital transformation. Therefore, ensuring business continuity begins with maintaining data.

Attacker is tricked by various traps

It involves performing traps and imitating genuine assets with the purpose of deceiving an attacker. As a result, cybercriminals have fewer opportunities to operate. While more resources are wasted and more time is wasted, this approach fails. In many of the types of cyberattacks an organization faces, the location of the attacker is unknown. IT integration is therefore a top investment for companies. As a result, the attackers are on top. Game Plan, the firm’s cyber security product, will soon be introduced.

For real-time protection and detection, many companies rely on diverse technologies and tools. Although complicated, the entire procedure is quite straightforward. Throughout his whole picture, he also appears exceptionally dynamic and agile. Furthermore, it is likely to be hard to come up with a cybersecurity strategy that suits a particular website. Game Plan offers reliable and cost-effective cybersecurity solutions to address this lack of tools.

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